Shropshire Family History Guide

Historical Descriptions of Shropshire

Leonard’s Gazetteer 1850

Shropshire is bounded, North by a detached part of Flintshire and Cheshire; East by Staffordshire; South by Worcestershire and Herefordshire; and on the West by Radnorshire, Montgomeryshire, and Denbighshire. It is about 44 miles long, and 28 broad; and is divided into 15 divisions — Bradford (North), Bradford (South), Brimstrey,
Chirbury, Condover, Ford, Munslow, Oswestry, Overs, Pimhill, Purslow, Stokesden, Bridgnorth, Shrewsbury, and Wenlock. Rivers: the Severn, the Camlet, the Trine, and the Clunn. It has 16 Market-Towns. Is in the Province of Canterbury, partly in the Diocese of Hereford, and partly in that of Litchfield and Coventry; and it is in the Oxford Circuit. It contains 1341 square miles, or 856,240 acres. Population, 239,041

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850

Shropshire Parishes


Abdon, Shropshire

Acton Burnell, Shropshire

Acton Round, Shropshire

Acton Scott, Shropshire

Adderley, Shropshire

Alberbury, Shropshire

Albrighton (near Shifnal), Shropshire

Albrighton (near Shrewsbury), Shropshire

Alveley, Shropshire

Ash, Shropshire

Ashford Bowdler, Shropshire

Ashford Carbonell, Shropshire

Astley, Shropshire

Astley Abbots, Shropshire

Aston Botterell, Shropshire

Aston Eyre, Shropshire

Atcham, Shropshire


Badger, Shropshire

Barrow, Shropshire

Baschurch, Shropshire

Battlefield, Shropshire

Bayston Hill, Shropshire

Beckbury, Shropshire

Bedstone, Shropshire

Benthall, Shropshire

Berrington, Shropshire

Betton Strange Shropshire

Bettws y Crwyn, Shropshire

Bicton, Shropshire

Billingsley, Shropshire

Bishops Castle, Shropshire

Bitterley, Shropshire

Bobbington, Shropshire

Bolas Magna or Great Bolas, Shropshire

Boningale, Shropshire

Boraston, Shropshire

Boscobel, Shropshire

Bourton, Shropshire

Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Bromfield, Shropshire

Broseley, Shropshire

Broughton, Shropshire

Bucknell, Shropshire

Buildwas, Shropshire

Burford, Shropshire

Burwarton, Shropshire


Calverhall, Shropshire

Cardeston, Shropshire

Cardington, Shropshire

Caynham, Shropshire

Chelmarsh, Shropshire

Cheswardine, Shropshire

Chetton, Shropshire

Chetwynd, Shropshire

Child’s Ercall, Shropshire

Chirbury, Shropshire

Church Aston, Shropshire

Church Preen, Shropshire

Church Pulverbach, Shropshire

Church Stretton, Shropshire

Churchstoke, Shropshire

Claverley, Shropshire

Clee St. Margaret, Shropshire

Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Cleobury North, Shropshire

Clive, Shropshire

Clun, Shropshire

Clunbury with Clunton, Shropshire

Clungunford, Shropshire

Coalbrookdale, Shropshire

Cockshutt, Shropshire

Cold Weston, Shropshire

Condover, Shropshire

Coreley, Shropshire

Cound, Shropshire

Cressage, Shropshire

Culmington, Shropshire


Dawley Magna, Shropshire

Dawley Parva, Shropshire

Deuxhill, Shropshire

Diddlebury, Shropshire

Dinmore, Shropshire

Ditton Priors, Shropshire

Doddington, Shropshire

Dodington, Shropshire

Donington, Shropshire

Donington Wood, Shropshire

Dorrington, Shropshire

Dowles, Shropshire

Dudleston, Shropshire


Easthope, Shropshire

Eaton Constantine, Shropshire

Eaton under Haywood, Shropshire

Edgmond, Shropshire

Edgton, Shropshire

Edstaston, Shropshire

Ellesmere, Shropshire

Ercall Magna, Shropshire

Eyton on the Weald Moors, Shropshire


Far Forest, Shropshire

Farlow, Shropshire

Fitz, Shropshire

Ford, Shropshire

Frodesley, Shropshire


Glazeley and Deuxhill, Shropshire

Great Bolas, Shropshire

Great Hanwood, Shropshire

Great Ness, Shropshire

Great Wollaston, Shropshire

Greete, Shropshire

Grinshill, Shropshire


Habberley, Shropshire

Hadnall, Shropshire

Halford, Shropshire

Harley, Shropshire

Haughton Demesne, Shropshire

Heath, Shropshire

High Ercall, Shropshire

Highley, Shropshire

Hill End, Shropshire

Hinstock, Shropshire

Hodnet, Shropshire

Holdgate, Shropshire

Hope Bagot, Shropshire

Hope Bowdler, Shropshire

Hopesay, Shropshire

Hopton Cangeford, Shropshire

Hopton Castle, Shropshire

Hopton Wafers, Shropshire

Horderley Hall, Shropshire

Hordley, Shropshire

Hughley, Shropshire

Hyssington, Shropshire


Ightfield, Shropshire

Ironbridge, Shropshire


Jackfield, Shropshire


Kemberton, Shropshire

Kenley, Shropshire

Ketley, Shropshire

Kinlet, Shropshire

Kinnerley, Shropshire

Knockin, Shropshire

Knowbury, Shropshire

Kynnersley, Shropshire


Lee Brockhurst, Shropshire

Leebotwood, Shropshire

Leighton, Shropshire

Leintwardine, Shropshire

Lilleshall, Shropshire

Linley, Shropshire

Little Drayton, Shropshire

Little Ness, Shropshire

Little Wenlock, Shropshire

Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire

Llansilin, Shropshire

Llanyblodwel, Shropshire

Llanymynech, Shropshire

Longdon upon Tern, Shropshire

Longford, Shropshire

Longnor, Shropshire

Loppington, Shropshire

Loughton, Shropshire

Ludford, Shropshire

Ludlow, Shropshire

Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

Lydbury North, Shropshire

Lydham, Shropshire


Madeley, Shropshire

Mainstone, Shropshire

Malins Lee, Shropshire

Market Drayton, Shropshire

Marton, Shropshire

Melverley, Shropshire

Meole Brace, Shropshire

Middleton, Shropshire

Middleton Scriven, Shropshire

Milson, Shropshire

Minsterley, Shropshire

Monkhopton, Shropshire

Montford, Shropshire

More, Shropshire

Moreton Corbet, Shropshire

Moreton Say, Shropshire

Morville, Shropshire

Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Munslow, Shropshire

Myddle, Shropshire

Myndtown, Shropshire


Nash, Shropshire

Neen Savage, Shropshire

Neen Sollars, Shropshire

Neenton, Shropshire

Newcastle, Shropshire

Newport, Shropshire

Newtown, Shropshire

Norbury, Shropshire

Norton in Hales, Shropshire


Old Church Moor, Shropshire

Oldbury, Shropshire

Onibury, Shropshire

Oswestry, Shropshire

Oswestry Holy Trinity, Shropshire


Pattingham, Shropshire

Petton, Shropshire

Pitchford, Shropshire

Pontesbury, Shropshire

Posenhall, Shropshire

Prees, Shropshire

Preston Gubbals, Shropshire

Preston upon the Weald Moors, Shropshire

Priors Lee, Shropshire


Quatford, Shropshire

Quatt, Shropshire


Ratlinghope, Shropshire

Rhydycroseau, Shropshire

Richards Castle, Shropshire

Rodington, Shropshire

Rowton, Shropshire

Rushbury, Shropshire

Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, Shropshire


Selattyn, Shropshire

Shawbury, Shropshire

Sheinton, Shropshire

Shelve, Shropshire

Sheriffhales, Shropshire

Shifnal, Shropshire

Shipton, Shropshire

Shrawardine, Shropshire

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Shrewsbury Holy Cross with St Giles, Shropshire

Shrewsbury Holy Trinity, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St Alkmund, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St Chad, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St George, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St Julian, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St Mary, Shropshire

Shrewsbury St Michael, Shropshire

Sibdon Carwood, Shropshire

Sidbury, Shropshire

Silvington, Shropshire

Skirmage, Shropshire

Smethcott, Shropshire

St Martins, Shropshire

Stanton Lacy, Shropshire

Stanton Long, Shropshire

Stanton upon Hine Heath, Shropshire

Stapleton, Shropshire

Stirchley, Shropshire

Stockton, Shropshire

Stoke St Milborough, Shropshire

Stoke upon Tern, Shropshire

Stokesay, Shropshire

Stottesdon, Shropshire

Stowe, Shropshire

Sutton, Shropshire

Sutton Maddock, Shropshire


Tasley, Shropshire

Tibberton, Shropshire

Tilstock, Shropshire

Tong, Shropshire

Trefonen, Shropshire

Tugford, Shropshire


Uffington, Shropshire

Uppington, Shropshire

Upton Cressett, Shropshire

Upton Magna, Shropshire


Waters Upton, Shropshire

Wellington, Shropshire

Welshampton, Shropshire

Wem, Shropshire

Wentnor, Shropshire

West Felton, Shropshire

Westbury, Shropshire

Weston under Redcastle, Shropshire

Wheathill, Shropshire

Whitchurch, Shropshire

Whittington, Shropshire

Whitton, Shropshire

Whixall, Shropshire

Willey, Shropshire

Wistanstow, Shropshire

Withington, Shropshire

Wombridge, Shropshire

Woodcote, Shropshire

Woodhouse, Shropshire

Woolstaston, Shropshire

Woore, Shropshire

Worfield, Shropshire

Worthen, Shropshire

Wrockwardine, Shropshire

Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire

Wroxeter, Shropshire


Yockleton, Shropshire

Shropshire Climate

Climate. Owing to the irregularity of its soil and surface, in conjunction with other causes, there is no inconsiderable difference in the climate of Shropshire. On the eastern side of the county, when the land approaches nearer to a plain, the harvest is frequently ripe about a fortnight sooner than in the interior, where the valleys are extensive, the surface more dense, and the bottom of clay. And yet in this part, both hay and grain are gathered earlier than on the western side, where the valleys are narrow, and the land frequently more elevated; though here, the land is not so stiff, and lies for the most part on a rocky bottom, full of fissures. In spring the easterly winds prevail, and in autumn those from the west. In the opinion of Archdeacon Plymley, the easterly winds are more regular, than those from the west; generally blowing for a series of five or six years; and then, for nearly the same space of time, being less frequent, and less violent. The same may be observed of the wet and dry seasons; but the periods of both appear to be much shorter. The air is generally very salubrious, - not only through the country at large, but even in the mining districts.

Source: The Shropshire Gazetteer, with an Appendix, including a Survey of the County and Valuable Miscellaneous Information, with Plates. Printed and Published by T. Gregory, Wem, 1824