Easthope, Shropshire Family History Guide

Easthope is an Ancient Parish in the county of Shropshire.

Parish church: St. Peter

Parish registers begin: 1624

Nonconformists include:

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Easthope Parish History


Easthope is a parish of 817 acres, situated on the southern side of Wenlock Edge, five miles S.W. from Wenlock, in the Hundred of Munslow, the Archdeaconry of Ludlow and Diocese of Hereford. It comprises the township of Easthope and part of Lutwyche. The population was 85 in 1801, 103 in 1831, 95 in 1931.

The Domesday Manor of Stope consisted of two hides held of Earl Roger by Rainald the Sheriff, and under him by Fulcher. Rainald's Manor passed at an early date to Fitzalan, under whom it was held by a family taking its name from the place. Henry de Esthop occurs in 1209. In 1238 Thomas de Easthop held half a Knight's fee in Easthope of the Barony of Fitzalan. In 1247 William de Easthop is named on a jury. In 1255 John de Easthop held Easthope for 2 hides of John Fitzalan, and he continued in possession for 50 years. He was a person of some consequence, being Coroner in 1272, and concerned in the Perambulation of the Royal Forests of the County in 1300. In 1303 a Fine was levied between John de Easthop and Roger de Easthop of the manor of Easthope to the use of John for life, remainder to John son of Thomas de Easthop and Margaret daughter of John de Wenlock and their heirs. At the Inquisition on the death of John de Easthope in 1306 it was found that he held the manor of Easthope for life by service of finding a man and horse at Oswestry for 40 days in time of war; that John son of Thomas had not married Margaret and was dead without issue; and that Thomas son of Thomas was the next heir and aged 12. Roger de Cheyne was guardian of this Thomas in 1312.

In 1324 a Fine was levied between Thomas de Easthope and John de Hopton of the manor and advowson, to the use of Thomas and Joan his wife in fee tail. In 1346 Thomas de Easthope held Easthope, which John de Easthope formerly held of William Fitzalan.

In 1383 John de Easthope, patron of the Church, had been murdered by the then Rector William Garmeston, who in consequence was deprived. Edith the widow of John, as Lady of Easthope, presented till 1408.

At an Assize of 1414 it was presented that John Esthope of Esthope “Sqyer” at Wenlock feloniously slew William Calweton of Calweton, and that Richard Esthope his brother and John Taillour his servant were present “aiding and comforting” him to commit the felony.

In 1431 John Esthope of Presthope “gentelman” held the manor of Easthope by service of half a Knight's fee of John de Mautravers, it being worth iiii 1i.

Edward, son of Richard Easthope of Easthope, was admitted a Burgess of Shrewsbury in 1459, and was a Member of Parliament for that town in that year.

By a Fine dated 1497 John Haltman and his wife conveyed to Henry and Nicholas Warley the manor and advowson of Easthope and lands in Easthope, Presthope, Astwall, Lutwyche, Willey, Broxton, Henley and Bould. Nicholas Warley died in 1523 and was succeeded by Bartholomew Warley, who died in 1556, seised of the manor and advowson of Easthope, and of a messuage, 28 acres of meadow, 400 of pasture, 15 of wood and 30 of furze and heath in Easthope, Bould, Astwall and Presthope, and of 6d. rent in Brockton, and of a farm, 200 acres of pasture, 6 of meadow in Lutwyche, and a water-mill in Easthope. The premises in East-hope, Bould and Astwall were held of the Earl of Arundel, the lands in Presthope of William Woolrych Esq., those in Lutwyche of the lord of Brockton. His next heir was his sister Frances, wife of Nicholas Crostwait, aged 50. In 1576 an Inquiry was held before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen at Guild Hall, London, when William Ball of Easthope, yeoman, and Nicholas Crostwaite, citizen and vintner of London, were examined as to certain interrogatories exhibited on behalf of Edward Lutwyche of Lutwyche gent. Crostwaite deposed (Feb. 14th) that he and his wife Frances (since deceased) were seised of the manor of Easthope and other lands in right of Frances, and that they in 4 & 5 Ph. & Mary had sold (inter alia) to Richard Lutwyche and others a parcel of Nether-wood in Easthope, excepting a part lying on the E. side of a highway called Premway separating Hughley and Lushcott. In the mearing of this Premway a cord was drawn between Premway and an “Ivey Oke” standing next the Bee Brook (Deed in Shrewsbury Free Library).

The over-lordship of Fitzalan Earl of Arundel passed to Rowland Hayward of London, to whom in 1567 William Ball owed Suit of Court at Round Acton “for Estoppe late Worley's land.” Before the date of the above mentioned Inquiry the manor of Easthope had been sold, apparently to the Ludlows of Moor-house in Shipton. Thomas Ludlow, son of Lawrence Ludlow of Moorhouse, presented to the Rectory of Easthope in 1563, and Morice Ludlow of Moorhouse, his brother and heir, presented in 1571; He died s.p. in 1595. In or near 1613 “the heirs of Morice Ludlow” held Easthope of the Earl of Suffolk as of his Honour of Oswestry. George Ludlow of Moorhouse presented in 1623, and died in 1670. His son George Ludlow of Moorhouse presented in 1672, and died in 1677 leaving coheirs, of whom the eldest Elizabeth married the Rev. Richard Baugh, Vicar of Stoke S. Milborough (d. 1708), and she, as his widow, presented to Easthope in 1709.

Samuel Edwards of Frodesley and Moorhouse was Patron of Easthope in 1732. It is mentioned in his will (1738) that he had purchased Ball's Farm in Easthope from Charles Mason of Bishop's Castle. William Ball of Easthope sold this property before 1664 to Thomas Mason of Bishop's Castle his brother-in-law, father of Charles, who was M.P. for Bishop's Castle in 1695.

In 1746 William Lutwyche owned Easthope, and it continued in that family till shortly before 1793, when it was purchased by Bartlet Goodriche. It was the property of the Bensons of Lutwyche before 1820. Major George R. Benson is the present owner and Lord of the Manor.

The manor house is a half-timber Elizabethan building, which is described by Mr. H. E. Forrest in “Old Houses of Wenlock,” p. 39. This may have been the home of the Fewtrells, an old established Easthope family. Blakeway mentions Rowland Fewtrell of Easthope, who died in 1595. Their arms can be seen on a curious tomb with a pent-house covering on the S. side of the Church, where Sarah wife of John Fewtrell gent. (1689) and Thomas Fewtrell (1764) are buried, with probably others, but the inscriptions are much worn. A branch of the family was seated at the Down in the parish of Chetton.

Crowther's Farm, now a cottage, on the opposite side of the road, is partly timber, of great antiquity, and partly stone bearing the date 1658 and the initials of Simon Crowther, buried at Easthope in 1676. His descendant John Crowther married Hester daughter and coheir of Thomas Astley of Claverley, and by that marriage the family became possessed of an estate there. John Astley Crowther was baptized at Easthope in 1752. This farm is also described by Mr. Forrest (I.e. p. 41).

LUTWYCHE. This was the Loteis of Domesday, a manor of one hide, held by Rainald the Sheriff, and under him by Richard. Rainald's lands passed to the Fitzalans, under whom this manor was held by the lords of Brocton, whose tenants were a family taking their name from the place, who from a remote period held Lutwyche, continuing here till 1786. William de Lutwich occurs in 1203. In 1260-70 William lord of Lotwyns held the manor under Thomas de Brocton; he was a Regarder of the Royal Forests.

In 1556 Bartholomew Warley, already mentioned as lord of Easthope, died seised of a farm and 206 acres in Lutwyche. This passed with Easthope to the Crostwaites, and in 1565 Nicholas Crostwaite and Ralph Warley sold to Edward Lutwyche of the Inner Temple the capital messuage or farm commonly called the Farm of Lutwyche, with all lands etc. in Lutwyche and Easthope.

In 1614 Edward Lutwyche died seised of a capital messuage called the Farm of Lutwyche, a toft, a garden, an orchard, 200 acres of land, 50 of meadow, 200 of pasture, 40 of wood, 20 of furze and heath, with 53s. 4d. rent in Lutwyche and Easthope, held of George Ludlow as of his manor of Brocton. He is described in the Rushbury Register as “vir bonus et pauperibus beneficus et munificus patronus.” His great-grandson, Sir Edward Lutwyche, who died in 1709, was a Judge of Common Pleas and Recorder of Chester. Sir Edward's grandson William Lutwyche was Sheriff of Shropshire in 1570 [sic], and died in 1773 [sic], leaving a son William Lutwyche, in whose time Lutwyche passed by purchase to the Langton family. Thomas Langton was patron in 1794, and was buried at Easthope in 1805. In 1807 Lutwyche was sold to Moses Benson of Liverpool, whose descendant Major George Reginald Benson is the present owner.

Lutwyche Hall was originally built by Judge Lutwyche in 1587, but the L-shaped form has been obliterated by later additions. It is described by Mr. H. E. Forrest (i.e., p. 41).

Historical Descriptions

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1845

Easthope (St. Peter), a parish, in the union of Church-Stretton, hundred of Munslow, S. division of Salop. 4 ¾ miles (S. W). from Much Wenlock; containing 108 inhabitants. The living is a discharged rectory, valued in the king’s books at £3. 3. 1½.; net income, £133; patron, R. Benson, Esq.

Source: A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis Fifth Edition Published London; by S. Lewis and Co., 13, Finsbury Place, South. M. DCCC. XLV.

Easthope Gregory Shropshire Gazetteer 1824

Easthope. A parish in the lower division of the hundred of Munslow, a rectory discharged, in the diocese of Hereford, the deanery of Wenlock, and archdeaconry of Salop. 13 houses, 93 inhabitants. 7 ½ miles north-east by east of Church Stretton.

Source: The Shropshire Gazetteer, with an Appendix, including a Survey of the County and Valuable Miscellaneous Information, with Plates. Printed and Published by T. Gregory, Wem, 1824

The Church of St. Peter Easthope

The Church which was destroyed by fire in 1928 was an ancient building with several interesting features. There is a record of it in 1291, and the walls were at least as old as that date. The only detail which might go back as far was the bowl-shaped Font. The East window was Decorated, and on the S. wall was a “low-side” window. There was a massive oak screen, and some fine carving on the oak pews with the following inscription:— “Edward Ball of London gave this pulpit and pewes to this parishe wheare he was borne June 28 Anno Domini 1623.” Projecting from this pulpit was a wrought-iron hourglass-holder with its glass, and attached was the date 1662 and the initials S.S. (Samuel Stedman was rector at that date). This iron-work was rescued from the fire, as also was the Sanctuary Ring on the door. The present Church is not entirely new, and its outward appearance resembles the former ancient building.

In the Edwardian Inventory of Church Goods there remained at Easthope in 1553 “too bellys one chalys of sellver wt the paten ther unto belongynge,” Edward Fewtrell and Edward Dyke being then Churchwardens.

In 1904 there were three bells, only one of which was hung, the old 2nd by Thomas Rudhall, dated 1764, bearing the names of the churchwarden Jones Wild. The other two were cracked and were then kept at a blacksmith's shop. The smaller bell, by an unknown founder, was inscribed “The gift of Richerd Lutwich 1584”; the larger one, by Richard Oldfield, was inscribed “Jesus be our spede 1638.” See Transactions, III, iv, 8. These bells seem to have disappeared, and may have been used in making up the Carillon of six now in use.

Under one of the yew trees in the churchyard are two stones with raised crosses but no inscription, the reputed graves of two monks of Wenlock, who quarrelled in the kitchen of the farm near by, and in their struggles fell down the cellar steps and were killed.

Parish Registers

VOLUME I consists of 46 parchment leaves, with one (a portion of a Deed) inserted at the end, 13½in. by 6in., bound in a leather cover inscribed “The Parish Register of Easthope from the year 1624 to 1794.” It is generally in good condition, the entries legible and well written. The churchwardens sign for the years. There is an interesting list of Briefs. The principal Families are those of Ludlow, Lutwyche and Fewtrell, while those of Adney, Amies, Baldwin, Ball, Blakeway, Cocke, Crowther and Stedman are of interest.

VOLUME II consists of 8 parchment leaves 12in. x 8in. in a parchment cover inscribed “The Register of Easthope 1794—1812.” Each page is headed Births (left page) or Burials (right page); births apparently meaning baptisms.

VOLUME III contains only 28 entries, being Marriages from 1754 to 1812 in the usual printed form, with Banns. The marriages have been transcribed up to 1830 from another similar Volume.

Incumbents of Easthope

Roger, here in 1240.
1312.   John De Cheyne. Patron Roger De Cheyne, guardian of Thomas de Easthope heir of John de Easthope, a minor.
1314.   John de Stratton.
1349.   Roger de Corfhull. Patron Richard Earl of Arundel (suzerain).
William Garmeston, deprived 1383. Patron John de Easthope.
Hugh Cheyne, exchanged with
1386.   Thomas clerk. Patron Edith, relict of John de Easthope.
1386.   Thomas de Borion. Same Patron.
Richard Easthope.
1405.   William Dolfyn. Same Patron.
1407.   Richard Panior (Pavior?). Same Patron.
1408.   William Depmon.
Same Patron.   Perhaps the same as
William Phipmon, here in 1416.
There is a complete blank in the Episcopal Registers concerning Easthope for the next 100 years. There appear to have been no Institutions, and, owing to the small size of the parish, the church may have been served by neighbouring clergy, or by the monks of Wenlock.

1516.   Hugh Johnson. Patron the Bishop by lapse.
Richard Backewege  (Valor Eccles.)  1534-5.
He may be the same as
Richard Blakeway, here in 1547, 1558  (Reg. Tho. Boteler).
1563.   Thomas Butler. Patron Thomas Ludlow. An octogenarian in 1567 (Elizabethan Clergy List, See Trans. IV, xi, 197).
1571.   William Benbow. Patron Morice Ludlow.
1623.   Richard Wrednall. Patron George Ludlow. Broadgates Hall Oxon. B.A. 1610. M.A. 1619. R. of Rushbury 1616—1650.
1630.   Francis Farmer. Same Patron. Trin. Coll. Oxon. 1621, B.A. S. Mary Hall 1625, M.A. S. Edmund Hall 1628.
1632.   John Jones. Patron Edward Jones.
1638.   Thomas Adney. Patron the King, by lapse. Son of the Rev. George A., Vicar of Wenlock. Magd. Coll. Oxon. 1632 aged 17, B.A 1634, M.A. 1637. R. of Rushbury 1650, and bur. there 1672.
Samuel Stedman. Son of Henry S. of Corfton.    He m.  (1659)  Dorothy d of George Ludlow of Moorhouse.    Bur. at Easthope 1672.
1672.   Edward Baldwin. Patron George Ludlow. Son of Richard Baldwin of Munslow. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1664 aged 16, B.A. 1668; m. at Culmington (1675) Martha daughter of Jo. Fewtrell of Easthope; bur. 1709.
1709.   Thomas Sheinton. Patron Elizabeth Baugh, widow. Son of Thomas S. of Chel-marsh ; bp. there 1674. Pemb. Coll. Oxon. B.A. 1697. Bur. at Easthope 1732.
1732.   William Corfield. Patron Samuel Edwards. Son of Lancelot C. of Hughley. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 1712 aged 17, B.A. 1716, M.A. 1719. R. of Hughley 1744, where he was bur. 1777.
1777.   William Taylor. Patrons William Lutwyche and Mrs. Sarah WInford. Probably son of the Rev. John Taylor V. of Eaton; bp. there
1720; Jesus Coll. Oxon 1739 aged 18, B.A.  1745.
1780.   Richard Wilding. Patron William Lutwyche. Apparently son of the Hev. Richard Wilding of Church Stretton (bp. 1755) ; S. Jo. Coll. Camb. B.A. 1777, M.A. 1780, d. at All Stretton 1820.
1820.   Edward Homfray. Patron Ralph Benson.   Em. Coll. Camb.   B.A. 1818.
1825.   Ralph Lewin Benson. Ch. Ch. Oxon. B.A. 1823, M.A. 1825. Bur. at Easthope 1849. Son of the Patron.
1831.   William Webster.
1843.   Robert Armitage, M.A. Bur. at Easthope 1852.
1852.   Edward Jacson. Son of George Jacson of Barton. B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. M. (1852) Marianne E. F. d. of Thos. B. Bulkeley Owen of Tedsmore. R. of Thruxton. D. 1870.
1858.   Henry Raymond Smythies. Em. Coll. Camb.   M.A.
1864.   William Elliot. Magd. Coll. Camb. M.A. Vicar of Cardington 1866—1883; Preb. of Hereford 1889.
1866.   Joshua Ingham Brooke. Son of Thomas Brooke of Honley; Univ. Coll. Oxon. B.A. 1859, M.A. 1862. R. of Thornhill 1867-1888, V. of Halifax (1889) and Archdeacon.
1867.   William Mills Parry Pym.
1868.   Silas Crosse.
1899.   Arthur Wollaston Hutton. Son of the Rev. Hen. Frederick H. of Spridlington. Ex Coll. Oxon. B.A. 1871, M.A. 1873.
1901.   George Leo Gerold. G. & C. Coll. Camb.   B.A. 1891.
1926.   Alfred Ernest Ball. C. C. Coll. Camb. B.A. 1889, M.A. 1892. Present R. of East-hope. V. of Clee S. Margaret 1896, of Stanton Long 1907.
Easthope Register. Curates.
John Greaves, 1772 ; John Davies, 1773-4; Thomas Williams, 1775-6; Rees Price, 1779; William Prosser, 1781-97; John Witts, 1801-7 ; Rich. Fleming, 1809-19; Morgan Jones, 1840-2.

Easthope Marriages 1816 to 1830

1816, - 29. Thomas Cocks, b., p. Stanton Long, & Elizabeth Edwards, lic. By Rd. Fleming A. B., Curate of Easthope. [signs next] W. John Maddox, Ann Adney.
1818, Aug. -. William Balmer, b., & Mary Twifield. W. James Garner, Mary Garner.
1822, Jan. 2. John Ray & Elizabeth Amies. By Edward Homfrey, Rector. [signs next] W. Henry Wadlow, M. Edwards.
1822, Ap. 8. Randle Rea & Elizabeth Evans. W. Benjn. Cox, Thos. Rea.
1826, Ap. 25. Francis Burgess, b., p. Stanton Long, & Elizabeth Watkins, s. By Wm. Webster, Curate. W. William Millichap, Benjn. Cox.
1826, May 19. Edward Davies, b., & Mary Ann Davies, s., p. Much Wenlock, lic. By Morgan Jones, Minister of Shipton. W. John Davies, Anne Hiles.

1827, Aug. 15. Henry Druce & Maria Druce, of Whitney, co. Oxford, lic. By Wm. Webster, Curate. W. Sarah Druce, Edward Druce.
1829, Aug. 25. Richard Lewis & Mary Pugh. By Benjamin Howell, Rector of Hughley. W. Francis Preece, Anne Preece.
1830, May 23. Edward Perks & Mary Littleford. By Wm. Webster, Curate. W. Benjamin Littleford, Sarah Littleford.

Easthope Burials and Births 1812

1812, Feb. 13. Elizabeth Evans, bur.
1812, Feb. 23. Harriet, d. of Willm. & Ann Heyward, bap.
1812, Feb. 23. Harriet, d. of Sarah Evans, bap.
1812, Mar. 23. Elanor Miles, bur.
1812, Ap. 22. Thomas Beddowes, bur.
1812, Sep. 30. Louisa, d. of George & Ann Green, bap.
1812, Oct. 29. Margaret Edwards, bur.
1812, Nov. 22. Mary, d. of Henry & Elizth. Wadlow, bap.
1812, Nov. 29. Mary, d. of William & Hannah Instone, [blank]
1812, Dec. 22. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Mary Garbet, bap.
1812, Dec. 27. Samuel Lloyd, bur.
Rd. Fleming, A. B., Curate.
George Green, Ch. W.

Easthope Burials 1802 to 1811

Jan. 2. Joseph Hayward, a child, bur.
Feb. 19. Thos. Hayward, a child, bur.
Ap. 22. Susannah Evans, aged 5 years, bur.
Oct. 22. Elizth. Preese, bur.
Ap. 8. Jane Stanley, bur.
Nov. 10. George Preece, infant, bur.
Feb. 27. Joyce Evans, aged 91, bur.
May 3. William Bullock, aged 71, bur.

May 16. Sarah Corfield, aged 61, bur.
June 7. Josiah Hayward, a child, bur.
June 11. Thomas Langton, Esqr., aged 51, bur.
Jan. 5. Richd. Haines, an infant, bur.
Aug. 31. Eliza Griffiths, bur.
Nov. 23. Thos. Botwood, an infant, bur.
May 5. Francis Miles, bur.
Sep. 30. John Edwards (the parish Clerk), bur.
Nov. 17. Thos. Botwood, aged 27, bur.
Jan. 7. Martha Edwards, aged 80, bur.
Feb. 28. Richd. Edwards, aged 72, bur.
Ap. 20. Ann Haynes, an infant, bur.
Rd. Fleming, A. B., Curate of Easthope.
[signs to 1812]
Thos. Pardoe, Church Warden.
[also in 1807, 1809, 1810, 1811.]
June 6. Thos. Haynes, an infant, bur.
July 1. Thos. Carr, bur.
Aug. 8. Ann Fewtrell, bur.
Mar. 24. John Smythe, bur.
Ap. 4. Mary Smythe, bur.
Aug. 6. Ann Harriss, bur.
Sep. 19. Thomas Preece, an infant, bur.
Sep. 21. Mary Thomas, aged 58, bur.
Mar. 28. Martha Lloyd, bur.

Easthope Births 1805 to 1811

Feb. 10. Eliza, base d. of Martha Griffiths
Ap. 21. Eliz., d. of Francis & Ann Price
May 12. Thomas, base s. of Mary Hill
July 14. Elizabeth, d. of John & Margaret Pope
July 14. John, s. of Edward & Anne Harris
Aug. 14. Emma, d. of Henry Barrow Child & Mary
Sep. 8. Richard, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Haines
Dec. 22. Mary, d. of Thos. & Susannah Pardoe
Jan. 19. John, s. of Saml. & Alice Instance
Mar. 16. Margt., d. of Wm. & Hannah Instance
July 6. Humphrey, base s. of Martha Griffiths
Sep. 28. Ann, d. of Thos. & Elizth. Haines
Nov. 23. Thos., s. of Thomas & Mary Botwood

Feb. 22. Mary, d. of Richd. & Susannah Ward
Feb. 8. Edwd., s. of Edwd. & Ann Fewtrell
Mar. 7. John, s. of Thomas & Lucy Williams
June 28. Emma, d. of Thos. & Susannah Pardoe
Aug. 9. Maria, base d. of Sarah Glaize
Oct. 18. Henry, s. of John & Elizth. Howells
Nov. 22. Hester, d. of Edwd. & Mary Philpot
June 14. Mary, d. of Joseph & Maria Holliss
Oct. 25. Hannah, d. of Willm. & Mary Powel
Sep. 6. Ann, d. of John & Hannah Morgan.
Dec. 6. Sarah, d. of John & Sarah Evans.
Feb. 28. Adah, d. of Edward & Ann Harriss.
Ap. 15. Willm., s. of Willm. & Hannah Instone.
Ap. 24. Thos., s. of Thos. & Elizabeth Haynes.
June 19. Willm., s. of Thos. & Shusannah Pardoe.
Nov. 20. Ann, d. of Thos. & Elizabeth Overton.
Jan. 8. May, d. of Thos. & Sarah Bithway.
Mar. 5. Martha, d. of Francis & Ann Preece.
Mar. 19. Joseph, base s. of Jane Dalloe.
Ap. 16. Margret, d. of Edwd. & Margret Cooper.
May 28. Ann, d. of Edwd. & Ann Fewtrell.
July 21. Willm., s. of Willm. & Frances Merideth, of the p. Cardington.
Jan. 28. Ann, d. of Thos. & Shusannah Pardoe.
Feb. 20. Thos., s. of John & Mary Preece.
Feb. 28. Jane, d. of Thos. & Elizabeth Overton.
Feb. 28. William, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Haynes.
May 6. Joseph, s. of Joseph & Maria Holliss.
June 17. William, s. of Richd. & Jane Collins.
July 8. Thomas, s. of John & Ann Whitefoot.
Feb. 28. John, s. of John & Hannah Morgan.
July 15. Ann, d. of Willm. & Mary Corfield.
Oct. 14. Henery, s. of Henery & Elizabeth Wadlow.
Nov. 19. Emila, d. of William & Rebecca Haines, of Brockton, bap.
Nov. 26. Martha, d. of Edwd. & Ann Fewtrell.
Dec. 2. Thos., s. of William & Hannah Instone.
Jan. 6. Mary, d. of Edwd. & Jane Mathews.
Mar. 25. Elizabeth, d. of Thos. & Shusan Pardoe.
May 12. Ann, d. of Willm. & Frances Merideth, belonging to p. of Cardington.
July 28. Shusana, d. of John & Elizabeth Hay.
Sep. 15. Edwd., s. of Richd. & Mary Evans.
Sep. 22. Mary, d. of William & Shusan Cregington, p. of Stanton Long.
Oct. 13. Sarah, d. of Thos. & Elizabeth Overton.
Oct. 20. James, s. of Elizabeth Cooper.

Poll Books

Easthope, Poll Book 1865

Below are the names of those that voted in the election of July 1865 between Col. The Hon. P. E. Herbert, Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bart., and R. Jasper More, Esq.

Poll Book of the Election, July 1865 for the Southern Division of Shropshire.

Church Stretton Polling District

Easthope, Parish of

1232 Beddoe James

1233 Beddoe John

1234 Benson Ralph Augustus

1235 Meredith Thomas

1236 Preece Edward


Easthope Cassey Shropshire Directory 1871

Easthope is a parish and village, eight and a half miles east from Church Stretton, five from Wenlock, and ten from Bridgnorth, in the Southern division of the county, upper division of Munslow hundred, Church Stretton union, and diocese of Hereford. The church of St. Peter is an old rubble and stone building, and was repaired about 1852. The living is a rectory, yearly value £99, with residence and 36 acres of glebe land, in the gift of Moses G. Benson, Esq. A Sunday school was built in 1857 by Mrs. Benson, of Lutwyche Hall, and dedicated to St. Philip in memory of her son Philip Riou, who was lost at sea in that memorable catastrophe, the sinking of the “London.” There is a British encampment on Mogg or Mocktree, Forest, said to be one of the last defended by Caractacus. Moses George Benson, Esq., J. P., is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The soil is limey; the subsoil is clay. The area is 814 acres, and the population in 1861 was 109; gross estimated rental, £889; rateable value, £836.
Post office. – Edward Evans, postmaster. Letters arrive from Wellington through Much Wenlock at 9 15 a. m.; dispatched at 5 p.m.

Benson Moses George, esq. J.P. Lutwyche hall
Cross Rev. Silas, B.A. Rectory
Dudley William, wheelwright, Hill top
Edwards John, blacksmith, Hill top
Evans Richard, shoe maker
Meredith John, farmer
Morris Joseph, farmer, Easthope wood
Philpott Edward Samuel and Thomas, farmers and millers
Porter Richard, farmer

Source: Edward Cassey & Co’s, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Shropshire 1871


  • County: Shropshire
  • Civil Registration District: Church Stretton
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Hereford
  • Rural Deanery: Wenlock
  • Poor Law Union: Church Stretton
  • Hundred: Munslow
  • Province: Canterbury