Clunbury, Shropshire Family History

Clunbury is an Ancient Parish in the county of Shropshire.

Other places in the parish include: Brompton, Causton, Clunton, Purslow, Kempton, Obley, and Coston.

Clunbury is a parish and village, about 7 miles south-east from Bishop’s Castle, and 4 miles east from Clun, in the hundred of Purslow, rural deanery of Clun, and diocese of Hereford. The area of the parish is about 7278 acres.

The religious census of Shropshire, taken in 1676, shows that there were then in Clunbury 329 Conformists, no Papists, and 5 Nonconformists, “inhabitants above the age of 16.” The population would therefore seem to have increased, probably above 30 per cent. since that census was taken. In 1881 it was 986; in 1891, 907.

The Parish of Clunbury comprises within its limits no less than six Domesday manors: Clunbury, Coston, Purslow, Kempton, Clunton, and Obley. It originally formed part of the huge parish of Clun, as we find that temp. Rich. I., Isabel de Say, Lady of Clun, gave the Rectory of St. George’s, Clun, with the Chapels (among others) of St. Swithun’s, Clunbury, and St. Mary’s, Clunton, to the Priory of Wenlock. One result of this donation appears to have been the extinction of the Chapel at Clunton, though a piece of land in that village still bears the name of “The Church-yard,” thus probably indicating its former situation. The present District Church of St. Mary was built in 1870.

Source: Clunbury Parish Registers 1574-1812. Shropshire Parish Registers Diocese of Hereford Vol. II (1901)

Parish church: St. Mary

Parish registers begin: 1574

Nonconformists include: Wesleyan Methodist

Parishes adjacent to Clunbury

  • Hopesay
  • Clungunford
  • Clun
  • Lydbury North
  • Edgton
  • Hopton Castle

Clunbury Church

The Church, though of small size – nave 63 x 19ft., chancel 19ft. 6 x 19ft. – contains several points of interest. The West end of the Church retains a West door of plain Norman work, a South door of slightly later date, and two Norman windows with narrow openings and deep internal splays. Proceeding Eastward, we come to three windows on the South, and two on the North side, of dates ranging from 14th to 15th century work, beneath one of which is the remains of a piscina. The chancel was built in 1847, on the site of a previously existing chancel and side aisle or chapel.

The roof of the nave is of good 14th century type, of a form common in this part of Shropshire.

The tower, 14th century in its lower, late 15th century in its upper portion, contains a good ring of six bells: of these one is ancient (1620) and untouched, two are also ancient (1631 and 1639), but re-cast in 1887, at which time 3 others were added in commemoration of Her Majesty’s Jubilee, by Messrs. Warner & Son of London.

The Church was restored in 1880-81, under the direction of Mr. J. P. St. Aubyn.

Historical Descriptions


Gregory Shropshire Gazetteer 1824

Brompton. A township in the parish of Clunbury, and in the Stow division of the hundred of Purslow. 5 ½ miles south-east of Bishopscastle.

Source: The Shropshire Gazetteer, with an Appendix, including a Survey of the County and Valuable Miscellaneous Information, with Plates. Printed and Published by T. Gregory, Wem, 1824

Poll Books

Clunbury, Shropshire, Poll Book 1865

Parish Registers

Clunbury Parish Registers 1574-1812

Shropshire Parish Registers Diocese of Hereford Vol. II (1901)

Author: Shropshire Parish Register Society

General editor; 1900-1906, W.P.W. Phillimore; 1907- W.G.D. Fletcher

Publisher: Privately printed for the Shropshire Parish Register Society

General Information

The Parish Register Abstract, 1831, gives this account of these Registers:- “Clunbury P.C. No. 1. Register, 1574 – 1655. Nos. II. – IV., 1662 – 1812. No. V. Marr., 1754 – 1812.”

The Registers of this parish, till the year 1812, are contained in five parchment volumes, all in a very fair state of preservation.

Volume I. begins with Jan. 18th, 1574, but has had two leaves cut out at the beginning, which would cover about four years of average size.

Two leaves have again been lost, between July 26th, 1577, and Dec. 29th. 1580, apparently before the book was fastened together.

There is another gap, Dec. 12th, 1582, to Feb. 23rd, 1594; another from Jan. 8th, 1599, to Mar. 28th, 1602; and a gap of seven years, from Dec. 17th, 1609 to Apr. 7th, 1616, five pages being cut out. After this, the Register is complete till Dec., 1654, when the first volume finishes, some leaves being apparently lost at the end.

Vol. II. begins July 7th, 1660, and extends to Oct. 18th, 1730, without a break.

Vol. III. – Nov. 4th, 1730, to Dec. 27th, 1794, is complete.

Vol. IV. – Jan. 1st, 1795, to Nov. 18th, 1812, is complete.

Vol. V. – Marriages only, from 1754 to 1812.

The entries are in almost all cases legible, though sometimes with difficulty. The handwriting, 1624 – 1634, during the curacy of William Hayle, is bad, otherwise Clunbury has been fortunate in the penmanship of its Registers.

There are very few departures from the stereotyped form of entry, and only in two cases of centenarians, at the beginning of this century, is the age mentioned of those who were buried. These were Mary Weaver, buried in 1788, aged 104, and Jane Jones, buried in 1792, aged 101.

The names at the beginning of the period covered by these Registers are decidedly more Welsh that at its close, or at the present. The Prefix “Ap” is common in surnames, and in the case of one woman “verch,” occurs.

The families of Browne, Cooke, Dun, Evans, Floyd, and Morris, are styled “Mr.” or “Gent.” in the Register, whilst that of Downes is styled “Esq.”

The transcript of the Registers has been made by the present Vicar, who has also collated the proofs with the original Register, as they passed through the press.

W. G. Clark Maxwell. June, 1899.

Clunbury Parish Registers 1574-1812 -


Incumbents of Clunbury
Clunbury Registers – Marriages 1798 to 1812
Clunbury Registers 1810 to 1812
Clunbury Registers 1805 to 1809
Clunbury Registers 1800 to 1804
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  • County: Shropshire
  • Civil Registration District: Clun
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Hereford
  • Rural Deanery: Clun
  • Poor Law Union: Clun
  • Hundred: Purslow
  • Province: Canterbury