Cheswardine Cassey Shropshire Directory 1871

Cheswardine is a parish and village, 150 miles from London, 5 from Market Drayton railway station, and 17 from Shrewsbury, in the Northern division of the county, Drayton division of North Bradford hundred, Market Drayton union, and diocese of Lichfield; it is situated on the eastern borders of the county, adjoining Staffordshire, and east of the road from Newport and Market Drayton.  The Shropshire Union Canal intersects the parish.  The church of St. Swithin is a plain stone building.  The living is a vicarage, yearly value £275, with residence and 20 acres of glebe land, in the gift of Egerton W. Harding, Esq.  The vicarial tithes are commuted at £184, and the rectorial at £610 per annum.  The trustees of the late Bishop Otter, and Mr. Robert Masefield, are impropriators. There is a Free school for four poor boys, with £4 per annum arising from the tithe rent-charge of Cold Hatton and Podford; the school-room was built by Richard Smithman, Esq., of Soudley, and taken down and rebuilt by the churchwardens in 1738.  In 1838 a school for girls was built, and is supported by voluntary contributions.  There are charities of £87 12s., which are expended in corn at Midsummer and Christmas, except £1 6s., which is given in bread the first Sunday in every month.  There is an annual sum of £20 19s. arising from certain lands left for the repairs and use of the church; Charles Donaldson Hudson, Esq., is chief landowner.  The soil is chiefly strong red loam; the subsoil is sand, gravel and clay, and some peat.  The population of the entire parish in 1861 was 1,159; the area is 5,723 acres; gross estimated rental, £11,082; rateable value, £10,296.
Cheswardine township contains 1,708 acres.  Charles Donaldson Hudson, Esq., is chief landowner.
Chipnall is a township 1 mile north-west.  Charles Donaldson Hudson, Esq., is chief landowner.  It contains 1,309 acres.
Lipley is a hamlet here.
Ellerton is a township 2 miles south, containing 443 acres.  Robert Masefield, Esq., is chief landowner.
Goldstone, a township, 1 mile south-west, contains 346 acres.  The Misses Vardon are chief landowners.
Great Soudley, a township, 1 mile south, contains 1,396 acres.  William Manly Wilkinson, Esq., is chief landowner.  Here is a Wesleyan chapel.
Post Office. – Theodore Hughes, receiver.  Letters arrive from Market Drayton at 7-30 a.m.; dispatched at 5-30 p.m.  The nearest money order office is at Market Drayton.
Free School, Samuel Kemp, master; Mrs. Mary Griffith, mistress.

Clendinnen William Ellis, esq. M.R.C.S.
Goodall Mr. John
Harding Rev. George Shipton, M.A.
Hoole John, esq.
Shropshire Mr. John
Arkinstall William and George, tailors
Atkin Thos. & Edw. Farmers, Park hth
Beeston George, grocer
Brian Thomas, farmer
Butter John, beer retailer
Clendinnen William Ellis, surgeon, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A.
Cooke Randal, farmer
Edge Joshua, blacksmith
Hanmer Edward, beer retailer, Wharf
Hanmer George, farmer, Shaw Broom
Hayward John, wheelwright, Hopshort
Hale Ralph, farmer
Hughes James, shoe maker, Hopshort
James George, wheelwright
Langford James, shoe maker
Parr William Salmon, farmer, Cheswardine Old hall
Pearce James, shoe maker
Ratcliffe Richard, farmer, Westcott mill
Shropshire Enoch, grocer, draper, baker and seedsman
Shropshire Henry, butcher and farmer
Shropshire William, tailor
Sillitoe Richard, farmer
Spender Isaiah, farmer, Heywood
Turnbull John, Fox and hounds inn and builder
Whilton Matthew, farmer, Common
Whitfield Thomas, farmer, The Park
Whittaker Henry, saddler
Cope John, farmer, Lipley
Hudson C. Donaldson, esq. J.P. Hill hole
Cooke Randle, farmer, Yee tree farm
Duckers Sarah, farmer
Goodall James, farmer and land owner, White Lion inn
Groom William, farmer, Lipley
Hall John, farmer, Lipley
Palmer Matthew, farmer
Palmer William, farmer and miller
Sambrook Joseph, stone mason
Shufflebottom Charles, farmer
Taylor John, blacksmith
Thomas, Edward, land steward, Cheswardine hall
Masefield Robert, esq. Ellerton hall
Blagg George, farmer and miller, Ellerton mill
Beeston Thomas, esq. Goldstone hall
Beeston Thos. jun. farmer, Manor farm
Blakeman Thomas, farmer
Casewell John, farmer and farrier, Goldstone bank
Ratcliff Richard, farmer
Slack Mary, farmer
Weate William, farmer and butcher
Sowdley (Great and Little).
Arkinstall Stephen, farmer, Gt. Soudley
Atkin Thomas and Edward, farmers, Park Heath, Sowdley
Benbow Ann, farmer, Soudley park
Brian Griffith, farmer
Brian John, farmer, Soudley park
Buckley Thomas, shopkeeper
Jackson George, farmer, Great Soudley
Jackson Thomas, farmer
Jackson Thomas, farmer, Great Soudley
Lea John, farmer
Lea Philip, farmer
Mate William, farmer, Hanwood house
Sinkin Thomas, farmer, Little Soudley
Swinnerton Wm., blacksmith, Gt. Soudley
Worrall Edward, beer retailer, Gt. Soudley
Worrall John, farmer, Great Soudley
Worrall William, beer retailer, Great Soudley
Notes: Soudley is spelt two ways in the Directory viz. Soudley and Sowdley.
Source: Edward Cassey & Co.’s, History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Shropshire 1871