Chelmarsh Parish Registers 1797 to 1799

Jan. 7. Mary, d. of George and Honoria Corfield, bap.
Jan. 11. Sarah, d. of Thomas and Mary Wall, bap.
Feb. 1. Elizabeth Brown, bur.
Feb. 12. William Dudley, an Infant, bur.
Feb. 14. John, s. of John and Winifred Rowley, bap.
Mar. 1. Thomas Brewer, and Infant, bur.
Mar. 4. Adam, s. of Adam and Ann Dudley, bap.
Mar. 12. Joseph, s. of Joseph and Ann Norton, from Eardington Forges, bap.
Mar. 15. Katherine Horton, bur.
Mar. 19. Mary, base-born d. of Mary Lewis, Richard Draper the supposed father, bap.
Apr. 14. William, s. of Willm. and Ann Lewis, bap.
Apr. 16. George Russell, bur.
May 4. John Tedstill and Elizabeth Brewer, mar.

June 4. James, s. of David and Ann Wells, from Eardington Forges, bap.
June 11. Edward, base-born s. of Mary Carpenter, John Head the suppos’d father, bap.
June 16. John Pugh, and Infant from Quatford, bur.
June 18. George Dudley, and Infant, bur.
July 6. George, s. of Thomas and Nancy Dudley, bap.
July 13. Thomas, s. of Samuel and Mary Dudley, bap.
July 16. Thomas Dudley, the above Infant, bur.
Aug. 27. Mary, d. of Adam and Sarah Humphries, bap.
Aug. 29. Mary Hooper, bur.
Oct. 22. Elizabeth, base-born d. of Elizabeth Faizey (Richard Elcock the suppos’d father), bap.
Nov. 1. Willm., s. of John and Elizabeth Baker, bap.
Nov. 17. Katharine Yates, bur.
Nov. 22. Mary Bennet, bur.
Nov. 25. Elizabeth Rowley, bur.
John Brown, New House; John Brown, Sutton, Ch. W.
Jan. 3. Elizabeth, d. of John & Susanna Blackhust, bap.
Jan. 7. Hannah, base-born d. of Elizabeth Low, George Loton the suppos’d father, bap.
Jan. 22. Thomas, s. of Ralph & Hannah Woof, bap.
Jan. 26. Richard Roberts, and Infant from Quatford, bur.
Mar. 2. Francis, s. of Luke and Katharine Elcock, bap.
Mar. 31. Mary, d. of John & Martha Dovey, bap.
Apr. 5. William, s. of Willm. and Elizabeth Elcock, bap.
Apr. 22. Dennis, s. of Richard and Sarah Dymock, of Eardington Forges, bap.
Apr. 22. William, s. of Benjamin and Elizabeth Brown, bap.
May 27. Frances, d. of Paul and Mary Smith, of Eardington Forges, bap.
May 28. Honour, d. of Willm. and Mary Bide, bap.
June 10. Sarah, d. of Willm. and Elizabeth Giles, bap.
July 26. Jane, base-born d. of Sarah Brown, George Draper the reputed father, bap.
July 29. Jane, the said Infant, bur.
Aug. 19. Daniel, s. of Willm. and Ann Wheeler, bap.
Aug. 10. Joseph, s. of Joseph and Elizabeth Wilkes, bap.
Sep. 12. Elizabeth Dudley, an Infant, bur.
Sep. 16. Francis, s. of Francis and Hannah Harris, of Quatford, bap.
Oct. 4. Benjamin Corfield and Abigail Wellings, mar.
Nov. 20. Elizabeth Davis, bur.
Dec. 16. Thomas, s. of Nathaniel and Ann Porter, bap.
Dec. 20. Mary Grainger, bur.
Willm. Griffiths, Thos. Richards, Ch. W.
Feb. 4. Richard, s. of Thos. and Hannah Hammonds, bap.
Feb. 5. Richard, the said Infant, bur.
Mar. 5. Richard, s. of Willm. and Martha Rowley, bap.
Mar. 7. Richard, the said Infant, bur.
Mar. 15. John Baker, an Infant, bur.
Apr. 1. Thomas, base-born s. of Ann Hughs, bap.
Apr. 3. Thos., the said Infant, bur.
Apr. 9. Elizabeth Giles, and Infant, bur.
Mar. 28. Thos. Wall and Elizabeth Low, mar.
May 20. Edward Elcock and Mary Smallman, mar.
May 27. John Dovey and Ann Jones, mar.
May 30. Willm. Botwood, bur.
June 23. Elizabeth, d. of Richard and Mary Drapier, bap.
June 25. Hannah, d. of Adam and Ann Dudley, bap.
July 1. Samuel Tudge, bur.
July 3. Jane Walford, bur.
July 14. Elizabeth, d. of Sarah Bainam, Willm. Highnett the suppos’d father, bap.
July 23. Willm., s. of John and Sarah Wheeler, bap.
Aug. 5. Ann, base-born d. of Elizabeth Bennett, Willm. Edwards ye suppos’d father, bap.
Aug. 11. Katharine Lewis, bur.
Aug. 14. Martha, d. of Benjamin and Abigail Corfield, bap.
Aug. 19. Cornelius, s. of George and Honoria Corfield, bap.
Nov. 8. Mary Kite, and Infant, who was accidentally kill’d by being entangled in some of the Machinery at Eardington Forges, bur.
Nov. 29. Ann, d. of George and Mary Dallow, bap.
Dec. 29. Sarah, d. of Joseph and Ann Norton, of Eardington Forges, bap.
Samuel Watts, Edward Lloyd, Ch. W.