Chelmarsh Parish Registers 1794 to 1796

Jan. 2. Elizabeth, d. of Willm. Elcock, junr., and Elizabeth his w., bap.
Jan. 7. John, s. of Thomas and Margery Gough, bap.
Jan. 28. Thos. Booth, bur.
Feb. 2. Elizabeth, d. of James and Margaret Pearcehall, bap.
Mar. 16. Ann Rowley, Ppr., bur.
Mar. 30. John, s. of Willm. and Susanna Anson, bap.
Mar. 30. Edward, s. of William and Elizabeth Giles, bap.
Apr. 10. John, s. of Adam and Sarah Humphries, bap.
Apr. 14. John, s. of Richard and Winifred Higgs, bap.
Apr. 14. Ann, d. of William and Ann Wheeler, bap.
June 17. Samuel Dudley and Mary Orton, mar.
June 24. Samuel Reynolds, an Infant, bur.
June 26. John, base-born s. of Elizabeth Hudson, Willm. Williams the supposed father, bap.
June 28. Ann, base-born d. of Mary Carpenter, John Head the supposed father, bap.

Sep. 28. Edward, base-born s. of Sarah Bennett, bap.
Sep. 29. Margaret, d. of Thomas and Ann Head, bap.
Oct. 6. John, s. of John and Elizabeth Baker, bap.
Oct. 25. John, s. of Thomas and Susanna Smallman, bap.
Oct. 26. Mary Dallow, an Infant, bur.
Nov. 16. Thos. Hammonds, bur.
Nov. 20. Thomas Morriss, bur.
Nov. 24. Henry Porter, bur.
Dec. 9. Hercules, s. of Thomas and Mary Wall, bap.
Dec. 12. Isaac, s. of William and Ann Lewis, bap.
Dec. 25. William, s. of John and Susanna Miles, from Yerdington Forges, bap.
John Jones, Matthew Edwards, Ch. W.
Jan. 11. Rachel, d. of John and Athaliah Jones, bap.
Jan. 30. William, s. of Richard and Ann Dallow, bap.
Mar. 1. John, s. of Nathaniel and Ann Porter, bap.
Apr. 12. Ann, d. of Thos. and Susanna Massey, from Quatford, bap.
Apr. 30. Sarah, d. of Willm. and Elizabeth Elcock, bap.
May 2. Thomas Jorden and Martha Brown, mar.
May 3. Ann, base-born d. of Mary Lewis, Richard Draper ye supposed father, bap.
May 8. Samuel, s. of Adam and Ann Dudley, bap.
May 9. Thomas Gough, bur.
Aug. 2. Elizabeth, d. of Ralph and Hannah Woof, bap.
Aug. 17. John Burgess, bur.
Aug. 19. Elizabeth Anson, an Infant, bur.
Aug. 27. Elizabeth, d. of Samuel and Mary Dudley, bap.
Nov. 5. John Hudson, an Infant, bur.
Nov. 6. Daniel Farr, bur.
Nov. 22. John, base-born s, of Ann Hughs, bap.
Dec. 6. Will., s. of Willm. and Mary Bide, bap.
Aug. 9. John, s. of John & Elizabeth Caresley, bap. Forgotten to be entered in its proper place.
Dec. 11. Ann Hughs, d. of Thomas Hughs, of Hempton, bur.
James Jones, William Rawlins, Ch. W.
Before the Commencement of the Harvest of this Year, Wheat, from a partial scarcity, and a combination of other Circumstances, was sold at the extravagant Price of £1 1s. per Bushel.
Jan. 12. Edward, s. of John and Elizabeth Brown, bap.
Jan. 30. Willm., s. of Thos. and Sarah Barker, of Highley, bap.
Feb. 6. Edward Richards, bur.
Feb. 13. Mary Walford, bur.
Mar. 11. Mary, d. of Willm. and Ann Wheeler, bap.
Mar. 17. John Porter, an Infant, bur.
Apr. 6. Sarah, d. of Benjamin and Elizabeth Brown, bap.
Apr. 14. Willm. Davis, bur.
Apr. 17. Elizabeth, base-born d. of Ann Pritchards, George Orton, of Kinlet, ye supposed father, bap.
April 22. Samuel, s. of John and Susanna Blackhust, bap.
Apr. 24. George, s. of John and Elizabeth Lewis, of Quatford, bap.
May 9. John Lewis and Elizabeth Page, mar.
May 16. Hannah, d. of Thos. and Hannah Hammonds, bap.
May 17. John Dovey and Martha Evans, mar.
May 20. Fanny, d. of Luke and Catherine-Maria Elcock, bap.
May 23. William, s. of William and Ann Vaughan, bap.
May 26. The said child, bur.
May 29. William Roberts, an Infant from Eardington Forges, bur.
May 30. Richard, s. of Peter and Hannah Roberts, of ye p. of Quatford, bap.
June 19. Mary, d. of William and Martha Rawlins, bap.
July 17. Elizabeth, d. of Willm. and Martha Rowley, bap.
July 31. Elizabeth-Rhoden, base-born d. of Mary Watkis, bap.
Aug. 21. James, s. of John and Sarah Wheeler, bap.
Aug. 23. Henry, s. of John and Elizabeth Baker, bap.
Sep. 18. William, s. of Nathaniel and Ann Porter, bap.
Oct. 2. Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mary Elcock, bap.
Nov. 26. Thomas, s. of Thomas and Susanna Smalman, bap.
Nov. 26. Mary Andrews, an Infant from Quatford, bur.
Dec. 2. Fanny, d. of Edward and Sarah Lloyd, bap.
Jesse Russel, Francis Horton, Ch. W.
Recapitulation of certain Circumstances notic’d in the foregoing Part of this Register.
In the year 1782 the Inhabitants of Chelmarsh, of all ages, were number’d, and the Amount was found to be 375.
In the year 1783 Wheat was sold as high as 9s. 6d. per Bushel; Malting Barley as high as 6s. 10d.; Oats for 4s.; and Pease to feed Pigs with for 6s. 8d.
In the year 1795 Wheat was sold at the extravagant price of £1 1s. pr. Bushel.