Chelmarsh Marriage Register 1800 to 1812

1800, June 22. Charles Crumpton and Ann Bennett. W. – Samuel Owens, Thomas Dudley.
1800, June 29. Willm. Price, of Billingsley, and Sarah Hughs. W. – Abigail Head, Adam Dudley.
1800, July 20. William Rowley and Martha Bennett. By W. Corser, of Bridgnorth, Clerk. W. – Clement Gardener, Mary Wilkes.
1800, Sep. 18. George Hand and Mary Paine. By Charles Fewtrell, Minister. W. – Mary Wall, Thomas Wall.
1800, Oct. 2. Richd. Rowley and Ann Dovey. W: John Dudley, Clement Gardiner.
1800, Nov. 16, 23, 30. Banns published between William Walford, of C., and Elizabeth Elcock, of St. Leonard’s, Bridgnorth.

1801, May 5. Thomas Gough and Mary Chidley. Charles Fewtrell, Minister. W. – Mary Chidley, William Jorden.
1802, Feb. 14, 21, 28. Banns published between William Williams and Martha Burgess.
1802, Apr. 11, 18, 25. Banns published between Thomas Elcock, of C., and Ann Smalman, of Higley.
1802, May 14. Henry Glover Moore, of Liverpool, and Sarah Orton, lic. By Charles Fewtrell. W. – Ann Orton, Thos. Moore.
1802, June 7. William Williams and Martha Burges. By Robert Wylde. W. – Mary Hopkins, Thos. Dudley.
1802, July 1. Matthew Edwards, widr., and Ann Horton, lic. By Charles Fewtrell, Minisr. (He signs till after 1812) W. – Sarah Lewis, Francis Horton.
1803, Jan. 24. Thomas Newton, of Claverley, and Ann Edwards, lic. W. – Elizabeth Glaze, William Newton.
1803, May 3. Thomas Bullock and Ann Bache, lic. W – Elizabeth Horton, John Brown.
1805, Jan. 21. Edward Hughes, of C., and Mary Weaver, of Morvil, lic. W. – Mary Hughes, John Roe.
1805, Sep. 9. Thomas Lewis, of Highley ‘and Mary Goff. W.- Elizabeth Dovey, Thomas Venn.
1805, Nov. 17. James Winwood, widr., and Elizabeth Wilkes, wid. W. – Sarah Botwood, Adam Dudley.
1805, Dec. 10. George Marcy, of Westmoreland in the Island of Jamaica, and Elizabeth Nichols, lic. W. – Mary Anne Nichols, Wm. Haslewood.
1806, Oct. 16.  Evan Evans and Elizabeth Hammonds. W. – Margery Richards, Samuel Burton.
1806, Nov. 26. Thomas Hunt and Elizabeth Horton, lic. W. – Sarah A. Edwards,  Francis Horton.
1808, Feb. 12. William Head and Mary Howells. W. – Susana Howells, John Dee.
1808, Mar. 18. John Dee and Ann Vaughan. W. – Mary Vaughan, Jesse Dee.
1808, Apr. 10, 17, 24. Banns published between Benjamin Lloyd and Hannah Woof.
1808, July 1 William Gardiner and Sarah Wall. W. – Mary Rowley.
Banns were published between Richd. Price and Mary Bark.
1808, Nov. 22. Thomas Wootton and Mary Wall. W. – Thomas Dudley.
1809, Jan. 29. Feb. 5, 12. Banns published between William Higs of C., and Sarah Nicholls, of Alveley.
1809, Sep. 17, 24, Oct. 1. Banns published between Thomas Hughes of C., and Susana Rowley, of St. Leonard’s, Bridgnorth.
1810, Mar. 1. Edward Richards and Sarah Hopkins, lic. W. – Luke Head, Mary Hopkis.
1810, June 4. George Longmore and Mary Head. W. – (Blank) Head, Christiana Head.
1810, June 25. Thomas Moore, of Liverpool, and Mary Ann Nichols, lic. W. – John Nichols, Thos. Dudley.
1810, Oct. 2. Benjn. Richards, of St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth, and Jane Jones, lic. W. – Rachel Jones, Richard Richards.
1810, Nov. 1. George Crow and Maria Spittle. W. – William Price, Jane Crow.
1812, Aug. 10. Edward Synar, of St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth, and Sarah Tumkis. W. – Richard Bayley, Sarah Dancer.