Chelmarsh Marriage Register 1775 to 1800

1775, Mar. 14. John Lewis of Quatt, and Frances Hughes, lic. W. – Thos. Hughes, John Dudley.
1775, May 1. William Evans, husbandman, and Mary Kidson. W. – Wm. Morris, John Dudley
1775, Apr. 16, 23, 30. Banns published between William Booth, of C, and Ann Sutton, of Quatt
1775, Oct. 12. Thomas Ashon, husbandman, and Margaret Child. W. – Samuel Barker, John Dudley
1775, Nov. 19. Thomas Aston, collier, and Anne Guest. W. – John Weale, John Dudley

1777, Feb. 2. Walter Parker, of Madeley, and Deborah Brook. W. – Thomas Brook, John Dudley
1777, Aug. 14. John Hunt, of C, and Ann Reynolds, of Stotesdon, lic. W. –Humphrey Dallow, Ann Dallow
1777, Dec. 7.14, 21. Banns published between William Walford, of C., and Elizabeth Lowe, of Highley.
1778, Feb. 25. Richard Dallow, miller, and Ann Wilkes. W. –Mary Edwards, William Hughes.
1778, May 14. Thomas Elcock, labourer, and Ann Corfield. W. – Thos. Hughes, William Elcock.
1778, May 24. 31, June 7. Banns published between Thomas Botwood, of C., and Hannah Matthews, of Shipton.
1778, Aug. 4. Ralph Woof, labourer, and Hannah Hunt. W. –William Booth, John Dudley
1779, Feb. 11. John Pew, blacksmith, and Many Russell. W. –John Jones, William Crop.
1779, Jan. 24, 31, Feb. 7. Banns published between Joseph Wilkes, of C., and Elizabeth Richards, of Alveley.
1779, Feb. 11. John Jones, husbandman, and Athaliah Russell. lic. W. – William Cropp, Mary Russell.
1779, May 3. William Vaughan, labourer, and Ann Botwood. W. – John Dudley, Mary Botwood.
1779, May 5. Benjamin Wall, labourer, and Mary Higgison. By q Wylde, Rector of Chetton, Dukeshill, and Glazeley. W. – Anne Booth, Thomas Booth.
1779, June 24. William Yates, mason, and Sarah Wall, wid. W.- Henry Higgons, John Dudley
1780, May 9. Thomas Burgess, labourer, and May Pew. W.- John Dudley, Ann Porter.
1780, May 15. John Dudley, wheelwright, and Ann Porter. W.- Thomas Dudley, John Dudley.
1780, May 18. Francis Davies, of Barrow, blacksmith, and Mary Edwards, lic. W.- Ann Jones, Rich. Edwards.
1780, Aug. 27. Wm. Lewis, farmer, and Ann Clarke, of Worfield, lic. W. – Catharine Clarke, John Beale.
1781, June 29. William Rawlins, farmer, and Mary Russell, lic. W. John Addison, Jane Russell.
1782, Sep. 3. John Rowley, labourer, and Susannah Elcock, wid. W.- John Dudley, Adam Dudley.
1782, Feb. 28. John Head, husbandman, and Joanna Bennett. W.- John Dudley, William Bennett.
1784, Feb. 10. William Fazzy, husbandman, and Jane Smith. W.- Thos. Dudley, Wm. Gough.
1784, Sep. 16. Thomas Lloyd, gardener, and Christiana Botwood. Mary Angeworth, John Dudley.
1785, Feb. 7. Adam Dudley, taylor, and Ann Walford, W. – Thos. Dudley, Mary Dudley.
1785, Apr. 19. James Welsbry, husbandman, and Sarah Fletcher. W.- Abigail Jones, Thomas Dudley.
1785, Apr. 10, 17, 24. Banns published between John Whatmore, of C, and Sarah Sutton, of Quatt.
1785, May 2. Thomas Dudley, wheelwright, and Nancy Russell, lic. W. –Mary Lee, John Dudley.
1785, July 20. Matthew Edwards, farmer, and Ann Mayor, of Barrow, lic. W.- Ann Edwards, Wm. Angeworth.
1785, July 10, 17, 24. Banns published between George Boraston, and Elizabeth Rowley.
1785, Sep. 20. William Giles, labourer, and Elizabeth Bristoway. W. – Sarah Yates, John Dudley.
1786, May 4. John Jenkins, of Worfield widower, and Ann Jones, lic. W.- Joyce George, Thomas Rollings.
1786, May 25. Thomas Binian, of Alveley, husbandman, and Margaret Elcock. W.- Wm. Elcock, John Dudley.
1787, Nov. 5. John Botwood, towdresser, and Sarah Rowley. W, - Elizabeth Nichols, John Dudley.
1788, Apr. 13. John Caresley, of Aston Botterel, husbandman, and Sarah Walford, lic. W.- John Dudley, Adam Dudley.
1788, Apr. 28. Richard Thatcher, of Alveley, papermaker, and Ann Elcock, W. – William Elcock, John Dudley.
1788, Sep. 8. Adam Humphries, of Alveley, carpenter, and Sarah Gough. W. –Martha Gough, John Dudley.
1789, Jan. 13. Richard Bill, collier, and Sarah Smith. W.- Mary Brown, John Dudley.
1789, May 4. William Rawlins, farmer, and Martha Nurse, lic. W. –Ann Rawlings, Thos. Hughes.
1789, Oct. 20. Wm. Elcock, jnr., carpenter, and Eliz. Mincher. W. – Edward Mincher, Thomas Dudley.
1791, Jan. 31. John Hallbeard, labourer, and Elizabeth Palmer. W. – William Percy, John Dudley.
1791, June 7. Edward Lloyd and Sarah Hughes, lic. W.- John Brown, Thomas Dudley.
1791, June 27. William Rowley, labourer, and Martha Hooper. W.- John Dudley, Sarah Yates.
1791, June 27. John Rowley, labourer, and Winifred Evans, wid. W.- John Dudley, Sarah Yates
1792, May 1. George Burrows, shoemaker, and Mary Howard. W. – Thomas Brown, John Dudley.
1792, Oct. 9. John Baker, farmer and Elizabeth Weaver, lic. W.- Mary Weaver, Thos. Hughes.
1793, Apr. 28. William Wheeler, of Neen Savage, farmer, and Rachel Baker, wid., lic. W. – Mary Wheelwright, Frans. Bishop.
1794, June 17. Samuel Dudley, carpenter, and Mary Orton. W.- Mary Dallow, John Dudley.
1795, Jan. 4. 11, 18, Banns published between William Williams and Elizabeth Hudson.
1795, May 2. Thomas Jorden, husbandman, and Martha Brown. W. – Richard Dallow, John Dudley.
1796, Apr. 10. 17, 24. Banns published between Thos. Hazlehust and Eleanor Smith.
1796, May 9. John Lewis, taylor, and Elizabeth Page. W.- Elizabeth Bennett, John Dudley.
1796, May 17. John Dovey, carpenter, and Martha Evans. W.- John Jones, Thomas Dudley, Elizabeth Nichols.
1797, May 4. John Tedstill, husbandman, and Elizabeth Brewer. W.- Thos. Dudley, John Tedstill, senr.
1798, Oct. 2. Benjamin Corfield, blacksmith, and Abigail Wellings. W. – Mary Jones, Thomas Wellings.
1799, Mar. 28. Thomas Wall, husbandman, and Elizabeth Low. W. – Jon Techell, William Bidey.
1799, May 20. Edward Elcock, husbandman, and Mary Smallman. W. – George Oldbury, Thomas Dudley.
1799, May 26. John Dovey, widr., and Ann Jones. W.- William Yates, Thomas Dudley.
1799, July 14, 21, 28. Banns published between William Edwards and Elizabeth Bennett.