Chelmarsh Baptisms and Burials 1810 to 1812

Jan. 14. Benjamin, s. of John and Ann Pountney, bap.
Jan. 11. Sarah Draper, Infant, bur.
Jan. 30. Athaliah Jones, bur.
Feb. 28. Richd. Draper, senr., bur.
Apr. 8. Widow Mary Farr, bur.
Apr. 15. Edward, s. of Edward and Mary Hughes, bap.
Apr. 20. Edward, s. of William and Martha Rowley, bap.
Apr. 23. Elizabeth, d. of Willm. and Sarah Price, bap.
May 27. Joanna, d. of William and Mary Head, bap.
May 27. Ann, d. of John and Martha Dovey, bap.
July 8. Thomas, s. of Thomas and Sarah Richards, bap.
July 15. Thomas, s. of Luke and Catharine Elcock, bap.
Mar. 4. John, s. of William and Mary Higs, bap.
Aug. 5. Nathaniel, s. of Nathaniel and Ann Porter, bap.
July 15. Francis, s. of William and Elizabeth Baker, privately, bap.
Aug. 31. Elizabeth Horton, bur.
Oct. 21. Catharine, d. of Richard and Ann Bromley, bap.
Dec. 25. William, s. of John and Ann Dee, bap.
Dec. 26. George Burkin, Infant, bur.
John Broughall, Francis Horton, Ch. Wardens.

Jan. 13. Mary, d. of Richard and Cathe. Rowley, bap.
Jan. 28. Elizabeth, d. of George and Sarah Draper. bap.
Jan. 28. Nathl. Porter, Infant, bur.
Jan. 29. Ann Marian, widow, bur.
Feb. 11. Ann Hughes, bur.
Feb. 17. Samuel Elcock, bur.
Feb. 24. John, s. of William and Ann Lloyd, bap.
Mar. 17. Frances, d. of Richard and Frances Detton, bap.
May 16. Joanna Head, Infant, bur.
July 7. Richard, s. of Richard and Mary Draper, bap.
July 26. Publickly receiv’d Catharine, d. of Thos. and Catharine Stringer
July 31. Sarah Botwood, widow, bur.
Aug. 4. Sarah, base d. of Catharine Elcock, bap.
Aug. 5. Buried her.
Aug. 5. Ann, d. of John Joseph and Sarah Broughal, bap.
Sep. 1. Mary Yates, bur.
Sep. 26. – Rowley, Infant, bur.
Nov. 15. Sarah, d. of John and Martha Evans, bap.
Dec. 4. Buried her.
Dec. 11. George Hill, bur.
Dec. 22. Sarah, d. of Thomas and Mary Wooton, bap.
Dec. 29. Thomas, s. of Thomas and Mary Lewis, bap.
Thomas Stringer, William Lewis, Ch. Wardens.
Memorandum. Wheat sold in Bridgnorth Market, July 1811 at the exorbitant Price of £1 7s. 0d. pr. Bushel. Potatoes at 18s. pr. Peck.
Jan. 19. John, base s. of Mary Synor, George Willis, the reputed father; and Sarah, base d. of Letitia Botwood, Wm. Proud, the reputed father, bap.
Feb. 23. Mary-Ann, d. of Richd. And Sarah Richards, bap.
Mar. 1. Thos. Lewis, Infant, bur.
Mar. 9. Ann, d. of Thos. and Mary Hunt, privately bap.
Apr. 19. Thomas, s. of John and Elizabeth Charles, bap.
May 17. William, s. of William and Sarah Price, bap.
May 24. Thomas, s. of George and Ann Jorden, bap.
May 31. William, s. of John and Lucy Davis, bap.
June 21. Joseph, base s. of Sarah Hughes, privately bap.
July 5. Wm. Jones and Elizabeth Draper, bur.
July 12. Frances, d. of George and Sarah Burkin, bap.
July 12. Joseph Hughes, Infant, bur.
July 13. Mary Ann, d. of Benjn. and Ann Massey, privately bap.
July 14. William Wilcox, Infant, bur.
Aug. 2. Publickly receiv’d Mary Ann, d. of Benjn. And Ann Massey.
Aug. 5. Ann, d. of Edward and Mary Hughes, by the Revd. Edward Davenport, bap.
Aug. 12. Publickly receiv’d Ann, d of Thomas and Mary Hunt.
Aug. 16. Eliza, d. of Marine Crowe, bap.
Sep. 8. Elizabeth, base d. of Sarah Maddocks, a Pauper (who was brought out of Lancashire, by an Order from the Justices there, her late Husband’s Matthias Maddock’s Parish being Astley Abbots), privately bap.
Sep. 13. George, s. of Thomas and Mary Gough, bap.
Sep. 16. Catherine Edwards, bur.
Sep. 27. George, s. of Edward and Ann Dawes, bap.
Oct. 1. Sarah, d. of William and Eliz. Baker, bap.
Oct. 20. Publickly receiv’d Mary, d. of Thomas and Catherine Stringer. She was privately baptiz’d by the Rev. Edward Davenport, without my knowledge or consent.
Nov. 15. Ann, base d. of Ann Hughes, bap.
John Jones, George Draper, Ch. Wardens.
On 31st of Dec: 1812, the Old Registers are to be clos‘d; and superseded by the New-Ones, ordered by Acts of Parliament, to commence Jan: 1st, 1813.