Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel Nonconformist Registers 1768 to 1798

A Register of Deaths and Burials in the Congregation
1768 Mr. Francis Haslewood, Senr. Died 4 May
1769 Mary Wiall. Died 12 February
1769 Mrs. Robinson. Died March
1769 Mr. Tom Rhodes. Died October
1771 Molly Maurice, an infant. Died 24 April; interred at the Baptists’ Burying Ground at Broseley.
1771 Mr. Benjamin Finch, at Wyken. Died 18 December; interred 20 December at Worfield; aged 55.
1774 Mrs. Bache, Senr., Park. Died August; aet. 69.
1775 Bill Bache. Died August; aet. 27. (Father of Sarah Bache (1770-1844), hymn writer; composer of “See how He loved! Exclaimed the Jews, When Jesus o’er His Lazarus wept.”)
1776 Mr. Bache, Senr., Park. Died June; aet. 69.
1779 William, s. of Peter & Kitty Edwards, Bridgnorth. 20 December.
1780 Mary, and at the same time, Anne, daughters of Thomas Griffiths, Bridgnorth. 6 April.
1780 Female child to Mr. Samuel Bache (b. 18 April)
1780 Martha, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, B’North. 14 May.
1781 Hephzibah, dau. of Mr. Griffiths, B.North. 29 July
1783 Susannah, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jones, of Harrington, Shropshire. 3 April.
1784 Charlotte, and at the same time, Ebenezzer [sic], children of Thomas Griffiths, inn keeper, B’North. 8 August.
1785 Elizabeth, Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Harrington, p. of Sutton Maddox, Shropshire. 17 January.
1785 Sarah, dau. of Samuel Bache & Martha his wife, Bridgnorth. 25 January.
1786 Mary, daughter of Mr. Jones and Martha his wife, Harrington, in the p. of Sutton Maddock, Shropshire. 7 March.
1787 William, s. of William & Martha Jones, 7 May.
1787 Samuel Griffin Griffiths (b. 22 August, 1786). –June.
1788 Martha, dau. of William & Martha Jones. 5 December.
1789 Katherine, dau. of Samuel & Mary Falconbridge, barber, Bridgnorth. 21 October.
1790 Ellen Cummin, dau. of Sergt. Forbes, of the 53rd Regiment of Foot, quartered at B’North. 10 January. Scotland.
Marriages in the Society.
1768 Mr. John Haslewood to Miss Boulton, dau. of old Mr. Bourton, the exciseman. 11 November
1772 Miss Hannah Hall to Mr. Vaughan, attorney-at-law, – Wales. Sunday, 12 January.
1772 Mr. Samuel Bache to Miss Martha Wyke, of Leominster, Herefordshire, – in Scotland. 27 June.
1772 Mr. George Rhodes to Miss Betsy Bache, of Weyken, at the Low Church, Bridgnorth. 11 November.
1790 Nathaniel, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 March.
1790 John, s. of John Watson, a north Brittain soldier in the 53rd Regiment Foot, bap. 5 June.
1790 John, s. of John Robertson, Corporal in the same Regiment, bap. 13 June.
1792 William, s. of Samuel Falconbridge & Mary his wife, barber, bap. 5 March.
1792 William, s. of William & Sarah Bourne, baker, at Bridgnorth, bap. 15 April.
1792 Thomas Bailey, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 November.
1794 Eliza., dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, bap. 16 March.
1794 Eliza. Stedman, dau. of William & Sarah Bourne, bap.
1727 (sic) Mary Robinson, b. 16 November
1797 Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Betty Macmichael, p. St. Leonard’s, Bridgnorth (b. 25 Sept. 1794), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.
1797 George, s. of ditto (b. 15 July 1796), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.
1797 Joseph, s. of ditto (b. 26 June), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.
1797 John, s. of William & Jane Taylor, p. St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth (b. 8 Feb. 1795), bap. 10 December by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.
1797 Susanna, dau. of ditto (b. 1 November), bap. 10 Dec. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.
1798 James, s. of John & Susanna Rogers, p. St. Mary Magdalene (b. 9 October, 1797), bap. 28 Jan. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.
[six blank p.p.]
On Tuesday, 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the 16th June, 1772, God was pleased to give me a son. It cost its mother dear and brought her to the very Gates of Death: but God stepp’d in and spared. Heaven grant B may live to recompense the tender Mother for what she suffered for him, and prove the Son of Comfort and rejoicing to us both.
[Two blank pp.]
Thomas Griffiths’ wife and children’s ages
Thomas was b. 10 February 1741
Hepziba, his wife, b. 28 October 1748
Married 18 February 1772
Anne, dau. of Thomas, b. 30 November 1773.
Hannah, b. 28 May 1775.
(1) Charlotte, b. 9 September, 1776
Mary, b. 8 February 1778
Anne, b. 14 January, 1780
Hepzibah, b. 5 April 1781
(2) Charlotte, b. 4 March 1783
Ebenezzer, b. 24 July 1784
Samuel Griffin, b. 22 August, 1786