Albrighton (Shifnal) Shropshire Parish Documents 1902

Documents, etc. in the custody of the Parish Council. – Kept by the Clerk of the Parish Council in an iron safe at his house, viz:-
Parish Council Minute Book.
Parish Meeting Minute Book.
Account Book.
Declaration Book.
Attendance Book.
Treasurer’s Bond.
Documents, etc. in the custody of the vicar. – The following Documents etc. are kept in safes in the Vestry, viz:-

General Register, 1555 – 1653 (good state of preservation and re-bound by Vicar).
General Register, 1660 – 1725. This Register contains an entry of the Burial of the only Duke of Shrewsbury, viz., the 23rd February, 1717.
General Register, 1726 – 1780 (but Marriages only to 1753).
Register of Baptisms and Burials, 1780 to the end of 1812
Register of Baptisms 1813 – 1841
Register of Baptisms 1841 – 1868
Register of Baptisms 1868 – in use.
Register of Burials, 1813 – 1857
Register of Burials 1857 – in use.
Register of Marriages 1754 – 1812.
Register of Marriages 1813 – 1837
Register of Marriages 1837 – in use.
Book of Corporation Records, including a copy of the Charter, dated 17th year of reign of Chas. II.
Small Map of new Road from Tong.
Churchwardens’ and Overseers’ Account Book, 1821 – 1837.
Receipt and payment Book, dated 1837, containing a few entries only.
Rate Book, dated 1838.
Register of Parish Apprentices, 1811 – 1835.
Eighteen Old Deeds relating to the Chapman, Bromley, Waltho, and Scott Charities. (the more recent Deeds were stated to be in the custody of Dr. Lamb as Trustee (Parochial Charities.)
Cosford Bridge Agreement.
Map showing boundary between the parishes of Albrighton and Patshull, together with Commissioners’ Award, dated 1847.
Miscellaneous Documents.
Tithe Map and Tithe Apportionment, dated 16th March, 1850.
The following list of Documents, etc., was supplied by the Clerk of the Parish Council, and stated to be in the custody of Dr. B. W. Lamb, as sole Trustee of the charities, and kept by him in an iron safe:-
(Note – We have been unformed that since the inspection of these Documents the Charity Commissioners have increased the number of Trustees to five).
Deed of Bargain and Sale of Land, dated 1681
Deed of Trust, purchase of Land dated 1682
Deed of Trust dated 1713
Deed of Trust dated 1736
Lease to Invest dated 1772
Deed of Exchange dated 1772
Deed of Trust, Poor Land dated 1772
Deed to Invest dated 1772
Lease dated 11th February, 1791
Deed of Trust dated 1796
Deed of Trust dated 18th February, 1797
Deed of Trust dated 24th June, 1848
Deed of Trust dated 12th July, 1865
Deed of Trust dated 9th August, 1887
Source: Shropshire Parish Documents published 1902.  A report of the Inspection of Parish Documents made to Salop County Council under section 17 of the Local Government Act 1894.
Note: The location of the documents listed in this transcription are as cited in the book published in 1902 and should be used as a guide only. It should not be assumed that the documents are still kept at the stated location.  Interested parties should perhaps contact Shropshire records office to ascertain the documents current whereabouts.