Is distant from London 132 miles, 13 from Bridgenorth, eight from Bewdley, and eight from Tenbury.  The market is on Wednesday; fairs April 21, Trinity Monday, and October 27.  The church has s spire, six musical bells, and a clock.
Clebury is situated near Clee-hill, on the north side of the Temd [sic]. Here is a free-school founded by Sire Lacon William Child, who left 3500l for supporting it, and a considerable salary to the master, who is obliged to instruct all such youths of the town as chuse to attend.  It is called North-Clebury and Clebury-Mortimer, to distinguish it from Clebury on the borders of Worcestershire.  It has a castle, built in 1160.
There is no post-office in this town; a man goes to Bewdley Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, for letters, and delivers them at Clebury. – There is no stage or mail-coach to or from this town. – Several wagons pass through to Bewdley, but the days are not regular.  The excise-office is at the Eagle Inn: Mr. Harrison, supervisor; Mr. Bowell and Mr. Skinner, officers.
The following is a list of the principal inhabitants:

Compson James, Esq.
Walker Mrs.
Watts Miss
Attwood Rev. Mr.
Scott Kempson, Surgeon
Share Elizabeth, Druggist
Fox John, Attorney
Woodward John, Attorney
Adams Edward, Grocer
Atham Francis, Farmer
Barker John, Skinner
Bavan Thomas, Shoemaker
Bodnam Edward, Taylor
Brazier Edward, Shoemaker
Carter Michael, Huckster
Colebatch Geo. Linen & Woollen-draper
Corfield John, Smith
Crange Geo. Linen and Woollen-draper
Crannage William, Ironmonger
Dance William, Hair-dresser
Downes Thomas, Sadler
Eaton Samuel, Weaver and Dyer
Evans James, Mason
Glenton John, Joiner
Green Benjamin, Nailer
Herbert John, Linen and Woollen-draper
Hill John, Joiner
Hill Walter, Joiner
Hill John, Huckster
Hill Thomas, Timber-merchant
Hobday Jane, King’s Arms Inn
Horton Samuel, Smith
Hunter John, Grocer
James Charles, Butcher
Jones John, Butcher
Jones Thomas, Shoemaker
Kitson Edward, Cooper
Lloyd Mary, Victualler, (Bull)
Lowe Richard, Butcher
Lowe John, Tanner
Man James, Baker
Morris William, Weaver
Newall Benjamin, Taylor
Newall William, Clock and Watchmaker
Noakes William, Staymaker
Norgrave Thomas, Staffordshire-ware Shop
Norncott Thomas, Eagle Inn
Perry Richard, Smith
Phillips Robert, Talbot Inn
Phillips William, Peruke-maker
Postand Joseph, Shoemaker
Rawlins Samuel, Currier
Reynolds Henry, Weaver and Dyer
Reynolds James, Grocer
Reynolds John, Joiner
Sears Benjamin, Victualler, (Talbot)
Stevens James, Paper-manufacturer
Tatsdale John, Maltster
Taylor Benjamin, Carpenter
Thomas Wm. Victualler, (Red Lion)
Throath John, Taylor
Turner Samuel, Wheelwright
Walker Thomas, Plumber and Glazier
Walker Thomas, Victualler, (Crown)
Wall Edward, Breeches-maker
Wheeler – , Maltster
Wheeler William, Victualler, (Fox)
Wright Sarah, Grocer
Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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