Northumberland Family History Guide

Northumberland is bounded, North by Berwickshire in Scotland, East by the German Ocean, South by Durham, and West by Roxburgh in Scotland, and by Cumberland. It is 62 miles in length, and about 42 miles in breadth, and is divided into six Wards: Bamborough, Castle, Coquetdale, Glendale, Morpeth, and Tynedale. Rivers; the Tyne, the Blyth, the Wansbeck, the Coquet, the Alne, and the Tweed. It has 13 Market-Towns; is in the Province of York, in the Diocese of Durham, and in the Northern Circuit. It contains 1871 square miles, or 1,197,440 acres. Population, 250,278.

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Parishes in Northumberland


Allendale, Northumberland

Allendale St Peter, Northumberland

Allenheads, Northumberland

Alnham, Northumberland

Alnmouth, Northumberland

Alnwick, Northumberland

Alnwick St Paul, Northumberland

Alwinton with Holystone, Northumberland

Ancroft, Northumberland


Bamburgh, Northumberland

Beadnell, Northumberland

Bedlington, Northumberland

Belford, Northumberland

Bellingham, Northumberland

Beltingham, Northumberland

Benwell St James, Northumberland

Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland

Bingfield St Mary, Northumberland

Birtley, Northumberland

Blanchland, Northumberland

Blyth, Northumberland

Bolam, Northumberland

Bothal, Northumberland

Branxton, Northumberland

Brinkburn Chapelry, Northumberland

Byker St Michael, Northumberland

Byrness, Northumberland

Bywell St Andrew, Northumberland

Bywell St Peter, Northumberland


Cambo, Northumberland

Carham, Northumberland

Chatton, Northumberland

Chillingham, Northumberland

Chollerton, Northumberland

Corbridge, Northumberland

Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland

Corsenside, Northumberland

Cramlington, Northumberland

Cresswell, Northumberland


Dinnington, Northumberland

Doddington, Northumberland


Earsdon, Northumberland

Edlingham, Northumberland

Eglingham, Northumberland

Ellingham, Northumberland

Elsdon, Northumberland

Embleton, Northumberland


Falstone, Northumberland

Farne Islands, Northumberland

Felton, Northumberland

Fenton, Northumberland

Ford, Northumberland


Gosforth, Northumberland

Greenhead, Northumberland

Greystead, Northumberland


Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Hartburn, Northumberland

Haydon, Northumberland

Hebron, Northumberland

Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland

Hexham, Northumberland

High Elswick St Paul, Northumberland

Holy Island, Northumberland

Horton, Northumberland

Howick, Northumberland

Humshaugh, Northumberland


Ilderton, Northumberland

Ingram, Northumberland


Kidland, Northumberland

Kirkharle, Northumberland

Kirkhaugh, Northumberland

Kirkheaton, Northumberland

Kirknewton, Northumberland

Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland

Knaresdale, Northumberland

Kyloe, Northumberland


Lambley, Northumberland

Lesbury, Northumberland

Long Benton, Northumberland

Longframlington, Northumberland

Longhorsley, Northumberland

Longhoughton, Northumberland

Lowick, Northumberland

Lucker, Northumberland


Masters Close, Northumberland

Matfen, Northumberland

Meldon, Northumberland

Mickley, Northumberland

Mitford, Northumberland

Monks House, Northumberland

Morpeth, Northumberland


Netherwitton, Northumberland

Newbrough, Northumberland

Newburn, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne St Nicholas, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne All Saints, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne St Andrew, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne St Anne, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne St John, Northumberland

Newcastle upon Tyne St Peter, Northumberland

Ninebanks, Northumberland

Norham, Northumberland

North Sunderland, Northumberland


Ovingham, Northumberland


Ponteland, Northumberland


Ramshope, Northumberland

Rennington, Northumberland

Rivergreen, Northumberland

Rock, Northumberland

Rothbury, Northumberland


Scremerston, Northumberland

Shilbotel, Northumberland

Shotley, Northumberland

Sighill, Northumberland

Simonburn, Northumberland

Slaley, Northumberland

St John Lee, Northumberland

St Oswald in Lee, Northumberland

Stamfordham, Northumberland

Stannington, Northumberland

Sugley, Northumberland


Thockrington, Northumberland

Tweedmouth, Northumberland

Tynemouth, Northumberland


Ulgham, Northumberland


Wallsend, Northumberland

Warden, Northumberland

Wark, Northumberland

Warkworth, Northumberland

West Allen, Northumberland

Whalton, Northumberland

Whitfield, Northumberland

Whitley (near Hexham), Northumberland

Whitley (near North Shields), Northumberland

Whittingham, Northumberland

Whittonstall, Northumberland

Widdrington, Northumberland

Woodhorn, Northumberland

Wooler, Northumberland