Alemouth Northumberland Universal British Directory 1791

Alemouth is a small sea-port town, in the county of Northumberland, situate at the mouth of the river Alne, 5 miles East from Alnwick, and 6 miles North from Warkworth. It has no market or fair; notwithstanding large quantities of corn are annually shipped from hence.  This was one of the forfeited estates of Henry earl of Northumberland, which Henry IV settled on his brother the duke of Clarence, for the better support of his dignity as lord lieutenant of Ireland. Human bones of an uncommon magnitude have been several times dug up on the shore of the river, near this town, has given rise to a traditional story, that a race of giants formerly resided here, and that these were some of their imperfect remains.  In queen Elizabeth’s time, the French took possession of this town, and fortified it; as it was the first port they could safely land their supplies at for the queen mother.  It affords a safe harbour for fishing vessels, and abounds with excellent fish.  Here is no regular post-office, nor carrier, except by vessels, which go to and from Bell’s and Three Cranes wharfs, London.  The principal inhabitants are as follow:

Traders, &c.

Adams Thomas, Cornfactor

Adams Joseph, Tide Waiter

Annett Thomas, Cornfactor

Annett Thomas, Publican

Bailey Thomas, Deputy Customer

[B]ell Thomas, Cornfactor

Cleugh William, Grocer, &c.

Dixon Thomas, Publican

Flemming Wm. Cornfactor & Publican

Forster Samuel, Cornfactor

Hay William, Cornfactor and Manufacturer of Flour

Jobson John, Cornfactor and Publican

Maddison George, Grocer, &c.

Pearson James, Tide Waiter

Sock Henry, Publican

Young Thomas, Pilot and Publican

The Northumberland Fishing Company is at Beadnal, 12 miles North, – Wood, Esq. Governor.

Trading Vessels belonging to this PORT.

The Friendship, which trade principally coastwise to London

North Sunderland Packet, which trade principally coastwise to London

Two Sisters, which trade principally coastwise to London

Two Brothers, which trade principally coastwise to London

Barbary Grey, General Traders to all parts.

Elizabeth, General Traders to all parts.

Peggy, General Traders to all parts.

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.