The County of Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire is bounded on the North by Leicestershire, Rutlandshire, and Lincolnshire; East by Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon, and Bedfordshire; South by Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire; and West by Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. It is nearly 60 miles long, and from 8 to 22 miles broad; and is divided into 19 Hundreds, namely, Chipping-Warden, Clely, Corby, Fawsley, Green’s-Norton, Guilsborough, Hamsfordshoe, Higham-Ferrers, Huxloe, King’s-Sutton, Navisford, Nobottle-Grove, Orlingbury, Polebrook, Rothwell, Spelhoe, Towcester, Willybrook, Wymesley. The principal River is the Nen or Nyme. It has 12 Market-Towns. It contains 1017 square miles, or 650,889 acres. It is in the Province of Canterbury, partly in the Diocese of Peterborough and partly in that of Lincoln; and in the Midland Circuit. Population, 199,228.

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Northamptonshire Towns & Villages