Covent Garden St Paul, Middlesex Family History Guide

St. Paul, Covent Garden is a parish, in the city and liberty of Westminster.


Parish church:

Parish registers begin:

  • Parish registers: 1653
  • Bishop’s Transcripts: 1800

Nonconformists include:

Parishes adjacent to Covent Garden St Paul

  • St Martin in the Fields
  • Burleigh Street

Parish Registers

St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex Parish Registers - Christenings 1653 to 1752 -

St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex Parish Registers - Christenings 1752 to 1837 -

St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex Parish Registers - Marriages 1653 to 1837 -

St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex Parish Registers - Burials 1653 to 1752 -

St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex Parish Registers - Burials 1752 to 1853 -

Hearth Tax

Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, Covent Garden

Four Shillings in the Pound Aid 1693/4

St Paul's Covent Garden, City of Westminster, Middlesex Four Shillings in the Pound Aid 1693/4 - British History Online

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Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Abrahams Isaac, York street, Covent garden, jeweller, Oct. 30, 1829.

Allen Christopher, Tavistock st., Covent garden, woollen draper, Dec. 24, 1822.

Allen Thomas, Charles street, Covent garden, tailor and draper, Feb. 13, 1829.

Arnold Maria, Tavistock street, Covent garden, bookseller, March 31, 1835.

Barber James, Henrietta street, Covent garden, linen draper, Oct, 31, 1826.

Bennett James, Covent Garden market, herbalist, May 9, 1834.

Biddulph Anthony Geo. Wright; John Wright; Hen. Robinson; and Edmund Wm. Jerningham; Henrietta st., Covent garden, bankers, Dec. 18, 1840.

Blackwell Charles, Bedford court, Covent garden, cutler, Nov. 18, 1828.

Bott Thomas, Hart street, Covent garden, farrier, Nov. 11, 1831.

Bowley John, Bridge street, Covent garden, auctioneer, April 8, 1826.

Burn John, Covent garden and Streatham, fruit salesman, March 31, 1829.

Burn John, New street, Covent garden, grocer, Oct. 22, 1825.

Carter Philip, James street, Covent garden, potatoe merchant, May 22. 1829.

Cates Frederick, Brydge's st., Covent Garden, tavern keeper, May 3, 1833.

Clark William, Maiden lane, Covent garden, soda-water maker, Oct. 15, 1822

Clutterbuck Charles, Chandos street, Covent garden, victualler­ Dec. 15, 1840.

Colcock William, James street, Covent garden, grocer, July 28, 1840.

Cole William, New street, Covent Garden, hardwareman, Sept. 22, 1826.

Cooper Edward, Little Russell st., Covent garden, haberdasher, Feb. 26, 182

Cowell George, Great Russell street, Covent garden, hatter, Sept. 27, 1836.

Creed John, Bedford court, Covent garden, woollen draper, Jan. 8, 1825.

Cross George, Chandos street, Covent garden, victualler, July 23, 1825.

Cross Thomas, Southampton st., Covent garden, coach master, Nov. 21, 1826.

Crow James, Bedford street, Covent garden, tailor, March 1, 1831.

Davies William, King street, Covent garden, woollen draper, March 1, 1823.

Davis Joseph, Russell street, Covent garden, orange merchant, April 19, 1831.

Dawes William, Tavistock street, Covent garden, bookseller, May 24, 1839.

Dawson Charles, North row, Covent garden, fruiterer, April 26, 1839.

Dwyer James, New street, Covent garden, tailor, Dec. 12, 1826.

Easling James Crow, Chandos street, Covent garden, victualler, Feb. 3, 1832.

East Phillip, Tavistock street, Covent garden, bookseller, June 18, 1833.

Egling John Thompson, Gt. Russell st., Covent garden, victualler, Sept. 8, 1821.

Fairbairn John Francis, Bedford st., Covent garden, auctioneer, Feb. 25, 1826.

Farmer George Winyatt. Tavistock st., Covent Garden, jeweller, Nov. 14, 1834.

Gandar Joshua Darwin, Brydges st., Covent garden, victualler, Feb. 22, 1842.

Garcia Samuel, Brydges street, Covent Garden, shell ñshmonger, April 1, 1842

Gibbs John, Bedford street, Covent garden, man milliner, April 14, 1840.

Gilbert Thomas, Tavistock st., Covent garden, coal merchant, Jan. 21, 1826.

Gliddon Arthur, King street, Covent garden, tobacconist, May 17, 1823.

Goodwyn Geo. Norfolk, Tavistock row, Covent garden, perfumer, Oct. 7, 1834.

Gosden Thomas, Bedford street, Covent garden, book binder, June 13, 1826.

Gray Samuel, Rose street, Covent garden, baker, Dec. 8, 1835.

Green George, York street, Covent garden. woollen draper, Aug. 5, 1823

Grubb Alexander, Gt. Russell st., Covent garden, tavern keeper, Dec. 1, 1826.

Hardcastle William, Piazza, Covent garden, bookseller, Oct. 27, 1826.

Harris William, Southampton street, Covent garden, laceman, June 13, 1834.

Hayes Samuel, Henrietta street, Covent garden, bookseller, Oct. 23, 1827.

Hobley Simon, James street, Covent garden, boot & shoe maker, Feb. 7, 1824.

Hood John James, Southampton street, Covent garden, oilman, Sept. 5, 1826.

Hunt Henry Leigh; and Charles Cowden Clarke; York street, Covent garden, booksellers and publishers, April 17, 1829.

Jackson Jos., Tavistock street, Covent garden, man's mercer, Jan. 29, 1830.

Johnson William, Bedfordbury, Covent garden, draper, Dec. 4, 1824

Joy Robert, jun., Grand hotel, Covent garden, tavern keeper, June 19, 1832.

Kay Thomas, King street, Covent garden, linen draper, April 24, 1829.

Kieffer John Michael David, Southampton street, Covent garden, baker, Oct. 25, 1839.

Lee William, Charles at., Covent garden, theatrical dress maker, Feb. 22, 1823.

Lee William, Henrietta street, Covent garden. commission agent, May 7, 1833.

Macpherson Donald, Chandos street, Covent garden, victualler, Nov. 17, 1826.

Maugham William Tutt, King street, Covent garden, hatter, Feb. 14, 1832.

Merryweather William, Long Acre, Covent garden, coach maker, Mar. 14, 1826.

Morgan Francis, Long Acre, Covent Garden. linen draper May 15, 1838.

Mosely James, King street., Covent Garden, victualler, Sept. 22, 1826.

Muddell John, New street, Covent Garden, hosier, July 5, 1831.

Nicholson Samuel, New street, Covent Garden, cheesemonger, Jan. 30, 1827.

Nixey William, New street, Covent Garden, tailor and outfltter, July 13, 1827.

Norcott William, James street, Covent Garden, wine merchant, June 15, 1830.

Paiba Isaac, Great Russell street, Covent Garden, boot manuf., May 13, 1826.

Paris Alexander Andrew, Long Acre, Covent Garden, printer, Jan. 22, 1825.

Payne John Howard, York street, Covent Garden, bookseller, March 25, 1828.

Phillips John, Tavistock street, Covent Garden, draper, May 13, 1828.

Poynton James, Green Man, Covent Garden, victualler, April 4, 1834.

Raffan George, Covent Garden market, fruit salesman, Dec. 22, 1826

Rowley Joseph, New street, Covent Garden, shoe maker, June 21, 1823.

Regan John, Maiden lane, Covent Garden, victualler, Sept. 3, 1837.

Richardson Walter, King street, Covent Garden, wine merchant, July 7, 1835.

Roantree William, Long Acre, Covent Garden, coach builder, Nov. 25, 1834.

Robins Alfred, Tavistock street, Covent Garden, printer, Feb. 20, 1838.

Robottom John, James st., Covent Garden. coffee-house keeper, Sept. 10, 1830.

Rodwell Godfrey Bower, James st., Covent Garden, linen draper, Jan. 25, 1831 .

Russel David, Long Acre, Covent Garden, linen draper, Feb. 12, 1825.

Skelton John Hen., Chandos at., Covent Garden, warehouseman, June 14, 1831.

Smallwood William, Covent Garden Chambers, furniture dealer, Sept. 15, 1826.

Smart Josiah, Brydges street, Covent Garden, shell fishmonger, April 8, 1834.

Snow Thomas, New street, Covent Garden, grocer, Oct. 11, 1831.

Southbrook Edw. Chas., Covent Garden Chambers, merchant, March ‘22, 1823.

Spencer James Michael, Tavistock st., Covent Garden, draper, March 26, 184|.

Spratley William; and Joseph Johnson :Long Acre, and Rose street, Covent Garden, coach axle and blacking manufacturers, Feb. 16, 1827.

Statham George, Henrietta street, Covent Garden, tailor, April 4, 1834.

Stocklll James, Bedford street, Covent Garden, woollen draper, June 15, 1827.

Strudwicke William Henry, Covent Garden Market, fruiterer, Nov. б, 1827.

Tanner Joseph, Little Russell st.. Covent Garden, cordwainer, Oct. 14, 1831.

Thorpe Thomas, Bedford street, Covent Garden, bookseller, Dec. 31, 1825.

Tidmarsh George. Bow st., Covent Garden, coffee-house keeper, Oct. 14, 1831.

Tutin Ralph, Chandos street, Covent Garden, cheesemonger, Feb. 16, 1822.

Watson John, King street, Covent Garden, music master, Nov. 24, 1829.

Webster Henry, Bedford street, Covent Garden, manuf. of lamps, June 2,1840.

Wilson John, Maiden lane, Covent Garden. victualler, Feb. 12, 1833.

Wyatt Henry, York st., Covent Garden, lodging-house keeper, May 28. 1833.

Zeller George John, Charles street, Covent Garden, copper-plate printer, Jan. 10. 1826.


County: Middlesex
Civil Registration District: Strand
Probate Court: Court of the Archdeaconry of Middlesex
Diocese: London
Rural Deanery: Not created until 1858
Poor Law Union: Strand
Hundred: Westminster (Middlesex)
Province: Canterbury