Clerkenwell St James is an Ancient Parish in the county of Middlesex.

Alternative names: St James Clerkenwell

Other places in the parish include: Amwell, Pentonville, and Goswell Street.

Parish church: St James

Parish registers begin: 1561; Separate registers exist for Pentonville: 1790

Nonconformists include: Baptist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Countess of Huntingdon Methodist, Independent/Congregational, and Roman Catholic.

Parishes adjacent to Clerkenwell St James

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  • Clerkenwell St John
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Clerkenwell St James Burials

Clerkenwell St James Burials Mar 25 to May 29 1665


Mar. 25. Walter s. of Walter ffrumbord

Mar. 26. Bridget wife of Edward Robin

Mar. 26. Martha Roze

Mar. 28. Roberd Baker, from the Corporation

Mar. 29. Ritchard Powell, Esquire (Richard Powell is named in Blome’s List of Middlesex Gentry)

April 1. Widow Newman

April 2. Thomas Sparks

April 4. Hanah d. of Ephraime Bennit

April 6. Joseph s. of Athony [sic] Kooke

April 7. Blanch d. of John Talor

April 7 Ann d. of Allin Mannering

April 7. Dorothy wife of John Rodes

April 8. James Andrewes, Gentleman, in ye Chancell

April 8. Dennis d. [sic] of Thomas Edwards

April 9. Ann d. of John Lankford

April 10. Humphrey Bell

April 10. Martha d. of Jane Baker

April 11. Thomas Scott

April 11. John ffaushawer’s 3 small children,infants

April 14. John Klarke

April 17. Will’m Sumerton

April 24. Ritchard Carpinter, from the Corporation

April 24. Steeuen Gennings, houshoulder, Burd in ye Church

May 8. Hanah wife of Samuell Lee

May 8. Roberd Heath

May 10. Dyanna wife of Morris Jones

May 13. Hanah d. of John Bonner

May 15. William s. of Joel Neuell

May 17. Leuetenant Rowcastle

May 19. Elizabeth wife of John Peeters

May 22. Lyonell Craford

May 23. Ann d. of William Dod

May 23. Edward ffuller’s children, Crisoms

May 23. Elizabeth d. of Roberd Strand

May 23. Lawrans Towt

May 24. Henory s. of John Right, deseased

May 25. William s. of Mathew Paine

May 28. John Baily, a youth out of ye Workhouse

May 29. Sarah d. of Heuson neare Yerley’s [sic]

Source: The Registers of St. James Clerkenwell. Vol. IV. Burials 1551-1665. Published by The Harleian Society; London 1891.

Clerkenwell St James Burials June 1665

June 5. Henory s. of Michalle ffeather

June 5. Elizabeth ffippin

June 6. Mrs. Elizabeth Stonehouse, burd. in the Chancell

June 8. Alice Veale, from the Corporation

June 8. John Haslin, from the Corporation

June 8. William Harris, a Baly

June 11. [sic] Scellina d. of Edward Duehurrey

June 8. James Guillet

June 9. Margaret Gerie, widow

June 9. Mary wife of Edward Dawson

June 9. Mary d. of John Smart

June 10. Ann Houmes, a poore widdow

June 11. Jane wife of William Euens

June 12. William s. of William Klarke

June 13. Thomas Hackletone, one of Captin Winter’s souldiers

June 13. The da. of Allin Mason

June 15. Mary d. of Frances Poines, burd. in the Church

June 16. ffrances d. of Edward Walding

June 17. Mary d. of John Crawley

June 17. Mary Brewer, from Mr. Studley’s

June 18. Dorothy d. of Sarah Ellis, widow

June 18. John Canfield, a Pauior

June 19. Elizabeth d. of Ralph Rickets

June 19. John Bould

June 19. Rodger s. of Rodger Whitchurch

June 19. Elizabeth d. of George Gray

June 19. Elizabeth d. of Giles Pritchard

June 19. Ann d. of James Willet

June 19. Roberd s. of James Willet

June 20. Edward s. of ffrancis Makris [?]

June 20. Mary d. of Philip Horton

June 21. John s. of James Willet

June 21. David Jones, a brewer’s saruant

June 23. Heanory Creamor, out of the New Workhous

June 25. Humphrey Pales & Abraham Cross

June 26. Oliver s. of John Nickols & Mary Brumley

June 26. A male child from the Mairmaid & Jane Gellum

June 27. Laurance Meeors, an Antient man

June 27. Mary d. of Ralph Chapman

June 27. Ritchard s. of Ritchard Greene

June 27. Mary d. of John Such

June 28. Rodger s. of Walter Coleman

June 28. Beniamin s. of Walter Coleman

June 28. John s. of John Crawley

June 29. Sarah d. of Robert Porter and Nathaniell Winch

June 29 Elizabeth wife of Nathaniell Jones

June 29. William Canfield

June 30. Mary wife of John Newball

June 30. Mary wife of James ffloure

June 3 [sic, but query 30 ?] Elizabeth wife of Roberd Benson

June 3 [sic, but query 30 ?] Mary d. of Humphrey Bell

Source: The Registers of St. James Clerkenwell. Vol. IV. Burials 1551-1665. Published by The Harleian Society; London 1891.


  • County: Middlesex
  • Civil Registration District: Clerkenwell
  • Probate Court: Court of the Archdeaconry of London
  • Diocese: London
  • Rural Deanery: Not created until 1858
  • Poor Law Union: Clerkenwell
  • Hundred: Ossulstone (Finsbury Division)
  • Province: Canterbury

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