Clerkenwell, Middlesex Family History Guide

Parishes in Clerkenwell

  • Clerkenwell St James, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St John, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St Mark, Middlesex
  • Clerkenwell St Philip, Middlesex

Spa Fields Clerkenwell Handbook for London 1849

Spa Fields, Clerkenwell. A district covered with houses within the present century, and so called from a mineral spring of some celebrity in its day. Grimaldi, the clown, lived, in 1822, at No. 8, Exmouth-street, Spa-fields. The Spa-fields burying-ground became notorious in the year 1845, in consequence of the proprietors of the ground burning the bones and bodies of the dead, to make room for fresh interments. About 1350 bodies, it appeared, were annually interred there. Eight bodies, not unfrequently, were buried in one grave only 8 feet deep.

Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.

House of Correction Clerkenwell A Handbook for London 1849

“Such was the great encrease of Rogues and Vagabonds in London and Middlesex, that Bridewell could not contain them, nor imploy them, nor willingly receive any from the justices out of the County of Middlesex, because they held it contrary to the Charter of London, and the foundation of Bridewell; whereupon the Justices of Middlesex, by license from his Maiestie [sic] [James I.], builded a House of Correction for the County of Middlesex, neere unto the east-end of Clerkenwell Church, for the punishment and employment of sturdy Rogues and Vagabonds of the County of Middlesex, and for the furtherance of the said House, the City of London gave onto it five hundred pounds in money, to make a stock for the Employment of their Poore, and the Justices ordained two Masters and a Matron to govern the House. This was done this yeere 1615:” – Howes, p. 1023, ed. 1631.

There was a House of Correction in Tothill Fields in Charles II’s time. [See Hicks’s Hall.]

Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.


Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Akers John, Arlington street, Clerkenwell, broker, Jan 7, 1826.