Some of the corruptions and changes are of an extraordinary character. Candlewick-street has been corrupted into Cannon-street; St. Olave’s-street into Tooley-street; Shere-moniers-lane into Sermon-lane ; Canon-row into Channel-row ; Snore-hill into Snow-hill; Desmond-place into Deadman’s-place ; Mart-lane into Mark-lane; Strype’s-court (after the father of the historian) into Tripe-court; Knightengild-lane into Nightingale-lane ; Catte-street into Cateaton-street ; Fulwood’s-rents, in Holborn, into Fuller’s-rents; Birchover-lane into Birchin-lane ; Belzetter’s-lane into Billiter-lane ; Duck-lane, Little Britain, into Duke-street; Duke’s-Foot-lane into Duck’s-Foot-lane ; Hammes and Guynes into Hangman’s-gains; Basinghall Ward into Bassishaw Ward; Lomesbury into Bloomsbury; Blanch Apleton into Blind-Chapel-court ; Christ Church into Cree Church; Rotherhithe into Red-riff ; Buries Marks into Bevis Marks; Gisor’s Hall into Gerard’s Hall ; the sign of the Bacchanals into the Bag-of-Nails ; the sign of the Swan-with-two-Nicks into the Swan-with-two-Necks ; the “Mercurius is der Goden Boode,” of the Dutch legend, into the Goat-and-Boots ; Bosom’s Inn into Blossom’s Inn; the God-Encompasseth-us, of the Commonwealth Arms, into the Goat-and-Compasses.

The changes have been equally curious. Chick-lane, Newgate-street, was made into Stinking-lane, then into Butcher-Hall-lane, and is now King-Edward-street ; Hog-lane, Aldgate, was new-named Petticoat-lane, and is now Rosemary-lane ; Shire-lane, Fleet-street, so called from dividing the city from the shire, is now Lower Searle’s-place; Hog-lane, St. Giles’s, is now Crown-street; and Hog-lane, Shoreditch, is now Worship-street; Bagnio-court, Newgate-street, is now Bath-street ; Grub-street is now Milton-street ; Monmouth-street is now Dudley-street; Leg-alley, Long Acre, is now Langley-court; Water-lane, Fleet-street, is now Whitefriars-street; Cateaton-street is now Gresham-street; Charles-street, Covent Garden, is now Upper Wellington-street; Hartshorn-lane, Strand, is now Northumberland-street; Spur-alley, Strand, is now Craven-street; Spurrier-row, near Ludgate, is now Creed-lane ; Foul-lane, Southwark, is now York-street; Dyot-street, St. Giles’s, is now George-street; Petty France is now York-street; and the notorious Lewknors-lane is now Charles-street.
Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.

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