Coffee, &c., in London. The best cup of coffee to be had in London is at the Cigar Divan, No. 102, Strand. You pay 1s. to enter the Divan, which will entitle you to a cup of coffee and cigar, and the privileges of the room, the newspapers, chess, &c. Coffee may be had good at Verrey’s, corner of Hanover-street, Regent-street, at 6d. a cup; and still better at Groom’s, No. 16, Fleet-street, for only 3d. (Ask for a small cup.) For ices, go to Gunter’s in Berkeley-square, and Grange’s in Piccadilly, over against Bond-street, and for cool drinks to Sainsbury’s, No. 177, Strand. The best buns are to be had at Birch’s in Cornhill, and at Caldwell’s in the Strand.

Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.

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