Aldgate (Ward of). One of the 26 wards of London, and so called from Aldgate, a gate or postern in the City wall towards the east. General Boundaries. – Bevis Marks and Duke’s Place: Crutched Friars: the Minorities: St. Mary Axe and Lime-street. Before the Reformation the main feature in the ward was the Priory of the Holy Trinity, called Christ’s Church; founded by Matilda, queen of Henry I. See Duke’s Place. There are three parish churches: – 1. St. Catherine Cree, or Christ Church; 2. St. Andrew Undershaft; 3. St. Catherine Coleman; and, in Stow’s time, there were three Halls of Companies: – 1. The Bricklayers’ Hall; 2. The Fletcher’s Hall; 3. The Ironmongers’ Hall. The East India House is in this ward.

Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.

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