Aldgate Pump, Aldgate High Street.

“The principal street of this ward [Aldgate Ward] beginneth at Aldgate, stretching west to sometime a fair well, where now a pump is placed. “ – Stow, p. 52.

The Bailiff of Romford in Essex was executed in 1549 on a gibbet near “to the well within Aldgate.” “I heard the words of the prisoner,” says Stow, “for he was executed upon the pavement of my door where I then kept house. “ – Stow, p. 55.

“’A draft (draught) on Aldgate Pump,’ a mercantile phrase for a bad note.” – Fielding’s Works, (Essay on the Character of Men), viii. 172.

Close to the Pump, and beneath the pavement of the street, is a curious chapel or crypt, part, it is said, of the church of St. Michael, Aldgate.

Source: A Handbook for London, Past and Present. Peter Cunningham. Published by John Murray 1849.

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