Alford Lincolnshire Universal British Directory 1791

Alford is situated about 6 miles from the sea; 25 miles N. E. from Boston; and 142 from London. It has a market on Tuesday; and two fairs in the year, viz. Whitsun-Tuesday; and the 8th day of November. Post days, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here are two inns. A waggon from Louth and London on Tuesday and Thursday.

The principal seats near Alford are, Well, 1 mile, the seat of Samuel Dashwood, Esq. Throesby, 4 miles N. the seat of Willoughby Wood, Esq. Claxby Grove, 4 miles S. the residence of – More, Esq. Willoughby, 2 miles, seat of the Rev. G. Bouyer. The following are its inhabitants:

Gentlemen, &c.

Andrews Henry, Esq. (F.)

Andrews John, Esq. (F.)

Fields Richard, Esq.

Key John, Esq.

Key Mrs. Widow, (F.)

Wayett Edmund, Esq.

Wayett Thomas, Esq. (F.)


Colston Rev. Henry

Ellis Rev. William, A. M. Master of the Grammar School

Eskrige Rev. — , Vicar of Markby

Pennington Rev. Thomas

Wavett, Rev. Thomas Herson, Vicar of Maltby

Wilson Rev.

Willoughby Rev. William, Vicar of Alford


Bennet Samuel, Surgeon & Apothecary

Goe -, Surgeon and Apothecary

Hewer John, Apothecary

Mulie , Surgeon and Apothecary


Carnley William, Attorney.

Traders, &c.

Aicock Thomas, Schoolmaster

Artindale Thomas, Butcher

Atkin William, Seedsman & Gardener

Barsley Robert, Carrier

Brayam Richard, Blacksmith

Buckton George, Sadler

Brown Humphry, (F.) Baker

Brown Widow, Victualler, Three Tuns

Bradley T. Steward to Col. Manners

Bontoft John, Victualler, Bull’s Head

Caborn John, Peruke-maker

Cary Richard, Farmer

Cash Thomas, Shoe-maker

Caldicott Richard, Butcher

Cutchbert George, Grocer

Colvil John, Clock-maker

Craft Elizabeth, fellmonger

Coates Thomas, Schoolmaster

Donaldson Robert, Taylor

Dales Simeon, Mason

Emerson John, Draper

Fell William, Carpenter and Auctioneer

Flint Richard, Victualler, & Peruke-maker

Foster William, Bricklayer and Mason

Gilby John, (F.) Maltster

Griffith -, Victualler, the Wind Mill

Goodwin Charles, (F.) Malster and Coal Merchant

Goose John, (F.) Cooper

Hadwick William, Baker

Hanford J. Victualler George & Dragon

Haram Walter, Shoe-maker

Harpham M. Collar-maker & Sadler

Heaton Samuel, Stay-maker

Jackson William, (F.) Wheelwright

Jackson John, Wheelwright

Kelk Francis, Butcher

Kingston William, Custom-house Officer

Laughton Holland, Victualler, Red Lion

Lill John, sen. Baker

Lill Edward, Baker

Lucas Rd. (F.) Manufacturer of Wool

Lyne George, Breeches-maker

Mackinder J. Victualler, Stag’s Head

Milner Joseph, Fellmonger

Mountain William, Plumber

Pape John, Taylor

Pearson George, Blacksmith

Pearson Widow, (F.) Shoe-maker

Place Dover Thomas, Butcher

Reynoldson R. Victualler, White Horse

Rockcliff John, Victualler, the Anchor

Row Valentine, Excise Officer

Sanderson Michael, Excise Officer

Springer Peter, Victualler, White Hart

Stainton Thomas, Draper

Slight Thomas, sen. Taylor, Auctioneer, and Merchant

Slight Thomas, jun. Taylor, & Common Brewer

Surfleet William, jun. Weaver

Surfleet Wm. Victualler, Horse Shoes

Taylor Wm. Draper & Hardware-man

Trolley William, Breeches-maker

Wilson William, Shoe-maker

Wright William, Hardware-man

Wilkinson William, Currier

Wilkinson James, Shoe-maker

Whitworth James, Tallow Chandler

Wood Cary, Cabinet-maker

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.