The following is a list of the principal inhabitants:


Allen Mrs. widow

Bolton Richard

Coleman Henry, Esq. (F.)

French Mrs. widow

Hands John, (F.)

Maior William, Esq. (F.)

Parry Mrs. widow

Taylor Mrs. widow

Walker Mrs. widow


Farrer Rev. Richard

Gill Rev. George, Dissenting Minister

Vardy Rev. Edward

Wartnaby Rev. Thomas


Allen Charles, (F.) Surgeon

Goodwin John, Surgeon

Heygate R. B. Surgeon

Shuttleworth Nathaniel, Surgeon


Adams Poynts Owsley, (F.) Attorney

Burford John, (F.) Attorney

Parry Hugh, Attorney

Sprigg William, (F.) Attorney, and Agent to the Royal Exchange Assurance-office

Wartnaby and Son, (F.) Attorneys

Wartnaby William, jun. Attorney

Traders, &c.

Allen Richard, Hair-dresser

Andrews and Son, (F.) Drapers, Factors, and Manufacturers

Ashton John, Victualler (George)

Atkins John, (F.) Draper

Austin William, Grocer and Tinman

Bale Joseph, Hair-dresser

Bates Thomas, Watch-maker

Bayley Joseph, (F.) Victualler (Lamb)

Bayley M. Victualler, (Red Cow)

Beardmore Robert, Post-master

Benton George, Proprietor of Coaches

Berry John, Hosier and Stationer

Biggs W. Gardener

Birch William, Brazier

Birtles John, Clock and Watch-maker

Blount Thomas, (F.) Sadler

Booth John, Victualler, (Nag’s Head)

Bosworth Robert, Upholsterer
Brafield John, Tammy-weaver

Brown John, Dealer in Tammies

Brown George, Taylor

Buirch John, (F.) Grocer

Bull Thomas, (F.) Grocer

Burton Richard, Furrier

Burdett Richard, Bricklayer

Burdett Edward, Blacksmith

Buswell Thomas, Stay-maker

Cammack Mary, Mantua-maker

Carter Christ. Plumber and Glazier

Chater Matthew, (F.) Butcher

Clark William, Painter

Clarke John, Draper

Clipsham Dennis, Hatter and Hosier

Cooke Thomas, (F.) Sadler

Cooke Ebenezer, Taylor

Compere John, Shoemaker

Cooper Richard, (F.) Victualler

Cooper Thomas, Grocer

Cotton and Gurden, Drapers

Davies J. Hair-dresser and Perfumer

Dawson John, (F.) Farrier

Dawson Thomas, Grocer and Druggist

Docker James, Draper

Falkner William, Wool-comber

Foster Richard, (F.) Brick-maker

Fox Richard, (F.) Stay-maker

Frisby Francis, Sieve and Basket-maker

Fryer Joseph, Worsted-maker

Garner Thomas, Draper

Gibson John, Earthen-ware Dealer

Goodman James, Grazier

Goodman William, Breeches-maker

Goodwin Thomas, (F.) Woolstapler

Green Tobias, (F.) Flax-dresser

Green Thomas, (F.) Butcher

Green John, Flax-dresser

Green William and Henry, Woolstaplers

Gurney Edmund, Victualler

Hallick Robert, Gunsmith and Cutler

Hallick Thomas, (F.) Gunsmith

Hamshaw William, Cabinet-maker

Hand M. Soap-boiler & Tallow-chandler

Harbart George, Sadler

Harding John, Draper

Harding A. School-mistress

Harrod William, Printer, Bookbinder, Bookseller, and Stationer

Haseldine Thomas, (F.) Breeches-maker

Hill Thomas, Bell Inn

Hill William, Grocer

Hind William, (F.) Currier

Holloway Geo. Victualler, (Peacock)

How Richard, (F.) Factor and Dealer in Tammies

Hughes John, (F.) Draper and Broker

Hunt John, Victualler, and Excise-office

Harlbut John, (F.) Maltster

Inkersole Thomas, (F.) Ironmonger

Jimson William, Victualler

Katterns Jonathan, Baker

Katterns Joseph, Baker

Kendall William, Breeches-maker

Kendall John, Carpenter

Lenton Samuel, Horse-dealer

Letts Joseph, (F.) Grazier

Lewin Lebbeus, Smith and Farrier

Marshall Jn. Glover and Breeches-maker

Martin John, (F.) Cabinet-maker

Martin Henry, Carpenter

Moore Edmund, Carpenter

Munton J. Victualler, (Angel)

Mutton John, Butcher

Nixon Tho. Stay and Mantua-maker

Oliver Thomas, Baker

Oswin David, (F.) Victualler

Palmer Wm. (F.) Victualler, (Swans)

Parker Edward, Hair-dresser

Parry Elizabeth, Milliner

Payne and Pots, Blacksmiths

Pearson S. Shopkeeper and Mantua-maker

Petteser Thomas, Boot and Shoemaker

Platt Ambrose, Slater

Platt William, Plasterer

Pulford William, (F.) Stone-mason

Ratten Thomas, Grocer

Rouse Rowland, Draper, Auctioneer, and Commissioner for taking Special Bail in the Courts of King’s Bench and Common Pleas

Russell Benjamin, Shoemaker

Russell Thomas, Shoemaker

Samuel Abraham, Silversmith

Sanderson Thomas, Grocer

Scott Joseph, (F.) Wheelwright

Scott Thomas, Plumber

Sheppard W. (F.) Baker

Sheppard Thomas, Victualler, (Sun)

Slater Wm. Maltster and Brick-maker

Smith Samuel, Victualler, (Fox)

Smith John, (F.) Collar-maker

Smith Samuel, (F.) Cooper

Smith Tho. Glover and Breeches-maker

Stapleford Geo. (F.) Dealer in Timber

Stevenson Steward, Victualler, (Crown)

Sully Joseph, Taylor

Sutton Benj. (F.) Grocer and Chandler

Taylor Thomas, Shoemaker

Tew Elizabeth, Milliner

Thornton Joseph, (F.) Tanner

Timson H. Wine and Brandy-dealer

Timson Holmes, jun. Tallow-chandler

Tompson William, Bricklayer

Ward S. Victualler, (Should of Mutton)

Wilson Andrew, (F.) Seedsman

Wood John, (F.) Tammy and Lasting-maker

Woodcock Thomas, Carpenter

Woodford Benjamin, (F.) Baker

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 3.

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