Sarnesfield is an Ancient Parish in the county of Herefordshire.

Parish church: All Saints

Parish registers begin: 1755

Nonconformists include: Roman Catholic

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Parish History

The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales 1870

SARNESFIELD, a parish in Weobly district, Hereford; 2 miles WSW of Weobly, and 2¾ N E of Kinnersley r. station. Post-town, Weobly, Herefordshire. Acres, 1,256. Real property, £1,570. Pop., 120. Houses, 28. The manor belongs to J. Arkwright, Esq. The living is a rectory in the diocese of Hereford. Value, £203. Patron, T. Monington, Esq. The church is Norman, and was recently restored.

Source: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A. Fullarton & Co. N. d. c. [1870-72].

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1845

Sarnesfield (All Saints), a parish, in the union of Weobley, hundred of Wolphy, county of Hereford, 2 ½ miles (W by S) from Weobley, containing 108 inhabitants. It comprises by computation 1186 acres, of which the substratum contains stone quarried for the roads. The living is a discharged rectory, valued in the king’s books at £5. 6. 8.; net income, £203; patron, Thomas Mornington, Esq.: the glebe comprises 46 acres, with a house. The church is a small ancient structure.

Source: A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis Fifth Edition Published London; by S. Lewis and Co., 13, Finsbury Place, South. M. DCCC. XLV.


Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Preece Thomas. Lye court. Sarnesfield, Herefordshire, farmer, Nov. 23, 1830.

Parish Registers


Sarnesfield Baptisms 1875 to 1897

May 16. Hannah Jane, d. of Benjamin and June Thomas, Hacklyt Common, Gamekeeper.
July 19. John, son of Richard and Jane Davies, Little Woodmanton, Labourer.
July 25. Mary Jane, d. of Thomas and Susanna Skyrme, Woodmanton, Farmer.
Oct. 31. Bessy, d. of John and Elizabeth Williams, The Pound, Labourer.

Feb. 20. Edwin, son of William and Elizabeth Chamberlayne, Labour in Vain, Labourer.
Oct. 8. Thomas, son of Thomas and Charlotte Evans, Leather Mill, Weobley, Labourer.
Dec. 24. Edward Joseph Scott, son of Edward and Ethel Dudley, Bishop’s Stortford, Civil Engineer.
Dec. 31. Alice Jane, d. of Joseph and Elizabeth Griffiths, Little Woodmanton, Labourer.

Jan. 14. Joseph, son of Thomas and Susanna Skyrme, Woodmanton, Farmer.

March 28. Agnes Mary, d. of Thomas and Elizabeth Williams, Pound Cottage, Labourer.
Aug. 11. Emma, d. of William and Elizabeth Chamberlain, Little Woodmanton, Labourer.

Feb. 17. Florence Louisa, illegit d. of Mary Cheese, The Pound, spinster.
June 19. Fanny Elizabeth, d. of Thomas and Ann Cartwright, The Meer, Labourer.
Sept. 5. Clara Edith, d. of George and Eliza Edwards, Green Lane, Labourer.
Oct. 24. George, son of Charles and Mary Badger, Hackluyt Common, Game Keeper.
Dec. 5. Enoch William, son of William and Elizabeth Chamberlain, The Pound, Labourer.

Nov. 6. Thomas, son of Charles and Mary Badger, Hacklyt Common, Game Keeper.

March 4. Alice Maud, d. of George and Mary Edwards, Green Lane, Labourer.
April 1. Hannah Elizabeth, d. of Edward and Hannah Wellings, Labourer.
April 22. William, son of Thomas and Mary Cartwright, Hallaston, Labourer.
July 24. Edith, d. of Charles and Mary Badger, The Common, Game Keeper.

April 20. William, son of George and Sarah Clarke, Garden House, Sarnesfield Court, Gardener.
Nov. 23. Annie, d. of James and Eliza Williams, Ferney Common, Labourer.

March 15. Alfred William, son of George and Mary Edwards, Green Lane, Labourer.
June 14. Martha Ann, d. of Thomas and … Cartwright, The Pound, Labourer.

May 23. William, son of James and Eliza Williams, Ferney Common, Labourer.

June 28. John Frederick Arthur, son of William Sampson and Constance Trotter, Sarnesfield Court, Gent.
Nov. 20. Charles Ernest, son of John and Caroline Jones, The Pound, Groom.
Oct. 16. Agnes Ann, d. of George and Mary Edwards, The Mere, Labourer.
Nov. 15. Ann, d. of Samuel and … Morris, The Pound, Carpenter.

May 6. Edith Mary, d. of James and Eliza Williams, Ferney Common, Labourer.
June 17. Charlotte Mary, d. of William and Ann Jenkins, Norton Canon, Farmer.

Jan. 5. Annie Edith, d. of John and Caroline Jones, The Pound, Groom.

Aug. 31. Arthur Reginald, son of William and Ann Jenkins, Norton Canon, Farmer.

March 1. Georgina Dowding, d. of Edward and Mary-anne Rees, the Batch, Farmer.
May 10. Mary Anne, d. of James and Mary Anne Traylor [sic], Brickyard Cottage, Labourer.
Aug. 30. John Charles, son of George and Mary Edwards, Pound Cottage, Labourer

Jan. 31. Jack Newman, son of John and Caroline Jones, The Pound, Groom.
April 17. Ethel Dowding, d. of Edward and Mary-anne Rees, The Batch, Farmer.
Oct. 16. Arthur Robert, son of Ada and Thomas Brown, The Pound, Game keeper.

June 8. Isabel, d. of … Cole, Little Woodmanton, Labourer.

March 14. Thomas Worran, son of Thomas Worran and Ada Brown, Gamekeeper.

Sarnesfield Burials 1813 to 1824

Dec. 14. William Panting, Meer. Age 34.

March 9. Lucy, dau. of William and Mary Blount, M.D., Hereford. Age 6 weeks.
Sept. 18. Mary Baynham, Meer. Age 54.
Dec. 15. Thomas Ricketts, Batch. Age 28.

March 28. William Panting, son of Ann Panting, Widow, Meer. Age 1 year.
May 2. Joseph Prosser, Meer. Age 73.
July 6. Edward Stephens, Woodmanton. Age 42.
July 22. Elizabeth Leek, Weobley. Age 14.

Jan. 17. Revd. Roger Powell, Vicar of Lionshall. Age 76.
July 26. Eliza, Daughter of William and Margaret Stephens, Meer. Age 3 weeks.
Sept. 19. Joseph Stephens, Woodmanton. Age 35.
Dec. 17. John Preece, Holme’s Marsh. Age 88.

Jan. 5. James, son of James and Elizabeth Prosser, Meer. Age 9 months.
Feb. 27. Samuel, son of John and Ann Hall, Hopley’s Green, Almeley. Age 1 year.
Oct. 4. Eleanor Stephens, Woodmanton. Age 72.

Jan. 29. William Ricketts, Batch. Age 78.
April 12. Mary Daughter of James and Mary Payne, Hackney Common. Age 3 months.

[No Burials recorded in transcript.]

Jan. 4. Mary Bagnall, Old Radnor. Age 85.
Feb. 13. Margaret Arthur, Puddings Green. Age 82.
June 11. Elizabeth Crompton, Newchurch. Age 43.

Jan. 17. Emma Ricketts, Batch. Age 28.
April 30. John, son of John and Mary Wall, Court. Age 11 months.

May 27. Mary Wall, Court. Age 28.
July 11. William Adams, Batch. Age 11.
Dec. 28. Caroline, Daughter of John and Ann Hall, Woonton. Age 8 months.

Aug. 29. Thomas Hall, Ferney Common. Age 90.
Oct. 17. John Webbe Weston, Esq., Sarnesfield Court. Age 70.
Dec. 6. Richard, son of James and Elizabeth Posser, Meer. Age 13.

Feb. 4. Sarah, Daughter of John and Ann Hall, Woonton, Age 3 months.
March 9. Richard Stephens, Woodmanton. Age 53.
March 30. Mary Batthoes. Age 70.

Sarnesfield Burials 1825 to 1849

June 3. Joseph, son of Nicholas & Margaret Cottar, Kington. Infant
Sept. 16. Jane Smith, Meer. Age 60.
Oct. 18. Ann Powell, relict of the Revd. Roger Powell, Lionshall. Age 92.
Nov. 26. Catharine, Dr of John & Ann Hall, Woonton. Infant.
Dec. 17. Ann Ricketts, Batch. Age 66.

[No Burials recorded in transcript.]

Jan. 30. John Ricketts, Woodmanton. Age 82.
March 8. Richard Nott, Meer. Age 35.
Aug. 4. John Wall, Batch. Age 42.

March 20. Sarah Lucas, Hallaston. Age 74.

Feb. 27. Hannah, Daughter of David and Ann Davis, Labour in Vain. Age 6.
March 22. James, Son of John & Ann Hall, Almeley. Age 10 months.
March 30. Catherine Carpenter, Headland, Dilwyn. Age 79.
Oct. 7. William Hiscox, Batch. Age 78.

Jan. 31. Milbrow Chapman, Meer. Age 73.

Jan. 4. Joseph Bagnall, Leominster, Age 54.
April 30. William Batthoes. Meer. Age 78.
Nov. 14. Thomas Pope, Birley Hill. Age 31.
Nov. 15. John Hall, Buck, Woonton. Age 59.
Dec. 29. Sarah, Daughter of William and Ann Preece, Meer. Age 3.

Oct. 17. John, Son of Richard & Mary Colcomb, Meer. Infant.

April 9. William Wall, Batch. Age 19.
Sept. 16. Ester Davies, Meer. Age 92.

May 9. Richard, son of Richard & Mary Carpenter, Croom’s House, Pembridge. Infant.
July 6. Mary Evans, Meer. Age 78.

May 18. Jane Powell, the wife of the Revd. D. P. Powell. Age 72.
Sept. 7. James Prosser, Meer. Age 27.

Feb. 9. Samuel Stephens, Woonton. Age 60.
May 16. William, Son of Richard & Mary Carpenter, Croom’s House, Pembridge. Infant.
Nov. 6. Joseph, son of John & Sarah Kimley, Hackney Common. Infant.

April 9. Ann Leek, Weobley. Age 90.

April 6. Charles, son of John & Mary Taylor. Hackney Common. Age 2.
Dec. 31. George Davies, Labour in Vain. Age 13.

May 31. John Prosser, Meer. Age 71.
Nov. 10. Benjamin Evans, Meer. Age 81.

Oct. 7. William Delahay, Meer. Age 21.

Feb. 5. Eleanor Batthurst, Meer. Age 39.
Aug 8. John Davies, Labour in Vain. Age 26.
Nov. 4. Margaret Watkins, Hallaston. Age 56.

Jan. 12. Maria Preece, Weobley Workhouse. Age 64.
March 26. Preece Evans, Green Lane. Age 79.
July 6. William Watkins, Hallaston. Age 20.
July 10. Joseph Probert, Puddings Green. Age 26.
Sept. 17. George Adams, Meer. Age 20.

March 16. James Edward Cook, Broxwood, Pembridge. Age 10.
April 12. James Probart. Age 9 months.
April 28. Richard Probart. Age 80.

March 15. Elizabeth Prosser, Woonton. Age 69.
March 19. Mary Dellahay, Mear. Age 23.

June 12. Elizabeth Bagnall, Leominster. Age 73.
June 30. Mary Ann Worgan, The Mear. Age 8 months.

Jan. 11. James Pain, Hacklett Common, Sarnesfield. Age 62.
March 16. James Ricketts, Pembridge, Age 56.
April 30. Sarah Preece, The Meer. Age 7 months.
May 29. John Smith, The Meer. Age 80.

July 8. James Bowen, Union Workhouse, Weobley. Age 56.
Sept. 1. John Preece, The Mere. Age 9 months.

Aug. 9. Anne Preece, The Mere. Age 23.
Oct. 23. Thos. Preece, The Mere. Age 15.

July 9. Thomas Winson, Weobley Union Workhouse. Age 36.
Nov. 3. John Adams, The Mere. Age 86.

Sarnesfield Burials 1850 to 1874

May 18. Margaret Ardern, Dilwyn. Age 67
Oct. 2. Mary Prosser, Pembridge. Age 74.
Nov. 23. Anne Hall, Ferney Common, Almeley. Age 86.

Feb. 28. George Worgin, The Mere. Age 1 day.
March 15. Elizabeth Preece, The Mere. Age 22.
Oct. 3. Daniel P. Powell, Clerk, Townsend, Dilwyn. Age 87.

Jan. 31. John Delahay. Age 65
Feb. 17. Thomas Merrick, Norton Canon. Age 54.

April 16. James Probert, The Pound, Sarnesfield. Age 91.

Dec. 28. Susan Woodhouse, The Mere, Sarnesfield. Infant.

April 18. Mary Delahay, The Pound, Sarnesfield. Age 64.
July 20. Elizabeth Adams, The Mere, Sarnesfield. Age 77.

April 9. John Williams, Weobley. Age 27.

Feb. 8. Jane Pember, Batch Cottage. Age 24.
Aug. 25. Ann Hall, Lower Stocks, Almeley. Age 75.
Sept. 19. Thomas Monington Webbe Weston, Esqr., Sarnesfield Court. Age 67.
Oct. 26. James Prosser, Almeley. Age 79.

May 30. John Jones, Hacklyt Common. Age 15.

[No Recorded Burials]

Jan. 27. William Preece, The Mere. Age 66.
[No date, but probably in 1858.] George Delahay, the Pound Cottages.
Feb. 27. Elizabeth Smith, Pembridge. Age 24.
Feb. 27. John Smith, Pembridge. Age 21.
March 11. Thomas Smith, Pembridge. Age 14.
April 2. Eleanor Ferrar, Llanddew near Brecon. Age 75.
May 9. James Evans, The Mere. Infant.
June 21. Thomas Smith, Pembridge. Age 64.

[No Recorded Burials.]

July 3. James Delahay, Weobley Union Workhouse. Age 20 days.
July 21. Rees Lloyd, Clerk, Townsend Dilwyn. Age 60.
Aug. 23. Ann Mapp, The Rectory House. Age 18.

Dec. 20. Ann Preece, Gorsty Hall, Almeley. Age 73.

Sept. 8. Beatrice Mary Salvin, Sarnesfield Court. Age 7.

July 13. Agnes Dudley, Sarnesfield Rectory. Age 20.
Oct. 25. David Davies, Labourer in Vain, Sarnesfield. Age 81.

Feb. 24. Eliza Margaret Dudley, Sarnesfield Rectory. Age 16.

[No Recorded Burials]

[No Recorded Burials]

April 28. Elizabeth Jones, Logaston. Age 19.
May 30. Elizabeth Howells, Kinnersley. Age 10.
June 2. Mary Howells, Kinnersley. Age 15.

[No Recorded Burials]

Jan. 13. Elizabeth Ricketts, Almeley. Age 80.

[No Recorded Burials]

Jan. 7. John Skyrme, Woodmanton, Sarnesfield. Age 49.
June 24. Susan Ensoll, Hallaston, Sarnesfield. Age 40.
Sept. 20. Frances Jones, Swansea. Age 52.
Oct 14. Ann Merrick, Bodenham. Age 83.

Feb. 26. Mary Jane Pember Norton Canon. Age 17.

Sarnesfield Burials 1875 to 1897

June 11. Ann Skyrme, Woodmanton, Sarnesfield, Age 78.

March 8. Richard Skyrme, Woodmanton. Age 84.
May 9. Jane Worthing, Ferney Common, Almeley. Age 61.
Nov. 23. John Taylor, Hackluyt Common. Age 81.
Dec. 20. Eleanor Hall, Hereford. Age 69.

Oct. 10. Frank Adams, The Meer, from Union Workhouse. Age 75.

April 4. Agnes Mary Williams, The Pound Cottage. Age 2 weeks.
April 8. Ann Davies, Ferney Common, Almeley. Age 67.
April 30. Fanny Cartwright, The Mere. Age 41.
Aug. 14. Ann Prosser, The Mere. Age 83.
Nov. 19. Thomas Prosser, The Mere. Age 61.

June 1. Alfred Evans, The Mere. Age 7.
Oct. 15. Mary Jones, Hackluyt Common. Age 66.

Jan. 17. Jane Chester, Union Workhouse, Weobley. Age 63.
Jan. 22. Ann Elizabeth Jones, Bodenham. Age 60.
March 10. Florence Louisa Cheese, The Pound. Age 1 month.
Aug. 10. John Evans, The Mere. Age 19.

Jan. 14. Lloyd Price, Woodmanton. Age 89.
March 8. Thomas Davies, Labourer in Vain. Age 66.
May 28. James Thomas, Union Workhouse, Weobley.
Aug. 21. Edward Davies, Ferney Common. Age 79.

Feb. 11. Mary Cartwright, The Birches, Eardisland. Age 8 days.

July 16. Jane Dorothy Lloyd, Townsend Dilwyn. Age 80.
Aug. 20. Timothy Jones, Hackluyt Common. Age 67.
Nov. 29. Mary Anne Eliza Edwards, Green Lane. Age 7.

Oct. 20. Edward Merrick, Weobley. Age 37.
Nov. 20. Mary Payne, The Common. Age 93.

Nov. 2. Jessie Williams, The Pound. Age 16.

Feb. 6. Thomas Merrick, Weobley. Age 56.

[No recorded Burials]

May 8. Sarah Powell, Union Workhouse, Weobley. Age 86.

Jan. 1. Eliza Lane Dudley, Rectory. Age 74.
Aug. 13. Alice Maud Edwards, Logaston. Age 6.
Dec. 14. Mary Anne Davis, Union Workhouse. Age 67.

March 31. John Williams. Age 20.
July 28. Annie Blanch May Stokes. Age 2 months.
May 8. Mary Evans, The Mere. Age 60.

Jan. 14. Caroline Emily Marshall, Onslow Gardens, London. Age 48.
Oct. 2. Jane Stokes, Pembridge. Age 28.

[No Recorded Burials]

April 6. William Cartwright, Woonton. Age 27.
April 22. Elizabeth Gardiner, The Mere. Age 28.

Feb. 26. Sarah Adams, The Mere. Age 84.
Feb. 2. James Payne, Hackluyt Common. Age 66. (But vide his baptm. 6 July, 1822. This shows he was 72).
Oct. 1. Joseph Dudley, Rector, Rectory. Age 85.
Dec. 27. Mary Howells, Woonton, Almeley. Age 66.

March 28. Mary Taylor, Hackluyt Common. Age 98.
July 7. Clara Edith Edwards, Ferney Common, Almeley. Age 15.
July 11. Henry Milward. Age 65.

Feb. 27. William Merrick, Weobley. Age 41.

Feb. 4. Forster Lewis, The Rectory. Age 64. (Rector of Sarnesfield)
March 15. Lydia Cole. Woodmanton Cottage. Age 43.


Sarnesfield Cassey Directory of Herefordshire 1858

Sarnesfield is a parish, 12 miles north-north-west from Hereford railway station, 10 from Leominster railway station, and 7 from Kington, in Wolphy Hundred, Weobley Union, Kington polling district, and Hereford archdeaconry and bishopric; it is situated on the road from Hereford to Kington and Aberystwith. The church is a very ancient stone building in the Early English and Norman styles; was repaired about 1853; has tower, nave, side aisle, chancel, three bells, and porch containing several monuments. The living is a rectory, worth £194 yearly, with residence and 47 acres of glebe land, in the gift of Thomas Monington Webb Weston, Esq.

The churchyard contains the tombstone of John Abel, the celebrated architect of the Market Houses of Hereford, Leominster, Kington, Brecon, and Weobley, who died in the year 1694, aged 97. This stone displays his own effigies, kneeling, with those of his two wives, and the emblems of his profession, the rule, the compass, and the square; it was designed and sculptured by himself; the epitaph was also his own composition, and runs thus :-

This craggy stone a covering is for an Architector’s bed;
That lofty buildings raised high, yet now lyes low his head;
His line and rule, so death concludes, are locked up in store;
Build they who list, or they who wist, for he can build no more.
His house of clay could hold no longer,
May heaven’s joy frame him a stronger.
John Abel.
Vive ut vivas in wham aeternam.

The population, in 1851, was 135, and the acreage is 1,256. The soil is a strong loam on a clay subsoil. John Arkwright, Esq., is lord of the manor; and R. W. Eastwick, Esq., and Thomas Monington Webb Weston, Esq., are chief landowners.

Letters through Hereford. The nearest money order office is at Weobley.

Brace Thomas, farmer, Bach
Dudley Rev. Joseph, B.A.
Matthews Thomas, farmer, Hallstone
Skyrme Richard, farmer, Woodmonton [sic]
Weaver Thomas, farmer, Middle Sarnesfield
Woodhouse Thomas, carpenter, joiner, and parish clerk, Meer

Source: Edward Cassey & Co.: History, Topography, and Directory of Herefordshire. Printed by William Bailey, 107, Fishergate 1858.

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  • County: Herefordshire
  • Civil Registration District: Weobley
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Hereford (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Hereford
  • Rural Deanery: Weobley
  • Poor Law Union: Weobley
  • Hundred: Wolphy
  • Province: Canterbury