Bromyard Universal Directory 1791

Near the river Frome, 124 miles from London, near the mid-way between Hereford and Worcester, stands in a country full of orchards.  It has a market on Monday, and fairs on Thursday before March 25, May 3, Whit-Monday, on the Thursday before St. James’s-day, and on the Thursday before October 29.
The post goes through Bromyard to and from London every day.  A coach from London through Bromyard every Wednesday evening; and returns every Friday morning.  A wagon from Bromyard to Worcester, every Tuesday and Friday, to Hereford and South Wales.  Another wagon through Bromyard to London, every Monday; and returns every Thursday to Leominster.
The following are the principal inhabitants:
Gentry, &c.
Duppa William, Gent.
Dansie Mrs.
Moxham Edward, Gent.

Evans Rev. David
Lloyd Rev. Roger

Maxwell John, Surgeon & Apothecary
Walker Dalaber, surgeon & Apothecary

Barneby Richard, Attorney
Barnes William, Attorney
Wormington James, Attorney
Wight John, Attorney
Whithouse Joseph, Attorney

Traders, &c.
Amiss – , Innholder, (New Inn)
Blew Anne, Midwife
Blew Elizabeth, Innholder
Brown Edward, Innholder
Baggot William, Innholder
Blount Elizabeth
Beard Jeremiah, Ironmonger
Bray Packington Bissels
Bray Philip, Butcher
Badham George, Soap-boiler
Bishop Edward, Peruke-maker
Boar Edward, Maltster and Shopkeeper
Cook John, Chandler
Cook Edward, Innholder
Clarke, Thomas, Innholder
Colly Thomas, Maltster
Clifton Edward, Innholder
Coates John, Currier
Collins – , Stay-maker
Chip Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Dutson Thomas, Glazier
Davis Thomas, Sadler
Drew – , Shopkeeper
Ellcocks Edward, Mason & Shopkeeper
Eules William, Hatter
Eckley Anne, Mercer
Griffiths Thomas, Taylor
Griffiths George, Shoe-maker
Hopkins Mary, Shopkeeper
Haytor John, Corn-dealer
Harrol James, Weaver
Harrol Joseph, Weaver
Hadley John, Wheelwright
Hill John, Butcher
Jones – , Officer of Excise
Jenks Timothy Colly, Glover and Breeches-maker
Jenks Elizabeth, Shopkeeper
Jenks William, Innholder
Jenkins Esther, Baker and Shopkeeper
Johnson John, Cooper
Johnson Thomas, Cooper
Johnson Benjamin, Shoe-maker
Jaines William, Builder and mason
Kilsby William, Mercer
Knight Thomas, Innholder
Lewis George, Innholder
Lloyd – , Cooper
Moxham Mary, Haberdasher
Mason John, Sadler
Mason Thomas, Hatter
Maund Andrew, Builder and Joiner
Maund Thomas, Joiner
Oseman Thomas, Mason
Phillpotts Henry, Stone-cutter & Glazier
Phillpotts – , Shoe-maker & Innholder
Penson – , Butcher
Pooton William, Innholder
Payne Thomas, Butcher
Pitt George, Butcher
Powell Thomas, Shopkeeper
Peal Walter, Builder and Joiner
Prue Messrs. Chandlers & Shopkeepers
Robins James, Ironmonger
Reeves James, Shopkeeper
Reeves Penelope, Mercer
Ricketts John, Smith and Carrier
Richards John, Baker and Shopkeeper
Smith Elizabeth, Ironmonger & Smith
Taylor Rachel, Shopkeeper
Taylor Joyce, Innholder, (King’s Arms)
Taylor Henry, Sadler
Thome Henry, Baker and Shopkeeper
Thome Henry, Breeches-maker
Thome Thomas, Innholder
Talbot William, Shoe-maker
Thomas Edward, Shoe-maker
Warburton John, Glazier
Wilcox William, Taylor
Williams Widow
Williams Edw. Innholder, (Hop-pole)
Weeks Richard, Innholder
Wynne Anne, Widow

Seats, &c. in the vicinity of Bromyard. – On the Eastern road leading to Worcester, is Brockhampton, the seat of John Barneby, Esq. – Clater Park, the seat of Robert Sweeting Dansie, Esq. – Gaines, the seat of John Freeman, Esq. – And a little to the North, is Whitborne Court, seat of Richard Chambers, Esq. – Poswick, the seat of the Rev. Thomas Jennings. – On the North road, leading to Tenbury, is Buckenhill, the seat of the Rev. Packing George Tomkyns. – And 5 miles on the same road, is Kyre, the pleasant seat of Jonathan Pytts, Esq. – On the Western road, leading to Leominster, is Munderfield Harold, the seat of Joseph Severne, Esq. – On the Southern road is Cannon-froom, the seat of Richard Cope Hopton, Esq. – The Rev. John Glasse Pencomb resides near Bromyard.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791