Young Womens Christian Association and Home Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol 1884

Young Women’s Christian Association and Home, founded in 1861. Its objects are to provide a comfortable and Christian home for young women engaged in business or in tuition, and it supplies a place of resort, especially in the evenings, for a large number of young women. On Sundays a Bible-class is held at three o’clock. Classes during the winter session for singing, French, and other branches of study are arranged for as required by the members. The rooms of the association are opened all day, and close at 10.30 p.m. A subscription of 2/- per quarter admits to the library, reading-room, use of piano, and all other meetings held in connection with the association, except the secular classes, which for the terms are very moderate. The lodgings are 2/6 per week, including attendance, gas, and coal; also entire or partial board on reasonable terms, if required. The work of the institution was formerly carried on at 3 King square, but now at 18 Royal promenade (see “Homes”). Miss Savill, treasurer and secretary.

Source: Arrowsmith’s Dictionary of Bristol. Edited by Henry J. Spear and J. W. Arrowsmith. Bristol 1884.