Uley Gloucestershire Family History Guide

Uley is an Ancient Parish in the county of Gloucestershire.

Parish church: St Giles

Parish registers begin: 1668

Nonconformists include: Baptist, Independent/Congregational, and Wesleyan Methodist.

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Parish History

The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales 1870

Uley, a village, a parish, and a sub-district, in Dursley district, Gloucester. The village stands among the Cotswold hills, 2 miles ENE of Dursley r. station; and has a post-office under Dursley. The parish comprises 1,492 acres. Real property, £4,160. Pop., 1,230. Houses, 308. Stouts Hill, Angerton-Grange, Uley House, Uley Lodge, Rockstowes House, and Bencombe House, are chief residences. U. Bury was a Roman camp, and has yielded many Roman coins. West hill is crowned by a Roman tumulus. Woollen-cloth manufacture was, at one time, largely carried on. The living is a rectory in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol. Value, £250. Patron, the Lord Chancellor. The church is recent. There are Independent and Baptist chapels, a national school, and charities £9.—The sub-district contains four parishes. Acres, 6,147. Pop., 2,471. Houses, 611.

Source: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A. Fullarton & Co. N. d. c. [1870-72].

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales 1848

Uley, a parish in the upper division of the hund. of Berkeley, union of Dursley, Gloucestershire; 2¼ miles east by north of Dursley. Living, a rectory in the archd. of Gloucester and dio. of Gloucester and Bristol; rated at £12 3s. 4d.; gross income £311; nett income £157. Patron, the Lord-chancellor. Here are an Independent church, formed in 1791; and places of worship for the Baptists and Wesleyan Methodists. There are an infant-school, and six daily schools, besides several Sunday schools, in this parish. In 1838, there were 2 woollen mills in this parish, employing 62 hands; but the manufacturing trade of this place, which was very great last century, has quite fallen off, and large bodies of the weavers have emigrated to America and Australia. Acres 1,360. Houses 526. A. P. £4,472. Pop., in 1801, 1,724; in 1831, 2,641. Poor rates, in 1838, £1,076 1s.

Source: The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales; A Fullarton & Co. Glasgow; 1848


Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Comley George, Uley, Gloucestershire, clothier, Aug. 17, 1830.

Comley George; George Jones; and Thomas Hathaway; Uley, Gloucestershire, clothiers, Sept. 10, 1830.

Jackson Edward, Uley, Gloucestershire, clothier. Sept. 11, 1824.

Penley John, jun., Uley, Gloucestershire, dyer, Dec. 25, 1821.

Sheppard Edward, sen.; and Edward Sheppard, jun.; Uley, Gloucestershire, clothiers, Jan. 31, 1837.

Weight John; and Joel Weight; Uley, Gloucestershire, and Basinghall street, City, clothiers, May 23, 1826.

Parish Records

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Marriages at Uley 1668-1812

Marriages at Uley 1668-1812 - UK Genealogy Archives


Uley Marriages 1796 to 1799

Volume V.

* Those persons marked with an asterisk are described as “inhabitants”, probably signifying that they were temporarily resident for the purpose of marriage.

William Lewis, b., & Mary Burbridge, s., 16 May 1796

Richard Hervey*, w., & Betty Sparks, s., 21 Aug. 1796

John Hill, p. Dursley, b., & Ann Bruton, this p., s., lic., 30 Aug. 1796

John Lusty*, b., & Sarah Harmar, s., 3 Sept. 1796

Samuel White, p. Dursley, & Elizabeth Jobbins, this p., 4 Sept. 1796

James Mends*, b., & Sarah Long*, s., 25 Nov. 1796

Richard Wiles, p. Wotton under Edge, b., & Elizabeth Clerke, this p., s., lic., 14 Dec. 1796

Joseph Powell & Mary Webley, s., 24 Dec. 1796

John Knight, b., & Sarah Ragland, s., lic., 19 Mar. 1797

Samuel Park*, b., & Sarah Warner*, s., 24 Apr. 1797

Samuel Nash*, b., & Elizabeth French, s., 5 May 1797

George Dauncey & Betty Knight, 14 May 1797

James Fisher & Mary Baglin, 25 June 1797

Samuel Trotman & Mary Hill, 6 Aug. 1797

Daniel Tilly & Priscilla Fletcher, 19 Sept. 1797

Daniel Powell, b., & Mary Woodman, s., 15 Nov. 1797

Edward Smith, b., & Ann Palser, s., 17 Jan. 1798

Peter Totham, p. Dursley, b., & Allice Smith, s., 28 Jan. 1798

Nehemiah Dauncey, p. Dursley, b., & Betty Evans, this p., s., lic., 21 Feb. 1798

John Dimery, b., & Mary Jackson, s., lic., 21 Feb. 1798

Isaiah Evans, b., & Olive Hancock, s., 4 Mar. 1798

Charles Jackson, b., & Ann Tilly, s., lic., 11 Mar. 1798

Nathaniel Hurcombe, p. Dursley, & Hannah Tilly, this p., 26 Mar. 1798

William Smith, b., & Elizabeth Smith, s., 31 Mar. 1798

William Hawkins* & Dorothy Curnock, s., 13 May 1798

Nehemiah Smith, b., & Sarah French, s., 23 July 1798

Abel Hinchliffe*, b., & Ann Baglin, s., 25 Sept. 1798

John Skutt*, b., & Mary Beasant*, 4 Nov. 1798

John Grace, p. Dursley, b., & Mary Bushell, w., 5 Dec. 1798

John Wright* & Esther Harris, 24 Dec. 1798

John Neville, b., & Elizabeth Pegler, s., 26 Dec. 1798

John Purnell*, b., & Lucina Jackson, lic., 16 Apr. 1799

Charles Berrington* [signs as ? Brington], & Deborah Lord, lic., 21 Apr. 1799

Benjamin Park* & Mary Tilly, 4 May 1799

Abraham Cole, b., & Hester Bushell, 12 May 1799

John Walsh, b., & Jane Underwood, s., 14 May 1799

James Smith & Sarah Kilminster, 17 July 1799

William Beale, b., & Hannah Terratt [signs Teret], s., 4 Sept. 1799

Benjamin Trull, b., & Elizabeth Dauncey, s., 5 Sept. 1799

Samuel Hill, b., & Sarah Croome, s., 9 Sept. 1799

Samuel Bruton, b., & Mary Souls, s., lic., 29 Sept. 1799

Isaac Watts, p. Berkeley, b., & Eliza Richards, w., this p., lic., 1 Nov. 1799

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. II. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. Strand, London. 1897.

Uley Marriages 1800 to 1804

Edward Jackson, b., & Ann Souls, s., lic., 26 Jan. 1800

Daniel Park & Deborah Curnock, 9 Feb. 1800

John Stinchcombe, b., & Hannah Turner, s., 25 Feb. 1800

William Baglin, b., & Rebecca Bruton, s., 18 May 1800

Thomas Hancock & Ann Smith, 1 June 1800

Robert Tilly, b., & Drusilla Austin, s., 27 July 1800

Charles Bick, w., & Elizabeth Woodman, s., 10 Aug. 1800

John Powell & Sarah Steevens [sic], 11 Sept. 1800

Daniel Fisher,* b., & Abigail Smith, s., 21 Sept. 1800

Samuel Casey, w., & Susannah Frape, 26 Oct. 1800

Philip Locke, p. Horsley, b., & Ann Jackson, this p., s., lic., 30 Dec. 1800

James Sparks, p. North Nibley, b., & Ann Knight, this p., s., 25 an. 1801

William Hill, b., & Ann Spratt, s., 3 May 1801

Frederick Leander Farmilo* & Rebecca Hancock, 24 Nov., 1800 [sic]

William Lusty* & Mary Poulton*, 30 May 1801

Joseph Knight & Sarah Smith, 26 Dec. 1801

Samuel Jobbins & Rhoda Fisher, 6 May 1802

Nehemiah Curnock* & Ann Evans, 16 May 1802

John Robbins* & Elizabeth Elliot, 11 July 1802

Edward Workman, w., & Elizabeth Hopkins, s., 1 Aug. 1802

Thomas Harris & Ann Evans, 8 Sept. 1802

William Powell, b., & Elizabeth Evans, s., 19 Sept. 1802

William Barnard & Elizabeth Bick, 17 Oct. 1802

Daniel Turner* & Elizabeth Powell, 10 Dec. 1802

John Smith & Ann Smith, 25 Dec. 1802

George Clark & Bridget Baglin, 25 Dec. 1802

Thomas Hurcombe & Elizabeth Fisher, 26 Dec. 1802

Charles Chapman & Elizabeth Kightley, 4 Jan. 1803

Richard Gregory* & Ann Poole, 17 Jan. 1803

William Workman & Sarah Lusty, [blank]

Joseph Brothers, p. Dursley, & Margaret Ford, this p., 6 Mar. 1803

John Walsh & Hannah Maddock, 20 Mar. 1803

John Tilley & Martha Hill, 27 Mar. 1803

Joseph Smith & Lucina Evans, 2 Apr. 1803

Joseph Tilley & Ann Smith, 17 May 1803

John Hill, p. Berkeley, & Betty Nelmes, 12 June 1803

Abel Hancock & Sarah Longstretch, 19 June 1803

Timothy Dauncey & Matilda Hill, 28 June 1803

Jeremiah Harmar & Phoebe Dauncey, 9 July 1803

Samuel Baglin & Hester Hurcombe, 3 July 1803

William Millerd [signs Millard] & Sarah Ford, 24 July 1803

John Birks, b., & Diana Harris, w., lic., 1 Aug. 1803

Charles Heaven* & Alice Povey, 7 Aug. 1803

George Ashmead & Mary Ann Price, lic., 25 Aug. 1803

John Rudge* & Mary Smith, lic., 27 Oct. 1803

John Workman & Lettice Turner, 30 Oct. 1803

John Robbins [signs Robins] & Rachel Nicholls, 28 Oct. 1803

John Tilley & Mary Garlick, 6 Nov. 1803

James Davison & Hannah New, lic., 21 Nov. 1803

William Andrews* & Elizabeth Holder, 5 Dec. 1803

Joseph Bruton, b., & Rachel Jackson, s., lic., 25 Dec. 1803

Thomas White & Alice Hancock, 2 Jan. 1804

John Adey & Betty Jobbins, 5 Feb. 1804

Nathaniel Fisher & Tirzah Wakefield, 1 Apr. 1804

James Bick* & Dinah Terrett, 2 Apr. 1804

Jacob Hill & Eleanor Terrett, 2 Apr. 1804

John Wyman, p., Dursley, w., & Christian Ashmead, this p., s., lic., 13 May 1804

James Drew, p. Horsley, & Hannah Hill, this p., 21 May 1804

William Carter & Ann Ricketts, 22 May 1804

Thomas Nicholls & Grace Burford, 8 July 1804

John Smith, w., & Betty Tilley, w., 6 Aug. 1804

William Bradshaw, p. Cam, & Mary Dauncey, this p., 13 Aug. 1804

Samuel Ricketts & Grace Powell, 2 Sept. 1804

William Pride* & Rachel Baglin, 25 Sept. 1804

George Freeman, p. Upton St. Leonards, & Harriet Burbage,* lic., 25 Sept. 1804

Daniel French & Deborah Wakefield, 15 Oct. 1804

Joseph Mills, p. Dursley, & Hannah Hinton, this p., lic., 16 Dec. 1804

George Ford & Elizabeth Robbins, 26 Dec. 1804

Joseph Oldland, p. Wotton under Edge, & Rebecca Sansum, this p., lic., 30 Dec. 1804

* Those persons marked with an asterisk are described as “inhabitants”, probably signifying that they were temporarily resident for the purpose of marriage.

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. II. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. Strand, London. 1897.

Uley Marriages 1805 to 1809

Joshua Smith, b., & Elizabeth Fisher, s., lic., 24 Jan. 1805

John Norris & Eleanor Holloway, lic., 26 May 1805

Abraham Garlick & Catherine Cook, 1 Sept. 1805

Aaron Cummins [signs Cummings] & Margaret Harris, 3 Sept. 1805

William Harris & Hester Smith, 22 Sept. 1805

Frederick Dauncey [signs Dancey] and Mary Evans, lic., 29 Sept. 1805

Samuel Knight & Elizabeth Baglin, 20 Oct. 1805

George Watts, p. Cam, & Hester Dauncey, this p., 27 Oct. 1805

George Wakefield & Lohurama [signs Lorahamah] French, 28 Oct. 1805

James Smith, p. Upton Bishop, co. Hereford, b., & Rebecca Maile, this p., s., lic., 4 Feb. 1806

John Rummins, b., & Lucina Harris, s., 23 Mar. 1806

James Lord, w., & Sarah Hughes, s., lic., 26 Mar. 1806

John Hurcombe, b., & Harriet Corsham, s., 8 Apr. 1806

Henry Hill, p. Lantrissent, co. Monmouth, & Ann Holder, this p., 9 Apr. 1806

George Oakley, b., & Rachel Smith, 6 May 1806

Charles Norris & Elizabeth Dyer, 20 July 1806

William Ashman, p. St. Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, w., & Elizabeth Bruton, this p., s., lic., 21 July 1806

James Smith & Elizabeth Neville, 7 Sept. 1806

Nathaniel Poole, b., & Abia Jeans [signs Jeens], s., 18 Oct. 1806

Henry White, p. Cam, w., & Sarah Powell, this p., s., lic., 13 Oct. 1806

Thomas Harris, b., & Hannah Tilley, s., lic., 25 Oct. 1806

William Souls, b., & Lucina Hill, s., lic., 26 Oct. 1806

James Niblett & Dinah French, 2 Nov. 1806

John Smith & Susannah Turner, 28 Dec. 1806

Joseph Powell, p. Cam, w., & Martha Tilley, this p., s., 27 Jan. 1807

Daniel Woodman, b., & Ann Evans, s., 14 Feb. 1807

John Austin, b., & Ann Hillier, s., 20 Apr. 1807

Thomas Robbins, b., & Ann Baglin, s., 13 July 1807

Daniel Powell, w., & Ann Holder, s., 9 Aug. 1807

John Hale, b., & Hannah French, s., 6 Sept. 1807

Giles Webb, b., & Sarah Baglin, s., 13 Sept. 1807

William Souls, b., & Elizabeth Wilkins, s., 28 Sept. 1807

Joseph Nash,* b. & Martha Birt, w., 11 Oct. 1807

Joseph Hill, b., & Harriet Huish [or Hewish], s., 12 Oct. 1807

William Millerd [signs Millard], b., & Elizabeth Huish, s., 12 Oct. 1807

Richard Stanley Latham, p. St. Mary le Port, Bristol, b., & Charlotte Jackson, this p., s., lic., 3 Dec. 1807

George Smith, b., & Elizabeth Elliott, s., 8 Jan. 1808

James Stinchcombe,* b., & Ann Smith, s., 22 Feb. 1808

Thomas Poulton, p. Nympsfield, b., & Deborah Tilly, this p., 4 Mar. 1808

William Smith, p. Dursley, & Tirzah Robbins, this p., s., 24 July 1808

Samuel Park, b., & Rachel Poulton*, 11 May 1808

William Greening, p. Cam, & Sarah Williams, this p., s., lic., 25 Sept. 1808

John Riddiford, b., & Ann Tainton, s., 3 Oct. 1808

James Ford & Mary Ford, lic., 15 Nov. 1808

William Smith, b., & Caelia Longstreet,* s., 16 Dec. 1808

Thomas Turner, w., & Elizabeth Smith, s., 25 Dec. 1808

George Evans, w., & Martha Powell, s., 13 Dec. 1808

Daniel Meredith,* b., & Mary Povey, s., 12 Feb. 1809

Thomas Webb, p. Horsley, b., & Sarah Perrin,* s., 6 Mar. 1809

John Hampton, b., & Amelia Smith, s., 27 Mar. 1809

Benjamin Talboys, b., & Eleanor Ford, s., lic., 15 May 1809

John Jobbins, b., & Lois French, s., 21 May 1809

[A previous entry of this marriage, dated 27 March, has been cancelled.]

Daniel Creed,* w., & Hannah Bird,* s., 19 June 1809

Robert Elliott, w., & Eleanor Parker, w., lic., 2 Aug. 1809

Thomas Sittington,* b., & Saberina Smith, s., 9 Aug. 1809

Thomas Dauncey, b., & Susannah Shipton, s., 22 Oct. 1809

Joseph Ford* & Hester James, 3 Dec. 1809

* Those persons marked with an asterisk are described as “inhabitants”, probably signifying that they were temporarily resident for the purpose of marriage.

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. II. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. Strand, London. 1897.

Uley Marriages 1810 to 1812

Peter Dix,* b., & Hannah Jobbins, s., 15 Jan. 1810

Joseph Austin, b., & Martha Hillier, s., 11 Feb. 1810

George Dauncey, b., & Elizabeth Shipton, s., 16 June 1810

Samuel Hill, w., & Sarah Knight, s., 1 July 1810

James Russel, b., & Mary Scutt, w., lic., 2 Aug. 1810

William Smith, b., & Elizabeth Hyde, s., 5 Aug. 1810

Smith Watson,* w., & Hester Tilley, w., 6 Aug. 1810

Aaron Spratt, b., & Esther Harris, s., 4 Nov. 1810

John Ferebee, b., & Esther Robbinson, s., 29 Nov. 1810

Isaac Ford, b., & Sarah Tilley, s., 28 Nov. 1810

Edward Baglin, b., & Christian Eastmead, s., 6 Jan. 1811

Thomas Went, b., & Ann Spratt, s., lic., 27 Jan. 1811

Ferdinand Knight, b., & Catherine Vizard, 27 Jan. 1811

Charles Hillier* & Rachel Hurcombe, 26 Mar. 1811

Edward Dyer, b., & Deborah Spatt [signs Spratt], s., 1 May 1811

Jeremiah Woodman, b., & Patience Hurcombe, s., 26 June 1811

William Jones* & Lucina Neville, s., 27 July 1811

Thomas Howell, p. Siddington, b., & Hannah Knight, this p., s., 14 Oct. 1811

Job Bird* & Sarah Tilley, 22 Nov. 1811

Thomas Smith, b., & Mary Tainton, s., 8 Dec. 1811

Joseph Mills, p. Nymphsfield, b., & Priscilla Baglin, this p., s., 22 Dec. 1811

Edward Hurcombe, b., & Ann Harrison, s., 25 Dec. 1811

Edward Thornycroft, p. Prestbury, co. Chester, w., & Ann, Dowager Viscountess of Barrington, p. Uley, w., lic., 1 Feb. 1812

Robert Hill, b., & Sarah Rowles, s., lic., 8 Mar. 1812

Daniel Burford & Sarah Millerd, 29 Mar. 1812

John Robbins & Esther Dauncey, 29 Mar. 1812

Samuel Marmont,* w., & Sarah Vizard, w., 20 Apr. 1812

Titus Hancock, b., & Ann Wilkins, s., 3 May 1812

David Lloyd, p. Lanvapley, co. Monmouth, b., & Sarah Bloodworth, this p., s., 7 May 1812

Reuben Smith, b., & Elizabeth Baglin, s., 17 May 1812

Joshua Smith, b., & Sarah Smith, s., 2 June 1812

Thomas Ashmead, b., & Sarah Knight, s., 24 June 1812

William Rowles,* b., & Rachel Jackson, s., 12 July 1812

Daniel Cook, b., & Harriet Browning, s., 16 Aug. 1812

Nehemiah Spratt, b., & Ann Link, s., lic., 27 Sept. 1812

Richard Shelton, w., & Elizabeth Fisher, s., 27 Sept. 1812

William Kent, p. Frocester, b., & Mary Griffiths, this p., s., 28 Sept. 1812

John Ashmead, b., & Patience Hale, s., 17 Oct. 1812

* Those persons marked with an asterisk are described as “inhabitants”, probably signifying that they were temporarily resident for the purpose of marriage.

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. II. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 36, Essex Street. Strand, London. 1897.


Uley Kellys Gloucestershire Directory 1856

Uley is a township, parish, and village, 4 miles south from the Frocester station, 5 from Berkeley and Dursley stations, and 2 ½ from Dursley, in Berkeley Hundred, Dursley Union, West Gloucestershire, Gloucester archdeaconry, and Gloucester and Bristol bishopric.  It is situate on the turnpike road leading from Stroud to Dursley.  The church of St. Giles is a stone building, chiefly in the Gothic style; has a tower, 2 aisles, chancel, organ, 1 bell, 8 monuments, font, and clock.  The living is a rectory, worth £200 yearly, with 16 acres of glebe land, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor.  The Rev. M. W. Wilkinson, B.D., is the incumbent.  There are chapels for Baptists, Independents, and Wesleyans, and Day and Sunday schools for boys and girls.  A feast is held yearly, beginning the first Sunday in September.  A Roman tumulus, or sepulchre, has been discovered at Westhill, in this parish.

Uley Bury Hill was formerly a Roman encampment.  Roman coins have frequently been found here.  The population, in 1851, was 1,327, and the acreage is 1,357.  T. B. L. Baker, Esq., and Colonel Kingscote, are chief landowners.  There are charities of £8 yearly value.

Bencombe, Stoutshill, Augeston, The Grange, and Totnes, are places here.

Bellett Mr. Benjamin
Bowen Mrs. Bencombe house
Browne Mrs. Stoutshill
Furse Mrs. Augeston cottage
Gordon Robert, esq., Shibley house
Gregory Miss Jane
Jackson John, esq. Grange
Kingscote Robert A. Fitzhardinge, esq. Uley lodge
Knight Mr. Samuel
Osborne Rev. Daniel
Rowley George, esq. Rockstowe
Stiff Thomas W. esq.
Turner Mrs.
Wilkinson Rev. Marlow Watts, B.D. (rector), Mansion house

Allen Charles, butcher
Baglin Edward, shopkeeper
Brown William, wood turner
Dauncey Thomas, grocer
Ford George, baker
Ford George, shoemaker
Ford Isaac, shoemaker
Ford Rowland, ‘King’s Head’
Harding Robert Compton, surgeon
Harding Rowland Charles, registrar of births & deaths
Hibbeard Jacob, shopkeeper
Hill William, farmer
Holloway James, carpenter
Horcombe Sidney, butcher
Horcombe William, ironmonger
Jackson Charles, stonemason
Jackson Charles, shopkeeper, Totness
Jones Mary (Mrs.), blacksmith
Kilmister Matthew, shoemaker
Leach Benjamin, school
Leonard Miles, saw mill
Lord James, ‘Old Crown’
Lusty Henry & Thomas, saw mill
Lusty William, wood turner
Martin Frederick, shopkeeper
Martin John, saw mill
Norris Charles, beer retailer
Powell Daniel, beer retailer
Powell Peter, baker
Price Chas. agent to the County fire office
Price Charlotte (Mrs.), brewer
Tanner Frederick, wheelwright
Tilley George, plasterer
Window Cornelius, shopkeeper
Woodcock Elizabeth (Mrs.), ‘Crown’

Post Office. – Thomas Hill, receiver.  Letters are dispatched at ¼ past 5 p.m.; delivered at 9 a.m.  The nearest money order office is at Dursley.

National School, John Williams, master; Mrs. Elizabeth Hurcombe, mistress

Source: Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire with Bath and Bristol.  Printed and Published by Kelly and Co., 19, 20 & 21, Old Boswell Court, St. Clement’s, Strand, London. 1856.

Uley Gell and Bradshaw 1820

Adey George and Co., clothiers
Austin Abraham, shopkeeper
Bailey Leonard, hallier
Baker Rev. W. L.
Blackden Richard, gent.
Broughton Wm., cloth worker
Charnock Nehemiah, clothier
Cornwall Rev. E.
Daniel, Lloyd and Co., clothiers
Dauncey Wm., shoemaker
Ferebee John, victualler, Old Crown
Ferebee Wm., shopkeeper
Ford John, clothier
Freeman Thomas, grocer and tea dealer
Gardner J., draper
Greening Wm., baker
Gregory Mrs.
Gregory Captain
Gurner Robert, victualler, Crown and Sceptre
Hawker Charles, commercial agent
Hill Wm., butcher
Hill Wm. jun., butcher
Hill Charles, butcher
Hill Samuel, shoemaker
Hill John, shopkeeper
Hinton Wm., gent
Hunt John, shoemaker
Ivey Mrs.
Jackson Edward, clothier
Jackson Charles, stone-mason
Jackson Edward, jun., clothier
Jeens Joseph, clothier
Jones Henry, blacksmith
Knight Wm., builder
Knight Susannah, dressmaker
Knight Hannah, victualler, Shears
Leich and Hill, school for young ladies
Millard Aaron, hallier
Neal Daniel, brewer
Nichols Thomas, shopkeeper
Nicholls James, grocer
Pearce Mrs., blacksmith
Pearce Thomas, blacksmith
Penley John, dyer
Penley John, blue dyer
Price Samuel, grocer and brewer
Sheppard Edward, Esq., clothier, residence Ridge
Smith, King and Hanbury, clothiers, Jackson’s mill
Souls Wm., tailor and salesman
Souls Wm., maltster and baker
Stiff Thomas, gent.
Taylor Rev. A. R., Independent Minister
Taylor Wm., watch and clock maker
Trull Joseph, butcher
Warner Miss H., school for young ladies
Went Samuel, gent.
Went Mrs. Ann, hallier, Green
Went Thomas, maltster
Williams Henry, shopkeeper

Source: The Gloucestershire Directory; R. Gell & T. Bradshaw; Printed by J. Roberts, Gloucester 1820

Dursley (inc. Uley) Universal British Directory 1791

Adjoining parish to Dursley is the populous village of Uley, in which the clothing business is carried on to a very considerable extent.

The following are the principal inhabitants of Uley:

Baker Rev. William Floyd, (F.)
Gregory Rev. John, (F.) Rector

Traders &c.
Blagden Richard, (F.) Clothier
Cole John, (F.) Hatter
Harris George & James, (F.) Clothiers
Hawker Thomas, (F.) Clothier
Jackson Edward, (F.) Clothier
Knight Thomas, (F.) Soapboiler
Lloyd Nath. and Daniel, (F.) Clothiers
Manning Francis, (F.) Maltster
Price John, (F.) Maltster
Sheppard and Hickes, Clothiers
Souls Samuel, (F.) Innkeeper
Went Thomas, (F.) Clothier
Went Samuel, (F.) Maltster
Williams Rice, Baker

Source: Universal British Directory 1791


Historical Maps


  • County: Gloucestershire
  • Civil Registration District: Dursley
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Gloucester (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Pre 1836 - Gloucester, Post 1835 - Gloucester and Bristol
  • Rural Deanery: Dursley
  • Poor Law Union: Dursley
  • Hundred: Berkeley (Gloucestershire)
  • Province: Canterbury