Thornbury Universal British Directory 1791

Situate about two miles from the river Severn, in the lower part of the vale of Gloucester, is a borough by prescription, and governed by a mayor and assistants, but sends no members to parliament.  This place is supposed to be of great antiquity, and was formerly endowed with many privileges; but the only building now worthy of observation, is the remnant of an old castle, or rather palace, begun by the great Duke of Buckingham, in 1511, in the reign of Henry VIII but left unfinished, on his falling a victim to the enmity of Cardinal Wolsey.  Great part of the structure is still standing, and in high preservation.  The whole manifests great taste and judgment.  It is the property of Henry Howard, Esq. of the illustrious Norfolk family.  One part is inhabited, and commands an extensive view of the Severn and South Wales.  The parish is twenty miles in compass.  Here are a large church built in the form of a cathedral, four almshouses for fifteen poor people, and a free-school. – The clothing business formerly flourished here, but has long been lost, and the town has now very little trade.  In the Boothall is held the court of the honour of Gloucester.
A very small market is held on Saturday; and three annual fairs, viz. Easter-Monday, the 15th of August, and the Monday before St. Thomas’s –day. – The principal inns are the Swan and White Hart.
Thornbury is distant from Gloucester twenty-four miles, Wotton ten, Berkeley seven, Sodbury ten, and Bristol eleven.
This is a cross-post to Bristol, under the direction of John Bevan. – A carrier weekly to Bristol. – The following are the principal inhabitants:

Gentry, &c.

Adams Mrs. Sarah
Adams William, Gent. (F.)
Bagnell Mrs. Esther
Bartlett Nathaniel, Gent. (F.)
Bell William, Gent. (F.)
Bennett Daniel, Gent. (F.)
Collins William, Gent. (F.)
Curnock Thomas, Gent. (F.)
Cox Mrs. Mary
Cox Robert, Gent. (F.)
Cox Thomas, Gent. (F.)
Crowther John, Gent. (F.)
Crowther Nathaniel, Gent. (F.)
Cullimore James, Gent. (F.)
Grove Kingsmill, Gent. (F.)
Hayward John, Gent. (F.)
Hignell Mordecai, Gent. (F.)
Holister Luke, Gent. (F.)
Knapp Mrs. Elizabeth
Knapp Robert, Gent. (F.)
Knapp William, Gent.
Lewis Samuel, Gent. (F.)
Matthews Mrs.
Millett J. Gent. (F.)
Neale Mrs. Mary
Nelmes John, Gent. (F.)
Osborne William, Gent. (F.)
Russell Richard, Gent. (F.)
Salmon John, Gent.
Sheppard Thomas, Gent. (F.)
Taylor William, Gent. (F.)
Thurston Obed, Gent.
Trayhurne Samuel, Gent. (F.)
Vaughan James, Gent.
Wekes Edward, Gent.


Holwell Rev. William, (F.) Vicar
Llewellyn Rev. William, Curate


Fewster John, (F.) Surgeon and Apothecary
Grove Ralph, (F.) Ditto
Rolph Thomas, Ditto
Scott William, Ditto


Cullimore John, Attorney
Parnell Hugh, (F.) Attorney
Rolph George, sen. (F.) Attorney
Rolph George, jun. (F.) Attorney

Traders, &c.

Allen James, (F.) Grazier
Barton John, (F.) Butcher
Beavan James, Shopkeeper
Caddy Robert, (F.) Dealer
Child Mary and Esther, Shopkeepers
Clarke William, (F.) Shopkeeper
Cole William, (F.) Taylor
Collins Thomas, (F.) Grazier
Corsham Jeffe, (F.) Carpenter
Croome John, Schoolmaster
Cullimore John, (F.) Grazier
Eells John, Grazier
Greenwood Mary, Maltster
Groves John, Butcher
Hewitt Robert, (F.) Grazier
Hignell Henry, (F.) Grazier
Hindy Thomas, (F.) Butcher
Hobby William, (F.) Grazier
Hulbert Thomas, Chandler
King Samuel, Swan Inn
Latche Joseph, (F.) Nailor
Pearce Francis, (F.) Grazier
Pitcher Daniel, (F.) Sadler
Pitcher William, (F.) Taylor
Reed William, (F.) Shoemaker
Stone John, (F.) Maltster
Taylor Arthur, (F.) Tanner
Thomas John, (F.) Grazier
Trottman Samuel, (F.) Fisherman
Underwood Mrs. Boarding-school
Virgo Thomas, Schoolmaster
Wade John, (F.) Farrier
Wetmore Thomas, (F.) Baker

Source: Universal British Directory 1791