Tewkesbury Traders Surnames F, G and H Kellys Gloucestershire Directory 1856

Firkins Joseph, maltster & dealer in wines & spirits, High st
Firkins Joseph, jun., maltster & corn dealer, High street
Fisher Charles, linendraper, 139 High street
Fletcher & Son, gunsmiths, Barton street
Fowler James, draper & clothier, Barton street
Freeman Thomas, ‘Plough,’ Barton street
Frost John master of Infant school, Oldbury
Frost Mary (Mrs.), mistress of Infant school, Oldbury
Fryzer Matilda & Sarah (Misses), brickmakers, 11 Barton st
Fryzer Jane (Miss), dressmaker, Church street
Fryzer Samuel, solicitor, High street

Gannaway John, butcher, Barton street
Gardner James Agg, maltster, St. Mary’s lane
Garrison John, bookseller, stationer & printer, office of “Monthly Record,” & for the sale of telegraph franks & stamps, 136 High street
Gaskins Henry, beer retailer, High street
Gibbs William, baker & maltster, Church street
Goodwin Thomas, manager for Le Gros & Co. Church street
Green William, tailor, Barton street
Griffiths Eliza (Miss), mistress of British school, Barton st
Groves Henry, ‘Chequers,’ Church street
Grubb George, beer retailer, Church street

Hale Henry, shopkeeper, Barton street
Hale John, linendraper, 10 Barton street
Hanford John, plumber, glazier, painter, paperhanger, & agent to the Imperial fire & life office, Church street
Halford Robert, brushmaker, Barton street
Harris John, boot & shoe maker, Church street
Harris Wm. plumber, painter & paperhanger, 12 Barton st
Hart Elizabeth (Mrs.), ‘Farriers’ Arms’, Church street
Hatch Mary (Mrs.), ‘Anchor,’ High street
Havard John, farmer
Hawes Christopher William, veterinary surgeon, High st
Hawk Richard Wilmer, manufacturing hosier, Church street
Hawkley Philip, shopkeeper & tailor, High street
Hawkley William, butcher, Church street
Hawley John Dearman, grocer & provision dealer, Church st
Hayward George, ironmonger & cutler, High street
Healing Samuel, miller, Church street
Heath John, gardener, Church street
Hemming John, furniture broker, Barton street
Hewett J. (Mrs.), ladies’ boarding & day school, Hanbury ter
Hignell Thomas George, corn & coal merchant, High street
Hitchcock James, baker, Church street
Hodges Samuel, shopkeeper, High street
Hodges William, shopkeeper, Quay street
Holder Daniel, shopkeeper, Station street
Holder Joseph, tailor & hosier, High street
Holder Thomas Phillips, stonemason, High street
Hollands Richard, shoemaker, Quay street
Hook William, coal merchant & boat owner, North Quay rd
Hooper William, watchmaker, Barton street
Hope Henry Hood, accountant, Bredon road
Hopkins Henry, shoemaker, Barton street
Horne John (manager for Lechmere, Lechmere & Isaac, bankers), Oldfield cottage
Horniblow James Thorneloe, draper, hosier & outfitter, & agent to Unity fire & life office, 2 High street
Howell John, beer retailer & coal dealer, Barton street
Huntley James, beer retailer, High street
Huntley John, boot & shoe maker, High street
Huntley Thomas, beer retailer, 18 Barton street
Huntley William, beer retailer, High street

Source: Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire with Bath and Bristol.  Printed and Published by Kelly and Co., 19, 20 & 21, Old Boswell Court, St. Clement’s, Strand, London. 1856.