Tewkesbury Traders Surnames C, D and E Kellys Gloucestershire Directory 1856

Chandler Daniel, maltster & Corn dealer, Church street
Chandler Henry, shopkeeper & dairyman, 45 Barton street
Chandler James London, tailor & draper, Church street
Chandler Nathaniel, manufacturing hosier, Church street
Chandler Nathaniel, jun., maltster, High street
Chandler Thomas, boot & shoe maker, High street
Chapman John, baker, North street
Clarke Mary Ann (Miss), ‘Bell & Bowling Green,’ Church st
Clay Thomas, stocking maker, Barton st
Clifford Charles, grocer, 2 Barton street
Clifton Levi, carrier, North Quay road
Clifton Reuben, ‘Royal Oak,’ & career, Quay street
Coleman James, linendraper, 140 High street
Collett Silva (Mrs.), hosier, Barton street
Collins Edmund, bricklayer & plasterer, Barton street
Collins Henry, bricklayer & plasterer, Barton street
Collins Richard, ‘Red Lion,’ High street
Collins Thomas, statuary, mason & builder, Church street
Compton Richard, furniture broker, Barton street
Compton William, shopkeeper, Barton street
Corfield Geo., coal merchant & boat owner, North Quay rd
Coutts George, plumber & painter, High street
Cox Samuel, baker & beer retailer, High street
Cox Thomas, boot & shoe maker, High street
Craddock Thomas, gardener, Swilgate
Crockett William, shoeing smith, Oldbury
Croome William, land agent & surveyor, High street
Cull Elizabeth (Mrs.), plumber & glazier, Church street
Cull Phillip, joiner, Barton street
Cull Thomas, carpenter, Church street
Cullis William, bricklayer & plasterer, High street

Dance William, carrier, Barton street
Davidson William, beer retailer
Davis Ebenezer, butcher, Church street
Davis Eliza (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, Church street
Davis George, frame smith, 47 High street
Davis Thomas, cooper, High street
Davis William, hosiery manufacturer, Station street
Day Mary (Mrs.), straw hat maker & milliner, High street
Dickson Robert, grocer & baker, 35 High street
Dickson William, tea dealer, North street
Dowswell Chas. hairdresser & umbrella maker, 29 High st
Drinkwater Edward, brickmaker, Mythe
Drinkwater John, stocking maker, Barton street
Dudfield Sarah (Miss), school, Church street
Dyer John, coal dealer, East street

Elt John, wheelwright, North Quay road
Evans Philip, tailor, High street
Evans Theodore, manager for the Gloucestershire banking company, Church street

Source: Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire with Bath and Bristol.  Printed and Published by Kelly and Co., 19, 20 & 21, Old Boswell Court, St. Clement’s, Strand, London. 1856