Tetbury Universal British Directory 1791

Is a considerable town, on the borders of Wiltshire, containing nearly five hundred houses, mostly well built with stone.  It is a populous town, in a healthy air, and on a rising ground, so that water is scarce in some dry summers.  In its market, which is on Wednesday, the chief article is yarn, which is sold in a large market-house in the middle of town; whereas cheese, bacon, and other commodities, are sold in great quantities at a smaller market-house.  Its parish is ten miles in compass.  The Avon rises in it, which runs though Bath and Bristol into the Severn; and at the end of the town is a high long bridge, half of it in Wilts.  Here was a large handsome church, which was totally destroyed by being undermined by a flood, when the roof fell in, and destroyed the pulpit, desk, organ, pews, &c. November 17, 1770.

It was rebuilt and opened for service, October 7 1781, and cost rebuilding 3,658l 16s besides 1000l 17s for the pews and flooring.  It has a manufactory of woollen cloth, a free-school, and an alms-house for eight poor people. – Here was once a castle, said to have been built, above two thousand years ago, by a king of the Britons.  Several Roman coins have been found in and near the town.  The public revenues are managed by a bailiff chosen every year.  Here are fairs on Ash-Wednesday and July 22. – North of the town is a petrifying spring, which incrusts pieces of wood, and other things, with a strong stony substance.  The annual races are run upon a large common, about one mile eastward of the town, and are much frequented by the neighbouring gentry. – The direct road from Bath and Bristol, to Cirencester, &c. passes through this town; as also does the road from Gloucester, Stroud, &c. to Bath, Devizes, Salisbury, and Southampton, which renders it a very great thoroughfare.
Tetbury is distant from Gloucester twenty miles, Cirencester ten, Dursley ten, Wotton ten, Sodbury fourteen, Devizes twenty-four, Bristol twenty-five and Bath twenty-three.
Post in and out daily: Edward Schollar, post-master. – The principal inns are, the White Hart, Three Cups, Ormond’s Head, George, and Bull.
Coaches to London and Gloucester, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; and to Bath, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
A wagon goes weekly to Salisbury, daily to Bristol, every Tuesday to Bath, and almost daily to Gloucester. – The following are the principal inhabitants:


Bodeys Miss Ann
Byam William, Gent. (F.)
Carisbrook Mrs.
Gastrell Miss Ann
Clarke Robert, Gent. (F.)
Cooper Joseph, Gent. (F.)
Cripps Thomas, Esq. (F.)
Estcourt Thomas, Esq. Estcourt-house
Hillier William, Gent. (F.)
Hodges Walter Parry, Esq. Shipton Moigne
Ludlow Eleanor
Oatridge Simon, Gent. (F.)
Paul Josiah Paul, Esq. (F.)
Paul Mrs.
Rich Mrs. Mary
Saunders Thomas, Esq. (F.)
Sloper Mrs.
Taylor Mrs. Ann
Tugwell Thomas, Gent.


Estcourt Rev. Dr. Newton
Lysons Rev. Samuel, Rodmarton
Richards Rev. John, (F.) Vicar
Savage Rev. John, (F.)
Wickes Rev. John


Cole – , Surgeon
Dallaway – , Surgeon and Apothecary
Thompson Thomas, (F.) Surgeon and Apothecary


Bowdler and Hoskins, (F.) Attorneys
Dalby James, (F.) Attorney
Harvey William, Attorney
Sloper George, (F.) Barrister
Talboys Thomas, (F.) Attorney
White George, (F.) Attorney

Traders, &c.

Alexander Thomas, (F.) Schoolmaster
Arundell John, (F.) Sadler
Baily John, (F.) Woolstapler
Baily Thomas, (F.) Hatter
Bainton Jeremiah, (F.) Three Cups Inn
Birchall – , Baptist Preacher
Bishop Richard, (F.) Corn-factor
Browne Edward, (F.) Plumber and Glazier
Browning Martin, (F.) Maltster
Bubb Samuel, (F.) Cooper
Butler John, Maltster
Chambers William, (F.) Woolstapler
Constable Richard, (F.) Grazier
Cooper Richard, Woolstapler
Cope William (F.) George Inn
Corbitt John, (F.) Grazier
Fisher William, (F.) Cheese-factor
Hancock Thomas, (F.) Upholsterer
Harris William, Shopkeeper
Hayward William, (F.) Auctioneer
Hill James, (F.) Victualler
Hooper William, (F.) Woolstapler
Hopkins George, (F.) Carpenter
Kennedy Ann, Milliner
Large Samuel, (F.) Fellmonger
M‘Gaff – , (F.) Victualler
Miller William, (F.) Cutler
Morgan Thomas, White Hart Inn
Overbury John, sen. (F.) Woolstapler
Overbury John, jun. (F.) Ditto
Overbury Nathaniel, (F.) Ditto
Overbury William, (F.) Ditto
Pickett James, Baker
Pill John, (F.) Carpenter
Pike Thomas, Woolstapler
Pike John, (F.) Slater
Ralph Joseph, (F.) Baker
Rich John, (F.) Currier
Rich Simon, (F.) Woolstapler
Seally William, sen. (F.) Brazier
Seally William, jun. (F.) Brazier
Sutton James, Wheelwright
Tugwell Humphrey, (F.) Woolstapler
Walker Isaac, (F.) Maltster
Walker William, (F.) Grazier
Warn Robert, (F.) Victualler
Watts Eleanor, Sack-weaver and Roper
White Robert, (F.) Maltster
White Thomas, (F.) Mercer
Wickes Charles, Woolstapler
Wickes Thomas, (F.) Woolstapler
Witchell William, (F.) Carpenter
Wood William, sen. (F.) Cheese-factor
Wood William, jun. (F.) Woolstapler
Woodward Jacob, (F.) Grocer
Worman R. M. (F.) Woolstapler

Source: Universal British Directory 1791