Slimbridge Marriages Additional General Information – Bishop’s Transcripts

Marriages at Slimbridge Additional Entries from 1571 to 1746 From the Bishop’s Transcripts at Gloucester.

Note. – The Marriage Entries from the Slimbridge Register, 1635 – 1812, were printed in Vol. I. pp. 133-149.  It was then explained in a prefatory note that the Registers there are very imperfect, and that a large proportion of the years are missing.  The following entries have been copied from the Bishop’s Transcripts at Gloucester, and are supplementary to those printed in Vol. I.  They include the years 1571-78, 1605, 1613, 1618, 1622-3, 1625, 1629, 1632, 1638 (one extra entry), 1680-9, 1690, 1692-3, 1696-1701, 1706-8, 1712, 1720, 1723-6, 1729.  Many of the transcripts during the eighteenth century include only Baptisms and Burials, and this is the case with the transcripts for 1799-1800, which would otherwise have filled the gap in Vol. I., p. 148.  A note at the end of these entries gives some variations of names and dates between the entries already printed and the transcripts.  The entries here printed have been transcribed by Rev. W. Symonds, M.A., Vicar of Sherston, Wilts.

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. XI. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1905.

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