Quarter Days Arrowsmiths Dictionary of Bristol 1884

Quarter Days. In this city there is a peculiar diversity of opinion as to the correct date for the concluding quarter-day of the year, and some years ago the late Judge Fisher, of the local County court, endeavoured, but failed, to settle the vexed question. Some are in favour of December 21st, others the 24th, and again the 25th is contended for as the correct day; the latter is the recognised date in other parts of the kingdom. The other quarter-days recognised in Bristol as in other parts of England are Lady-day (25th March), Midsummer-day (24th June), and Michaelmas-day (29 September).

Source: Arrowsmith’s Dictionary of Bristol. Edited by Henry J. Spear and J. W. Arrowsmith. Bristol 1884.