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  1. The Account of John Willis one of the Overseers of the poore of the Prish of Westbury for the Tything of Sheerehampton for the yeare 1699 and having two rates one at 6d. in the pound and the other at three pence comes to £35 03s 10½d.

The Disburstments are as followeth

Impr Paide to the keeping of James Whitchurch 13 moneths pay at 6s. p month £03 18s. 00d.
Itt Paide Sarah Onion 13 months at 6s. month £03 18s. 00d.
Itt Paide for keeping Prestons child 13 months pay at 6s. p month £03 18s. 00d.
Itt Paide for the keeping of Tants Child 7 months and a halfe at 6s. p month £02 05s. 00d.
Itt Paide the Widow Reed 13 months at 3s. p month £01 19s. 00d.
Itt Paide Sarah Shott 13 months pay at 3 p month £01 19s. 00d.
Itt Paide John Baker 13 months at 2 p month £01 06s. 00d.
Itt Paide Henry Jayne on months pay £00 05s. 00d.
Itt Paide the Widow Iles 8 months at 7s. p month £02 16s. 00d.
Paide her five months more at 6s. p month £01 10s. 00d.
Itt Paide for the Binding of Henry Jayne apprentice to Mr. Martin £04 00s. 00d.
Itt Gave to John Baker £00 01s. 00d.
Itt Paide to cloth to make shifts for the Prish children and makeing of them £00 13s. 00d.
Itt Paide for shoes for the Prish children £00 09s. 06d.
Itt Paide for 4 paire of stockins for the children £00 03s. 01d.
Paide for woollen cloth to make them Cloaths £01 01s. 01d.
Itt for (?) lining and Buttons £00 01s. 02d.
Itt for a paire of lather Breekhes for James Whitchurch £00 02s. 06d.
Itt for making the childens woollen Cloaths £00 04s. 06d.
Itt for 3 yards and a half Carsey to make Prestons Child an upper Coat and under Coat £00 05s. 06d.
Itt for whalebone and Canvas £00 00s. 10½d.
Itt for making Prestons Childs Cloaths £00 02s. 00d.
Itt for two Aprons for Prestons Child £00 01s. 03d.
Itt for mending James Whitchurchs Shoes twice £00 01s. 04d.
Itt for grafting a paire of stockins for Henry Jayne £00 00s. 06d.
Itt for lengthing Sarah Onions Coat £00 00s. 04d.
Itt for making the rates and signeing them £00 04s. 06d.
Itt Paide Richard Jayne the Kings Tax for the burial of Joane Baker £00 04s. 00d.

[Total] £31 10s. 01½d.

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Itt for my expences in Prish Business £00 03s. 06d.
I crave allowance for money which I cannot gather of Charity Berry £00 03s. 09d.
I crave allowance for money which I cannot gather of Anne Jones £00 02s. 03d.
Paide to John Smith the last Collector which was due to him on the ballance of his account £01 06s. 03d.
Paide to Mr. White to balance his account £00 09s. 09d.
Itt Paide for a warrant to bring the new Collector in £00 01s. 00d.
Itt for entring the account in the book £00 01s. 00d.
Itt for Carrying the book to be signed £00 00s. 06d.

[Total] £02 08s. 00d.
brought from the other side £31 10s. 01½d.
my disburstments is £33 18s. 01½d.
There is due upon this account to the prish £01 05s. 09d.
Paide the balance of this account to Robert Fennell
Tho Wasborowe
Samuell price
William White
John Hort
Richard Grumwell
Thomas Smith

3 April 1700
allowed of this Account
if true Richard Haynes
Nath Wade
Tho Walter

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Source: The Poor Book of the Tithings of Westbury-on-Trym Stoke Bishop and Shirehampton from 1656 to 1698 by H. J. Wilkins, D.D., Vicar of Westbury-on-Trym and Reader of Redland Chapel, Bristol. Published by J. W. Arrowsmith, 11 Quay Street, London; Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Limited, 1910.