Dymock Marriages 1772

[J. J. = Jenkin Jenkins]

James Howell (bach.) & Elizabeth Boswood (spin.) (both Dimock) (Banns 22, 29 Dec., 5 Jan.) (J. J.).  Wit. John Boswood & Judith x Hodges. 13 Jan.

William x Apperly (bach.) (Dimock) & Hester Robinson (spin.) (Ledbury, Herefordshire) M. by L. (J. J.).  Wit. William Robinson & Judith x Hodges. 19 Feb.

John Williams (Officer of Excise & bach.) & Mary Bayliss [signs Bayless] (spin) (both Dimock) M. by L. (J. J.).  Wit. James Cooper, Junior & William x Renell [?]. 28 Feb.

Thomas Guthape (bach.) (Dymock) & Anne x Hemings (spin.) (Ledbury, Herefordshire) M. by L. (J. J.). Wit. Elizabeth x Chambers & William x Hope. 20 Apr.

George x Rudge (bach.) & Ann Jacksons (spin.) (both Dymock) (Banns 9, 16, 23 Feb.) (J. J.).  Wit. John x Elton & John Hill. 11 May

Thomas x Thatcher (bach.) (Putley, Herefordshire) & Mary x Lloyd (wid.) (Dymock) (Banns 26 Apl., 3, 10 May) (J. J.).  Wit. Richard x Cooper & John Hill.  18 May

William Thurston (bach.) & Elizabeth x Harbour (spin.) (both Dymock) M. by L. (J. J.)  Wit. John Bowyear & John Hill. 1 Jun.

(Transcript delivered in 7 Aug.)

John x Eynions (bach.) & Elizabeth x Winniat (spin.) (both Dymock) (Banns 20, 27 Sept., 4 Oct.) (J. J.).  Wit. Sarh[?] Gibbs & John Pimbley. 21 Oct.

William x White (bach.) & Sarah x Ravenhill (spin.) (both Dymock) M. by L. (J. J.).  Wit. James Cooper Junior & John Hill. 28 Oct.

Charles Jones (bach.) & Nancy Meek (Minor) (M. by L. with consent of Parents) (both Dymock) (J. J.).  Wit. Benjamin Cooper & John Hill. 16 Dec.

William Davis (bach.) & Elizabeth x Barns (spin.) (both Dymock) (Banns 29 Nov., 6, 13 Dec.) (J. J.).  Wit.  Leddea Bundy & James Barns.  29 Dec.