Chipping Sodbury is an Ecclesiastical Parish and a market town in the county of Gloucestershire, created in 1831 from Old Sodbury Ancient Parish.

Parish church:

Parish registers begin: 1661

Nonconformists include: Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Society of Friends/Quaker.

Parishes adjacent to Chipping Sodbury

Historical Descriptions

Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales 1870

Sodbury (Chipping), a small town, and a parish, a sub-district, and a district, in Gloucester. The town stands on a declivity, adjacent to the river Frome, 1 3/4 mile E of Yate r. station, and 10 1/2 NE of Bristol; is a seat of petty-sessions, and a polling-place; is governed by a bailiff and 12 burgesses; and has a head post-office, a banking-office, two chief inns, an old town-hall with rebuilt front, a police station, an ancient church with pinnacled tower, Baptist and Quakers’ chapels, a Roman Catholic chapel, a literary society, a reading-room and library, an endowed grammar-school, a national school, town-lands, £288, a market on the first Tuesday of every month, and fairs on Holy Thursday and 24 June.

The parish comprises 120 acres. Real property, £2,805. Pop., 1,112. Houses, 249. The manor belongs to W. H. Hartley, Esq. The living is a p. curacy in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol. Value, £167. Patron, the Vicar of Old Sodbury. The Sub-district contains also 5 other parishes. Acres, 14,115. Pop., 5,252. Houses, 1,091. The district comprehends also the sub-districts of Marshfield, Hawkesbury, and Iron-Acton; and comprises 62,356 acres. Poor-rates in 1863, £8,087. Pop. in 1851, 18,256; in 1861, 18,763. Houses, 4,020. Marriages in 1863, 76; births, 656, of which 40 were illegitimate; deaths, 457, of which 200 were at ages under 5 years, and 15 at ages above 85. Marriages in the ten years 1851-60, 944; births, 5,954; deaths, 3,591.

The places of worship, in 1851, were 27 of the Church of England, with 7,913 sittings; 10 of Independents, with 2,049 s.; 5 of Baptists, with 1,105 s.; 1 of Quakers, with 120 s.; 1 of Unitarians, with 25 s.; 6 of Wesleyans, with 1,206 s.; 3 of Primitive Methodists, with 280 s.; 1 undefined, with 20 s.; and 1 of Roman Catholics, with 120 s. The schools were 26 public day-schools, with 1,630 scholars; 32 private day-schools, with 496 s.; 31 Sunday schools, with 2,478 s.; and 1 evening school for adults, with 3 s. The workhouse is in Yate.

Source: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A Fullerton & Co. N.d.c. [1870-72].

Black’s Guide to Gloucestershire 1865

Chipping-Sodbury, a mile from Yate station, which is 10½ from Bristol, is situated at the foot of a hill near the river Avon. The town was incorporated by Charles II., but, at the request of the inhabitants, the grant was annulled in 1688; it is now governed by certain officers who are appointed by the lord of the manor. There are some excellent markets held here. The population is 1112, and the inhabited houses 249. The principal occupation of the population is supplied by coal-mine’s, which employ 459 persons. A few men are engaged in iron-mining. The Church is a large building, whose only feature of elegance is its tower, which is ancient. There are several Dissenting chapels, that of the Roman Catholics being specially noticeable for its taste. The other buildings are a town-hall and a national school.

Source: Black’s Guide to Gloucestershire Black Adam and Charles, Ltd. 1865

Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales 1850

Chipping-Sodbury, 114 miles S.W. London, and 25 miles S. Gloucester. Mrkt. Thurs. P. 1273

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.


Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Weight John, Chipping, Sodbury, Gloucestershire, victualler, Oct. 9, 1840. 

The London Gazette

Debtors Prison

The people listed below were sent to the debtors prison.

Alfred Arnold late of Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire Currier out of business In the Gaol of Gloucester – Saturday the 25th day of January 1851 – The London Gazette

Discharge of Prisoners

The people listed below were discharged as a prisoners in the debtors prison.

Before the Judge of the County Court of Gloucestershire holden at Gloucester on Thursday the the 27th day of February 1851 at Ten o’Clock in the Forenoon precisely Alfred Arnold formerly in lodgings at Castle Combe near Chippenham Wiltshire Currier then in lodgings at Jib in the parish of Littleton Drew near Chippenham aforesaid Currier and carrying on such business at Castle Combe aforesaid then in lodgings at Jib aforesaid then staying for a short time at Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire out of business and employment then travelling through various towns to London in search of employment then in lodgings first in Portsmouth street Lincoln’s inn fields and afterwards in Paul’s alley Aldersgate street both in London aforesaid then travelling again through various towns and occasionally working as a Journeyman Currier and late staying with his father at Chipping Sodbury aforesaid Currier out of business and employment- The London Gazette 1851


Marriages at Chipping Sodbury 1661-1812

Marriages at Chipping Sodbury 1661-1812 – UK Genealogy Archives


Chipping Sodbury Marriages 1805 to 1812

Daniel Fowler, of Winterbourne, & Hannah Ball, 19 Feb. 1805

William Burt & Elizabeth Browning, 13 Mar. 1805

Thomas Isaac, of Kingswood, & Elizabeth Hulbert, 15 Apr. 1805

Stephen Turner & Kezia Dix, 1 Sept. 1805

Nathaniel Compton & Esther Miles, 13 Nov. 1805

James Lewis & Sarah Kendle, 25 Dec. 1805

John Ball, of Horton, & Joyce Slyfield, 7 Apr. 1806

Christopher Atkinson & Jane Westlake, 25 June 1806

Rev. Thomas Brooke & Isabella Frances Brooke, lic., 12 Aug. 1806

William Goodman, of Dodington, & Hannah Redwood, 9 Nov. 1806

John Lewin, of Dodington, & Elizabeth Thomas, 10 Nov. 1806

Isaac Isaac, of Badminton, & Anna Maria Vick, 13 Jan. 1807

Samuel Courtier & Elizabeth Silverthorn, lic., 13 Apr. 1807

Josiah Winbow & Ann Dyke, 20 July 1807

Rev. Henry Wintle, of Culham, Oxon, & Ann Box, of C. S., Drayton, lic., 20 Oct. 1807

Thomas Holmes, of St. Peter’s, Bristol, & Mary Watkins, 26 Oct. 1807

Richard Arnold & Mary Tily, 17 Nov. 1807

James Riley, of Clayton, Lancashire, & Sarah Tanner, lic., 2 Jan. 1808

Stephen Pinnel, b., & Charlotte Neal, s., 28 Jan. 1808

Edward Watts & Elizabeth James, 29 Feb. 1808

Daniel Neames & Catherine Paul, 25 Apr. 1808

Thomas Hulbert & Elizabeth Knapp, lic., 21 Aug. 1808

Josiah Higgs, of Westerleigh, & Elizabeth Tily, lic., 1 Nov. 1808

Thomas Jennings Jones, of St. Paul’s, Bristol, & Esther Wigg, lic., 21 Nov. 1808

Benjamin Turner & Ann Morgan, 27 Nov. 1808

Richard Jones & Betty Beames, 10 Apr. 1809

John Ball & Mary Ann Slade, 1 May 1809

Walter Lovelock & Miriam Stafford, 1 May 1809

William Comley, of Old Sodbury, & Ann Turner, 7 Sept. 1809

Thomas Gale & Susanna Wigg, 12 Nov. 1809

Moses Baker & Cicely Bowyer, 20 Dec. 1809

John Hinton & Prudence Silverthorn, 25 Dec. 1809

Edward Hall & Sarah Mansfield, lic., 14 Jan. 1810

Fitzherbert Brooke & Theresa Frances Ansty, lic., 29 Mar. 1810

Thomas Williams, b., & Sarah Neal, w., lic., 18 June 1810

George Pritchard & Mary Prater, 4 Sept. 1810

William Andrews, b., of Wickwar, & Sarah Rees, s., 10 Oct. 1810

William Chandler, of Horton, & Betty Ware, lic., 4 Mar. 1811

Nicholas Stinchcomb & Hester Pritchard, 1 Apr. 1811

Cornelius Sargent & Ann Clark, 8 Apr. 1811

James Wickham & Sarah Tyler, 16 May 1811

Richmond Rodman & Jane Short, lic., 4 July 1811

Edmund Ilix & Sarah Tanner, lic., 5 Aug. 1811

John Thompson, of Old Sodbury, & Anne Fry, 27 July 1812

William Longstaff, of Wotton-under-Edge, & Jane Harvey, lic., 7 Oct. 1812

James Thorn, of Clifton, & Mary Herbert, 26 Dec. 1812

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. XI. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1905

Chipping Sodbury Marriages 1800 to 1804

Samson Townsend, of Isleworth, & Ann Short, 1 Jan. 1800

Joseph Dee & Jane Gowin, 3 Feb. 1800

William Smith & Martha Hellier, 7 Apr. 1800

Charles Lake & Ann Morgan, 15 June 1800

James Watts & Elizabeth Adlam, 26 June 1800

William Hanks & Betty Alden, 28 July 1800

William Hart & Sarah Field, 6 Nov. 1800

Robert Townsend & Betty Morgan, 9 Feb. 1801

Thomas Phillips White, of C. S., & Elizabeth Chandler, of Old Sodbury, lic., 2 May 1801

Elias Shipway, of Iron Acton, & Sophia Kent, 11 May 1801

Samuel Creed & Elizabeth Adams, 20 Sept. 1801

Daniell [sic] Harvey & Anne Smith, 11 Oct. 1801

James Gardiner, of Wilton, Wilts, & Catherine Ball, lic., 4 Nov. 1801

Daniel Rice & Mary Pinnell, 18 Nov. 1801

George George & Mary Robins, 25 Dec. 1801

Arthur Rouch & Frances James, 14 Feb. 1802

William Felton & Elizabeth Watts, 30 Mar. 1802

Moses Alden & Susanna Turner, 4 May 1802

Richard Clark, of Marshfield, & Mary Pritchard, 24 May 1802

Thomas Morgan & Ann Wigg, 29 Nov. 1802

William Shipp, of Yate, & Elizabeth Wigg, 29 Nov. 1802

John Caradine & Hannah Derrett, 20 Dec. 1802

Daniel Higgs & Elizabeth Brown, 10 Apr. 1803

Nathaniel Pickford & Mary Long, 2 May 1803

Richard Bennett & Mary Redwood, 3 May 1803

Stephen Short & Sarah Iles, 30 May 1803

Robert Shaw, of St. James’, Clerkenwell, & Frances M’Mahon, lic., 18 Jan. 1804

William Arnold, of West Littleton, & Jane Tily, lic., 23 Apr. 1804

William Scutts & Mary Hicks, 21 May 1804

Humphrey Farr, of Grittleton, & Sarah Hall, lic., 27 July 1804

Charles Head & Susannah Bowen, 13 Aug. 1804

Samuel Morgan & Mary Frape, 18 Aug. 1804

Lewis Frost Mulary & Elizabeth Player, 10 Sept. 1804

Charles Bailey, of Dodington, & Patience Gay, 28 Oct. 1804

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. XI. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1905

Chipping Sodbury Marriages 1790 to 1799

Henry Perrett & Mary Rice, 26 Feb. 1790

George Hendy, b., & Mary Duval, s., 15 Mar. 1790

William Vizard, b., & Betty Jobson, s., 21 Mar. 1790

William Wright, of Stoke-on-Trent, w., & Mary Lake, lic., 6 June 1790

James Garaway, of Old Sodbury, w., & Ann James, s., 4 July 1790

William Clarke, b., of C. S., & Ann Short, of Old Sodbury, 28 Oct. 1790

Stephen Salliss, b., & Beata Watkins, s., 7 Mar. 1791

James Clarke & Rachel Hallier, 11 Mar. 1791

George Morgan, b., & Betty Heart, s., 3 May 1791

William Chilcot, of C. S., & Sarah Wickham, of Westerleigh, 1 Sept. 1791

Moses Amos, of Wickwar, b., & Elizabeth Ford, 22 Jan. 1792

Daniel Rice & Mary Preater, 4 Mar. 1792

Uriah White, b., & Rebecca Mills, s., 10 Apr. 1792

James Bushell, of Old Sodbury, b., & Jane Brown, s., 27 May 1792

William Dixon, b., & Ann Witts, s., 24 June 1792

John Parker, b., & Rachael Latimer, s., 9 Sept. 1792

William Holford, b., & Ann Prater, s., 5 Oct. 1792

Moses Bruton, b., & Ann Gale, s., lic., 14 Feb. 1793

Thomas Seale, of Bristol, b., & Elizabeth Clark, s. lic., 9 Mar. 1793

William Lennard, of Westerleigh, w., & Sarah Allpass, s., lic., 1 Apr. 1793

Isaac Warner & Elizabeth Matthews, 4 July 1793

John Walter, b., & Susannah Prichard, s., 3 Oct. 1793

Stephen Dando, Frampton Cotterell, b., & Grace Thatcher, s., 17 Nov. 1793

Robert Cole, Frampton Cotterell, b., & Jane Morgan, s., 17 Nov. 1793

Samuel Smith, b., & Sarah Amos, s., 31 Mar. 1794

William Griffin, b., & Christian Turner, s., 3 Apr. 1794

John Lodge, b., & Margaret Stafford, s., 1 July 1794

Newdigate Poyntz, Tormarton, & Mary Bliss, lic., 25 Sept. 1794

Ralph Dorvill Woodforde & Arabella Montagu, lic., 10 Oct. 1794

Samuel Gibson, b., & Mary Slade, s., 3 Nov. 1794

Thomas Pulling & Sarah Rodway, 26 Nov. 1794

Thomas Cross & Sarah Cowells, 11 Dec. 1794

William Robins & Mary Martin, 10 Apr. 1795

Moses Higgs & Hester Russal, 17 June 1795

Robert Lewis & Elizabeth Beateman, 25 June 1795

Nathaniel Watts & Mary Ford, 2 July 1795

John Higgs, of Horton, & Sarah Knapp, lic., 26 July 1795

John Rabbets & Mary Palmer, 6 Aug. 1795

Josiah Higgs, w., & Hannah Bennett, w., lic., 28 Mar. 1796

William Cox & Mary Warner, 10 Apr. 1796

Arthur Smith & Elizabeth Fussell, 18 May 1796

Isaac Reed & Susanna Slyfield, 3 July 1796

Thomas Head, of Old Sodbury, & Elizabeth Ansty [signs Anstie], 22 Nov. 1796

Richard Newman, of Little Drew, & Elizabeth Bowyn, lic., 10 Jan. 1797

Gorge Hayward, of Beverstone, & Charlotte Elizabeth Nicholls, lic., 12 Jan. 1797

James Weeks & Mary Parker, lic., 22 Jan. 1797

Samuel Isaac & Ann Trotman, 27 July 1797

Henry Garton, of St. Mary, Nottingham, w., & Rebecca Michell, s., lic., 29 July 1797

Edmund Hook & Mary Walter, 4 Sept. 1797

William Woodward & Mary Prichard, 5 Sept. 1797

James Massey, of Mount Sorrell, Leicester, & Susannah Cox, lic., 23 Nov. 1797

Joseph Tandy, Hawkesbury, & Margaret Ann Walker, 25 Dec. 1797

John Stockwell & Sarah Peavey, 21 Jan. 1798

Charles Beames & Hannah Gowen, 16 Apr. 1798

Edward Godwin, of Wapley and Codington, & Susannah Bellshire, lic., 10 Aug. 1798

Daniel Jenkins, of Wickwar, & Mary Morgan, 13 Sept. 1798

George Arthurs & Mary Ford, 30 Oct. 1798

Thomas Nelson & Edith Milleard, 28 Apr. 1799

James Rabbits & Maria Dike, 18 Sept. 1799

William Higgs, junr., & Nancy Stone, lic., 19 Nov. 1799

James Pritchard & Sarah Offer, 2 Dec. 1799

James Gibson & Anne Morgan, 23 Dec. 1799

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. XI. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1905


Sodbury (Chipping Sodbury) (inc. Little Sodbury and Old Sodbury) 1791

Otherwise called Chipping-Sodbury, (to distinguish it from two villages in the neighbourhood,) is an ancient town, and was made a corporation by Charles II but, at the request of the inhabitants, the charter was annulled by proclamation in the year 1690, from which period it has been governed by a bailiff, chosen by the lord of the manor.  It is, however, still called a borough, and has a small market on Thursday, and two annual fairs, viz. Holy Thursday, and June 24.
Sodbury is distant from Gloucester thirty miles, Bristol twelve, Bath thirteen, Marshfield seven, Tetbury fourteen, Wotton ten, and from London 112.

This town is a great thoroughfare in the road from Bristol to Cirencester and Banbury, and has many large inns, which have a great trade by the carriage of lime and coal into Cotswold.  The parish is three miles in compass, with a stream on the north side, that runs into the Frome.  It has a large church, which is a chapel of ease to Old Sodbury; and a free-school.  Here is the greatest cheese-market in England, except Atherston, in Warwickshire.  King Stephen granted the burghers of this place the same liberties as those of Bristol, and allowed every burgher commonage for a heifer, in the place called the Rodings.  The bailiffs and burghers are still empowered to distribute eighty-eight cow-pastures to as many of the inhabitants, and eight acres of meadow, for their own lives, and those of their widows; and, as they fall, to grant them again in like manner.
The principal inns are, the Swan, Bell, George, and Royal Oak.
Post in and out Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  John Hancock, postmaster.
Waggons pass through, weekly, from Bristol to most parts of the kingdom. – The following is a list of the principal inhabitants:


Almond – , Gent.
Codrington Mrs. Mary
Ludlow – , Gent.
Mitchell Mrs.
Trotsman Mrs.
Wallis Mrs.
Wickham James, (F.) Gent.
Winston William, (F.) Gent.


Bliss Rev. Philip, (F.)
Davis Rev. Mr. Master of the Grammar-school
Ferreby Rev. Mr. Baptist-preacher
Hardwick Rev. James
Nicholls Rev. Mr. (F.) Incumbent


Hardwick George, (F.) M.D.
Ludlow and Hyett, (F.) Surgeons and Apothecaries
Mason R. Surgeon and Apothecary


Brooke Thomas, (F.) Attorney
Ludlow James, (F.) Ditto
Symonds John, Ditto

Traders, &c.

Ball John, Peruke-maker
Bennett – , Milliner
Beemes William, (F.) Smith
Chillcotts W. T. and J. Linen-drapers
Cooper Mrs. Schoolmistress
Cox Mary, Innkeeper, (Swan)
Courtier Samuel, (F.) Shoemaker
Grant Henry, Dealer
Green Francis, (F.) Sadler
Hall Samuel, Dealer
Hancock Bence, Dealer
Hancock John, Innkeeper, (Bell)
Hardwick Thomas, Baker
Harvey William, (F.) Chandler
Hickes George, (F.) Schoolmaster
Higgs Josiah, (F.) Brewer
Higgs Josiah, (F.) Maltster
Higgs William, (F.) Tanner
Higgs Daniel, (F.) Currier
Higgs William, (F.) Joiner
Hopkins Joseph, (F.) Brandy-merchant
Isles James, Yeoman
Knapp Tho. (F.) Innkeeper, (George)
Moffat Robert, Salt-refiner
Nash Isaac, (F.) Draper
Nash James, Grocer
Neale James, Brazier
Parker Arthur, (F.) Shoemaker
Phillips – , Shopkeeper
Rice William, (F.) Carpenter
Roach – , (F.) Grocer
Short George, (F.) Shoemaker
Sheate T. Salt-refiner
Tanner Arthur, (F.) Clothier
Tanner Thomas, Peruke-maker
Tiley William, (F.) Innholder
Tiley Thomas, (F.) Wheelwright
Tiley Samuel, Smith
Tovey Rich. (F.) Skinner and Glover
Tovey Samuel, Breeches-maker
Tyler Sarah, Innkeeper, (Royal Oak)
Vick John, Cooper
Wallis Joseph, (F.) Draper and Grocer
Watkins Sarah, Baker
Wickham James, (F.) Butcher
Wigg Isaac, Baker
Withers William, (F.) Hatter
Wood Jospeh, (F.) Brazier

About six miles from Sodbury is Badminton, the noble seat of his grace the Duke of Beaufort.
Little Sodbury is only a mile east from Chipping-Sodbury. A small part of this parish lies in the hill-country, on the borders of which, on the brow of the hill, is a very strong camp, of an oblong form, still remaining as perfect as when originally made.  It has a double agger, thrown up very high, except on the west side, where it overlooks the vale, and there it is single, because the hill to so steep that the camp was thought inaccessible from the quarter.  It is 320 yards long, and 200 broad.  The interval or ditch between the aggers, is twenty-two yards wide, and the way into it is towards the east.  It is not known whether it is Danish or Roman, as no coins or any other things have been found to determine it.  King Edward IV’s army occupied it a little before the battle of Tewkesbury.  Its church is small, and the inhabitants bury at Old Sodbury.
Old Sodbury is one mile north-east from Chipping Sodbury.  Its church is the mother-church to Chipping Sodbury, as before mentioned.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791


  • County: Gloucestershire
  • Civil Registration District: Chipping Sodbury
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Gloucester (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Gloucester and Bristol
  • Rural Deanery: Hawkesbury
  • Poor Law Union: Chipping Sodbury
  • Hundred: Grumbald’s Ash
  • Province: Canterbury

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