Cam is an Ancient Parish in the county of Gloucestershire.

Parish church:

Parish registers begin: 1569

Nonconformists include: Independent/Congregational and Wesleyan Methodist.

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Historical Descriptions

The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales 1870

CAM, a parish in Dursley district, Gloucester; on the Cam rivulet and the Dursley railway, under the Cotswolds, 1 mile N of Dursley. It has a station on the railway; and its Post Town is Dursley. Acres, 2,946. Real property, £9,079. Pop., 1,500. Houses, 373. The property is divided among a few. Excellent cheese is produced. Cloth manufacture is carried on in a large establishment. A battle was fought here, in the time of Edward the Elder, between the Danes and the Saxons. The living is a vicarage, united with the p. curacy of Low Cam, in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol. Value, £150. Patron, the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. The church is early English. There are endowed and national schools and large charities.

Source: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A. Fullarton & Co. N. d. c. [1870-72].

Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales 1850

Cam, 1 mile N.E. Dursley. P. 1851.

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of England 1845

Cam (St. George), a parish, in the union of Dursley, Upper division of the hundred of Berkeley, W. division of the county of Gloucester, 1 mile (N.) from Dursley; containing 1851 inhabitants. This place is distinguished as the scene of a battle, fought between the Saxons and the Danes, in the reign of Edward the Elder. The parish, which takes its name from a rivulet that divides it into Upper and Lower, and falls into the Severn at Frampton, comprises 2531a. 1r. 26p., of which 2025 acrs are pasture, 263 arable, and 242 common land; the soil is in general a strong clay. There are several quarries of white and of brown freestone, which, when kept dry, is of good quality for building; and facility of communication is afforded by the Gloucester and Bristol railway, which crosses the lower part of the parish. A considerable portion of the land lies low, but the meadows afford excellent pasture, and the district is noted for the superiority of its cheese. The majority of the inhabitants are employed in the finer branches if the clothing trade, and the weavers of the place are among the best workmen in the kingdom. The living is a vicarage, valued in the King’s books at £6. 13. 4.; net income, £150; patron and appropriator, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. The tithes have been commuted for £500, and the glebe consists of 23a. 2r. The church, which has been improved Nd newly pewed at a considerable expense, is an ancient structure, in the later English style: in the porch was formerly a figure of the patron saint, carved in wood, which, in the reign of Edward VI., was taken down and removed to Colnbrook, from which circumstance the George inn in that town received its name. There ate places of worship for Independents and Wesleyans. In 1730, Mrs. France’s Hopton bequeathed an estate for a school, now producing nearly £200 per annum; and a national school is supported by subscription.

Source: A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis Fifth Edition Published London; by S. Lewis and Co., 13, Finsbury Place, South. M. DCCC. XLV.


Below is a list of people that were declared bankrupt between 1820 and 1843 extracted from The Bankrupt Directory; George Elwick; London; Simpkin, Marshall and Co.; 1843.

Dartnall Henry, Cam, Gloucestershire, clothier, Aug. 28, 1840.


Marriages at Cam 1569 to 1812

Gloucestershire Parish Registers. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol VIII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1900.

Author: Phillimore, W. P. W. (William Phillimore Watts), 1853-1913, ed; Blagg, Thomas Matthews.


Marriages at Cam 1810 to 1812

Thomas Kilminster & Maria Summers, 12 June 1810

James Bendall & Hannah Malpas, lic., 13 Sept. 1810

James Martin & Hannah Worlock, lic., 27 Sept. 1810

William Webb, p. Painswick, & Elizabeth Minett, this p., 16 Oct. 1810

Abraham Elliotts, p. Stinchcombe, & Elizabeth King, this p., 22 Oct. 1810

Samuel Savage, p. Coaley, & Sarah Nicholls, this p., lic., 23 Oct. 1810

Samuel Pearce, p. Berkeley, & Anne White, this p., lic., 1 Nov. 1810

Samuel Newth & Elizabeth Whittard, lic., 7 Feb. 1811

William Smart & Sarah Knight, 5 Mar. 1811

William Stokes, of Brimsfield, Gloucester, & Hannah Nicholls, this p., lic., 30 Mar. 1811

John Malpass & Hannah Webb, 27 Sept. 1811

John Hazel, of Stinchcombe, & Esther Gunter, this p., 1 Dec. 1811

Samuel Morgan, of Dursley, & Mary Workman, 25 Dec. 1811

John Dickings & Mary Cam, 10 Feb. 1812

Reuben Hill & Hester Harris, 8 Mar. 1812

William Baglin & Rachel Gunter, 15 Mar. 1812

Stephen Cox & Sarah Smith, 5 June 1812

Thomas Butcher & Hannah Barnfield, 5 June 1812

Thomas Mills, w., & Mary Sparks, 6 June 1812

[This entry (“Mills and Sparks”) is the last in the Register – all the remaining leaves of the book are blank and unused.  In the next volume of Registers, the first entry is dated April 21, 1813, and is signed by William Fryer, Vicar.]

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. VIII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1902

Marriages at Cam 1805 to 1809

Thomas Nicholls & Sarah Evans, 2 May 1805

William Summers & Edith Parslow, 5 July 1805

Enoch Summers & Lydia Hill, 11 Aug. 1805

Thomas Lewton, of Dursley, & Lucina Whittard, this p., lic., 20 Aug. 1805

William Simmons & Hannah Osborne, lic., 11 Sept. 1805

John Vizard, of Dursley, & Anna Maria Weight, this p., lic., 1 Oct. 1805

George Packer, of Coaley, & Anne Rowles, this p., lic., 8 Oct. 1805

James Hill & Ann King, 12 Oct. 1805

William Jones & Margaret Phillips, 12 Oct. 1805

Edward Stoneham & Sarah Davis, 28 Oct. 1805

Peter Bullock & Sarah Millard, 1 Dec. 1805

Samuel Harris & Esther Cam, 21 Dec. 1805

Samuel Nicholls & Hannah Davis, 26 Dec. 1805

[This (Nicholls & Davis) is the last entry of Marriage copied from the Register into the parchment Transcript.]

William Nicholls & Esther Carter, 17 Mar. 1806

David Elliotts & Ann Summers, 9 Apr. 1806

Thomas Merrett, p. Frampton-on-Severn, & Betty Webb, this p., 9 May 1806

Joseph Silvey & Elizabeth Summers, 15 May 1806

John Salcombe & Mary King, 21 May 1806

Moses Seaborne & Rose Webb, 24 July 1806

James Hunt, inhabitant, & Sarah Reeves, 22 Aug. 1806

Charles King & Elizabeth Harris, 7 Oct. 1806

Richard Mills & Sarah Thornhill, 11 Nov. 1806

William Hort, p. Dursley, & Hannah Mills, this p., 18 Nov. 1806

David Organ, p. North Nibley, w., & Martha Cordy, this p., w., lic., 2 Dec. 1806

Daniel Malpass & Betty Hill, 6 Dec. 1806

John Barnfield & Hannah Nicholls, 29 Dec. 1806

Samuel Ball, p. Cowley, & Hannah Butcher, this p., 29 May 1807

John Chamberlain, p. Cowley, & Elizabeth Seaborne, this p., 7 July 1807

Edward Cradock & Mary Spitell, 26 July 1807

Joseph Hill & Comfort Merrett, 5 Aug. 1807

Robert Davies Underwood, p. Coaley, & Elizabeth Brown, this p., lic., 7 Aug. 1807

Joseph King & Ann Lawrence, 18 Aug. 1807

William Mayo & Elizabeth Ford, lic., 6 Oct. 1807

Joseph Wilkins & Rachel Nicholls, 12 Oct. 1807

Stephen Trotman & Dinah Butcher, 19 Oct. 1807

Thomas Brown & Deborah Sanigar, 11 Jan. 1808

Thomas Peters & Mary Ann Barnfield, 18 Jan. 1808

Richard Marling, p. Berkeley, & Hannah Minett, 20 Jan. 1808

Edward Hancock & Anna Burress, 2 Feb. 1808

John Clissold, p. Eastington, & Hannah Higgs, lic., 21 Feb. 1808

William Harding & Esther Ricketts, 5 Apr. 1808

Leonard Hill & Rose Hill, 8 May 1808

John Avery & Sarah Hill, 20 June 1808

William White & Jane Elliotts, 26 June 1808

John Powell, p. Uley, & Hester Elliotts, this p., 26 June 1808

Isaac Fream & Drusilla Holbrow, 30 June 1808

James Wintle & Mary Powell, 4 July 1808

James Burris, p. Slimbridge, & Sarah Malpas, this p., 4 Oct. 1808

Thomas White & Elizabeth Chilton, 5 Oct. 1808

Richard Wilkins & Hannah Malpass, 9 Oct. 1808

Richard Phillips & Caroline Butcher, 10 Oct. 1808

William Edmunds, of Newport, Berkeley, & Ann Olpin, this p., lic., 21 Oct. 1808

John Talboys & Sarah Ulens, 20 Nov. 1808

William Millard, this p., w., & Ann Lewton, p. Dursley, w., 20 Dec. 1808

Daniel Ball & Elizabeth Bloodworth, 25 Dec. 1808

James Sparks & Rose Freem, 16 Jan. 1809

Thomas Woodruff, p. Cheltenham, & Sophia Talboys, this p., 13 Mar. 1809

Joseph Cox & Elizabeth Butt, 4 June 1809

Stephen Workman & Mary Witts, 29 June 1809

John Jones & Mary Bingham, 17 July 1809

Jonathan Barnfield & Elizabeth Rodway, 27 July 1809

John Purnell & Hannah Phillips, 30 July 1809

James Mallett & Elizabeth Hadley, lic., 6 Nov. 1809

Thomas Grizell & Hester Olpin, lic., 6 Nov. 1809

William Olpin, this p., & Ann Read, p. Thornbury, lic., 8 Dec. 1809

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. VIII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1902

Marriages at Cam 1800 to 1804

Thomas Cratchley, p. Owlpen, & Elizabeth Bennett, this p., 28 Jan. 1800

William Hopton Hadley & Hannah Cox, lic., 1 Apr. 1800

John Webb & Ann Millard, 13 Apr. 1800

William Herbert, p. Slimbridge, & Mary Bendall, this p., 15 Apr. 1800

Daniel Tyndall & Hannah Bradshaw, 23 Apr. 1800

William Hardwick, p. Eastington, & Sarah Cornock, this p., lic., 6 June 1800

[Here this volume of the Register ends.  The two last entries are made on a blank fly-leaf which faces the last of the pages having printed forms of entry; these two last entries are in the writing of Richard Lockey; the parties married and the witnesses have, in each case, duly signed their names.  The remainder (second half) of this volume of the Register is occupied with Banns; it is entitled “A Register-Book For the Publication of BANNS of MARRIAGE According to Act of Parliament of the Twenty sixth of King GEORGE II. By Joseph Fox, Parish Clerk to the Honourable the House of Commons.  London: MDCCLIV.”]

[The next Register is of the same size and sort as the preceding, except that it is arranged throughout for Marriages only, and not for Banns also.  Only 45 pages of this Register are filled with entries; by far the greater part of the Book is blank and unused.]

Jesse Smith, p. Coaley, & Elizabeth Evans, this p., 1 Sept. 1800

John Dudly & Elizabeth Pride, 16 Sept. 1800

Samuel Smith, inhabitant, & Charlotte Baglin, 16 Sept. 1800

William Brewer & Hannah Webb, 28 Sept. 1800

Charles Whittard, b., & Elizabeth Olpin, w., 25 Nov. 1800

John Chappell, inhabitant, & Ann Summers, 22 Dec. 1800

Daniel Hadley & Elizabeth Hulings, 5 Jan. 1801

James Ford, inhabitant, & Elizabeth King, 3 Feb. 1801

Samuel Smith, p. Uley, & Mary Cox, 23 Mar. 1801

Samuel Olpin & Mary Curnock, lic., 30 July 1801

James Higgs & Betty Olpin, 5 Oct. 1801

William Watts, inhabitant, & Sarah Cordey, 6 Nov. 1801

John Warner & Betty Cordey, 26 Nov. 1801

Isaac Haynes, p. Coaley, & Betty Hill, this p., 27 Dec. 1801

Samuel Trotman & Hester Workman, 28 Dec. 1801

Samuel Harris & Rebecah Wilkins, 28 Jan. 1802

John Griffin, p. Slimbridge, & Mary Mills, this p., 31 Jan. 1802

George Wilkins & Sarah Wilkins, 28 Feb. 1802

Samuel White, inhabitant, & Susannah Longstreet, inhabitant, 9 May 1802

Thomas Watts & Ann Powell, 10 May 1802

William Davis & Martha Watts, 10 May 1802

William Mayo & Mary Greening, 4 July 1802

Charles French & Sarah Harris, 5 Sept. 1802

George Emerson, p. Michaelstone, co. Glamorgan, & Hannah Seaborn, this p., lic., 6 Sept. 1802

John Pegler & Sarah Morgan, 19 Sept. 1802

Robert Nicholls & Margaret Holloway, 3 Oct. 1802

Edward Summers & Bilah [sic] Barnfield, 8 Nov. 1802

William Pegler & Mary Taylor, 12 Dec. 1802

Thomas Bendall, p. St. James, Bristol, & Mary Mallett, this p., lic., 15 Feb. 1803

Isaac Wilkins & Mary Curnuck [sic], 7 Apr. 1803

[The bride makes her mark, and her surname is written for her as “Curnuck”.]

Samuel Parslow, inhabitant, & Martha Clark, inhabitant, 23 June 1803

Joseph Ball & Hannah Elliotts, 11 Aug. 1803

Thomas Baker & Rose Sanigar, 13 Aug. 1803

Henry Bayly & Betty Workman, 14 Oct. 1803

Daniel Cross & Mary Everett, 13 Nov. 1803

Andrew Murphy, w., & Sarah Malpas, s., 5 Dec. 1803

Joseph Sims, of Dursley, & Elizabeth White, this p., lic., 23 Jan. 1804

George Boothe, of Eldresfield [sic], co. Worcester, & Jane White, this p., lic., 21 Feb. 1804

Joseph Cox & Mary Taylor, 23 Feb. 1804

Thomas Mills & Mary Ford, 24 Feb. 1804

Thomas Walker & Mary Sannigar, 14 Mar. 1804

Thomas Sparks & Hester Bradshaw, 18 Mar. 1804

William Underwood & Elizabeth Knight, lic., 4 Apr. 1804

Joseph Bailey, of Stinchcombe, & Mary Cole, this p., 9 Apr. 1804

Thomas Mallett, of Slimbridge, & Elizabeth Elliotts, this p., 7 May 1804

Stephen Malpas, of Frampton-upon-Severn, & Sarah Ball, this p., lic., 19 May 1804

Joseph King & Hannah Freem, 21 May 1804

Luke Davis & Elizabeth Watts, 9 July 1804

John Gabb & Sarah Bennett, 21 July 1804

Henry King & Hannah Passer, 26 Oct. 1804

Joseph Drake & Rose Summers, 23 Dec. 1804

Source: Gloucestershire Parish Register. Marriages. Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L., Vol. VIII. Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124, Chancery Lane, London. 1902


Cam Bennetts Business Directory 1899

Alder T. general dealer, Chapel st.
Barker C, joiner and furniture dealer
Bennett J, miller, &c., Cam Flour Mills
Berkeley Arms – H Hadley, proprietor
Bradshaw Mrs, grocer & provision dealer
Cam Institute stores, grocers, tea dealers, provision mchts and drapers –W Pridmore, manager. Huntley & Palmer’s and Peek Freemen’s biscuits. A carefully selected stock of boots and shoes.
Chambers W R, shoeing and general smith and furrier, Lower Cam. All orders promptly attended to
Champion Mrs W, grocer
Daniels T H & J, leather board manfrs, Cam Middle Mills
Ford A, Shoeing & general smith, &c.
Foresters’ Arms – W J Bennett
Gabb G & J, butchers

Hadley C H. Cooper & dairy utensil manfr
Hunt & Winterbotham, Ltd, cloth manfrs, Cam Mills
Lacey F & W, engineers and machinists
Lamb Inn, Chapel st – E Baker
Malpass P, family butcher
Peacey Mrs F, draper & machine knitter
Pridmore W, The Institute
Railway Inn – F J Aplin
Smith J, grocer, draper, and ironmonger, Bristol House
Smith J, grocer, Chapel St
Trotman N W. baker, Near Station
Welcome Coffee Tavern – A W Hatch, manager –see advt
White H, baker, corn and flour dealer
Whitmore W J, grocer
Wood H J, boot and shoe maker
Workman G. carpenter & undertaker


The “Welcome” Coffee Tavern
A, W, Hatch – -manager
Large or Small Parties Contracted for
Every Accommodation for Cyclists and Travellers. The “Long Room” (Capable of
Holding 100) to Let for Concerts, &c.

Source: Bennetts Business Directory (Gloucestershire Section) 1899; Bennett & Co. Printers and Publishers, Birmingham


  • County: Gloucestershire
  • Civil Registration District: Dursley
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Gloucester (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Post 1835 – Gloucester and Bristol, Pre 1836 – Gloucester
  • Rural Deanery: Dursley
  • Poor Law Union: Dursley
  • Hundred: Berkeley (Gloucestershire)
  • Province: Canterbury

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