Exeter, Devon Family History

Exeter consists of the following parishes:

  • Exeter All Hallows on the Walls, Devon
  • Exeter Allhallows, Goldsmith Street, Devon
  • Exeter Bedford Circus, Devon
  • Exeter Bradninch Precinct, Devon
  • Exeter Castle Yard, Devon
  • Exeter Cathedral, Devon
  • Exeter Cathedral Precincts, Devon
  • Exeter Holy Trinity, Devon
  • Exeter St David, Devon
  • Exeter St Edmund, Devon
  • Exeter St George, Devon
  • Exeter St James, Devon
  • Exeter St John, Devon
  • Exeter St Kerrian, Devon
  • Exeter St Lawrence, Devon
  • Exeter St Leonard, Devon
  • Exeter St Martin, Devon
  • Exeter St Mary Arches, Devon
  • Exeter St Mary Major, Devon
  • Exeter St Mary Steps, Devon
  • Exeter St Olave, Devon
  • Exeter St Pancras, Devon
  • Exeter St Paul, Devon
  • Exeter St Petrock, Devon
  • Exeter St Sidwell, Devon
  • Exeter St Stephen, Devon
  • Exeter St Thomas, Devon

Historical Descriptions

London Gazette

Joseph Shepherd and Benjamin Shepherd - Exeter Devon - London Gazette April 1850

Declaration of Dividend, under a Fiat dated 19th day of April 1847, against Joseph Shepherd, and Benjamin Shepherd, of the city of Exeter, Wine and Spirit Mer chants and Copartners in Trade. NOTICE is hereby given, that a Second Dividend, at the rate of 23d. in the pound, in the separate estate of Benjamin Shepherd, is now payable, and that warrants for the same may be received by those legally entitled, at my office, Queen-street, Exeter, on any Tuesday between the hours of eleven and three. No warrants can be delivered unless the securities exhibited at the proof of the debt be produced, without the special direction of a Commissioner. Executors and administrators of deceased creditors will be required to produce the probate of will and letters of administration.-April 13, 1850. HENRY LAKE HIRTZEL, Official Assignee.