The County of Cornwall

Cornwall is the South-Western extremity of England, and is bounded by the Sea on all sides, except the East, where it joins Devonshire. It is 90 miles long and from 25 to 7 miles broad. It is divided into nine hundreds: East, Keriar, Lesnewth, Penwith, Powder, Pyder, Stratton, Trigg and West. Rivers: the Tamar, the Cober, the Fall and the Camel. Its principal Towns are Launceston and Falmouth. The county contains 1327 square miles, or 849,280 acres. Cornwall is in the Province of Canterbury, and in the Diocese of Exeter. Population, 341,279.

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Cornwall Towns & Villages