S. is throughout used as the abbreviation for Shrewsbury, and s. for “son of”.  The expression “s. same” means “son of a father named and described similarly to the father of the last apprentice.”
Asheley. Thomas, s. William, of Uffington.  Free 1563.
Aughinton. Griffith, s. William, of Aughinton. Free 1563.
Brayne. William, s. John, fletcher. Free 1566.
Bromall. David, s. Thomas, of S. Free 1563.
Browne. Thomas, s. Roger, of S. Free (by fine) 1563.
Burnell. Thomas, s. Fulke, of Baschurch. Free 1560.
Byston. John, s. Richard, late of S., draper, decd. “Not admitted not paying.” 1565

Charlton. Thomas, s. John, late of Wellington, decd. Free 1560.
Dawes. Thomas, s. Richard, of S., draper.  Free (by fine) 1566.
Gardyner. Richard, s. John, late of S., draper. Free 1563.
Halywell.  William, s. John, late of S., gent., decd.  Free 1566.
Harris. Edward, s. Richard, of S.  Free 1563
Heylyn. Thomas. Free 1566.
Heynes. Thomas, s. Richard, of Betton.  Free (by fine) 1563.
Ireland. George, s. Thomas, late of S., mercer.  Free 1566.
Jones. William, s. Thomas, of Kinton.  Free 1563.
Kethyn. Elihu. Free 1566.
Lewis. John, s. Edward. Free 1559.
Lewis. Richard, s. Lewis ap Jevan. Free 1566.
Manning. Thomas, s. Roger, of Berwick.  Free 1560.
Onslowe. Richard, s. Humphrey, esq. Free (by fine) 1563.
Prowde. Nicholas, s. Richard. Free 1559.
Vaughan. William, s. Howel, of Clomiok, Montg.  Free 1563.
Weale. Thomas, s. William, late of S.  Free 1563.

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