Dudley Universal British Directory 1791

Remains of Dudley Priory scanned from Laird's book on Worcestershire dated 1814.
Remains of Dudley Priory scanned from Laird’s book on Worcestershire dated 1814.

Dudley is surrounded by Staffordshire, 120 miles from London, has a market on Saturday; fairs May 8, August 5, October 2. The inhabitants have a great manufacture for nails and other iron-wares; and there are two churches, placed at each end of the longest street, the one named St. Thomas, the other St. Edmunds. It has three charity-schools, one of them for 50 boys, another for 50 girls, and the other a free grammar-school; also seven Sunday-schools. Here are 2000 families resident. At a little distance from the town are the ruins of Dudley priory. It is a place of good resort, being in the road from Birmingham to Bridgnorth, 10 miles from the former, and 16 from the latter, and from hence to Bromsgrove, which is about 18 miles, is a turnpike-road, near which, at Netherton, in this parish of Dudley, is a ten-yard coal-mine, of at least ten acres.
The following are the principal inhabitants of Dudley:
Bagley Dudley, Gent.
Finch Mrs. Ann, Widow
Simpson – , Esq.
Booker Rev. Luke, L.L.D. Curate
Cartwright Rev. Joseph, Vicar
Perry Rev. W.
Wood Rev. W. Dissenting Minister
Badley William, Surgeon
Glast Francis, Surgeon
Hickman Gregory, Surgeon
Hodgetts Thomas, Surgeon
Moss Joseph, Surgeon
Saunders Ann, Druggist
Shaw Gilbert Read, Surgeon
Stone – , Chymist, &c.
Wainwright Joseph, Surgeon
Bourne James, Attorney
Fellows William, Attorney
Lewis Thomas, Attorney
Abbiss John, Cordwainer
Abbiss Joseph, Cordwainer
Amphlett J. Banker
Aston Sarah, Innkeeper
Badger Isaac, Victualler & Bricklayer
Bagnall John, Clock-maker
Baker George, Joiner, &c.
Baker John, Cooper
Banester Joseph, Baker
Banester William, Cordwainer
Barter James, Weaver
Bate Isaac, Maltster and Victualler
Bate John, Cordwainer
Bate Jane, Victualler
Bate Thomas, Sadler
Beck William, Victualler
Bennett William & Sam. Ironmongers
Benson John, Glass-cutter, &c.
Benson William, Taylor
Bintt John, Wheelwright and Victualler
Blackham John, Peruke-maker
Blackham Oliver, Weaver
Blews Lewis, Locksmith
Bolton John, Victualler & Vice-maker
Bond Joseph, Cordwainer
Bourne Joseph, Tallow-chandler
Bourne Joseph, Tobacconist
Bourne Joseph, Victualler
Bourne Myles, Mercer and Draper
Bowers Joseph, Gardener
Bowers William, Cordwainer
Brettell James, Joiner & Cabinet-maker
Bridgwater Edward, Maltster & Dealer
Bridgwater William, Schoolmaster
Brierly Elijah, Wood Screw-maker
Brinton W. Butcher
Bunch Thomas, Blacksmith
Bunn Benjamin, Butcher
Bunn Charles, Butcher
Bunn John, Victualler
Bunn Richard, Innkeeper
Bunn Thomas, Malt Mill-maker
Caddick Tho. Carpenter & Victualler
Camm Thomas, Victualler and Fender-maker
Capewell Joseph, Glass-seller
Carless William, Joiner, &c.
Carter W. Cordwainer
Chambers John, Cordwainer
Colborn Thomas, Huckster
Cole William, Fender-maker
Cooper Thomas, Cordwainer
Corbett Widow, Victualler
Creighton George, Mercer &c.
Dale William, Taylor
Dalton George, Post-office
Dark Elizabeth, Huckster
Davis Edward, Ironmonger
Davis John, jun. Locksmith
Davis Owen, Stay-maker
Davis Richard, Locksmith
Davison Philip, Schoolmaster
Day Ann, Corn-chandler & Huckster
Day Henry, Schoolmaster
Devey Roger, Gardener
Devey William, Clock-maker
Diggery Samuel, Heel-maker
Dixon E. Banker
Dixon Joseph, Pattern-maker
Dowis Joseph, Vice-maker
Downing Peter, Schoolmaster
Dudley Josiah, Victualler
Dudley Thomas, Glass-engraver
Dudley Thomas and Co. Grocers and Thread-makers
Dunn Joseph, Victualler, &c.
Dunn Samuel, Huckster
Dunton George, Cordwainer
Evans William, Peruke-maker
Fellows Benjamin, Shovel and Tongs-maker
Fellows Charles, Butcher
Fellows Francis, Carpenter, &c.
Finch Samuel, Blacksmith
Finch William, Victualler
Fisher Edward, Cordwainer
Fisher Job, Victualler and Butcher
Foley John, Victualler
Forrest William, Victualler
Foxcroft – , Mercer
Fullwood Daniel, Taylor
Fullwood Samuel, Wheelwright
Gamston Thomas, Huckster & Dealer
Gibbons James, Victualler
Gordon James, Maltster & Hop-dealer
Gorton David, Shovel & Tongs-maker
Granger Daniel, Fender-maker
Granger Edward, Butcher
Granger James, Victualler
Granger William, Victualler
Green John, jun. Fender-maker, &c.
Griffin William, Weaver
Gritton John, Victualler
Guest Edward and Co. Ironmongers
Gwinnutt George, Shovel-maker
Gwinnutt Richard, Carpenter
Gwinnutt Thomas, Victualler
Haddleton John, Huckster
Haden Benjamin, Weaver
Haden James, Bagging weaver
Hall William, Cordwainer
Hall William, Cooper
Hancox Edward, Currier
Hancox John, Maltster
Hancox Moses, Fender-maker
Hand Wm. Watch Chain-maker, &c.
Harper John, Victualler
Harper Rich. Fender & Shovel-maker
Harrison William, Taylor
Hartill John, Breeches-maker
Hartill John, Wood-turner, &c.
Hartill Mabel, Dealer in Thread
Hartill William, Cordwainer
Hartland Robert, Huckster
Hately Thomas, Maltster
Hawkes Abiather, Glass-merchant
Hawkes Richard, Maltster, &c.
Hervey William, Wheelwright
Hill Isaac, Victualler
Hill Joseph, Ironmonger
Hillman Joseph, Butcher
Hinton Moses, Victualler
Hinton Thomas, Victualler
Hipkins Daniel, Shovel & Tongs-maker
Hodgetts Booth, Ironmonger
Hodgetts Daniel, Maltster and Hop-merchant
Hodgetts Joseph, Ironmonger
Homer James, Victualler and Dealer
Homer Peter, Maltster and Brick-dealer
Homer Thomas, Maltster
Hughes Benjamin, Mercer & Draper
Hughes William, Baker
Hurmey John, Taylor
Hurst William, Baker
Jackson George, Huckster
Jackson Thomas, Schoolmaster
Jenns William, Peruke-maker
Jenns William, Dealer and Huckster
Jessop Edward, Cooper
Jewkes Joseph, Shovel & Tongs-maker
Jewkes Richard, Victualler
Johnson John, Victualler
Johnson Joseph, Baker
Jones George, Bricklayer
Jones Matthew, Glass-dealer, &c.
Jones Sarah, Victualler
Jordan Benjamin, Whitesmith
Lacey Thomas, Heel-maker
Lakin James, Hatter
Langford Richard, Carpenter
Leadbetter John, Corn-chandler, &c.
Lee John, Dealer in Foreign Spirits
Leech Davis, Peruke-maker
Leek John, Taylor
Lester William, Engineer
Lewis Thomas, Victualler
Lloyd Samuel Glazier
Lowe James, Victualler
McKnight Alexander, Mercer, &c.
Mallen William, Victualler
Malpass Richard, Blacksmith
Manley James, Currier
Mansell Daniel, Victualler
Marsh John, Victualler
Marsh Joseph, Victualler
Marsh Thomas, Bricklayer
Martin John, Corn-chandler, &c.
Martin Thomas, Maltster & Hop-dealer
Mason Benjamin, Breeches-maker, &c.
Mills William, Brazier
Moore James, Horse-dealer
Moore Joseph, Horse-dealer
Moore Joseph, Cordwainer
Moss John, Victualler
Naylor James, Victualler
Newton William, Sadler
Nock Joseph, Cordwainer and Dealer
Nock Samuel, Ironmonger
Noke John, Dealer in Foreign Spirits
Onions John, Mercer and Draper
Onions Miss E. Milliner
Orr Robert & John, Mercers & Drapers
Page John, Carpenter and Joiner
Parkes Daniel, Fender-maker
Parkes Edward, Butcher
Parkes Richard, Baker
Parsons Messrs. Ironmongers
Pearson Joseph, Victualler
Penn William, Glass-merchant
Percivall Richard, Cordwainer
Perry Isaac, Locksmith
Peters Enoch, Mercer and Draper
Phillips John, Gardener
Phillips Richard, Maltster
Phillips Thomas, Gardener
Pidgeon John, Breeches-maker
Pitt Joseph, Currier
Pitte Benjamin, Huckster
Powell Richard, Plumber and Glazier
Powell Stephen, Plumber and Glazier
Rann John, Printer
Raybould James, Mercer and Draper
Rhoades John, Maltster and Victualler
Rixon John, Dyer
Roberts William, Victualler
Robinson Joseph, Weaver, &c.
Rogers James, Victualler
Rolinson William, Butcher
Round Widow, Victualler
Royall John, Huckster
Royle William, Maltster & Hop-dealer
Salt Joseph, Stone-cutter & Victualler
Salt Benjamin, Stone-mason
Saunders Thomas, Pawnbroker
Shaw Benjamin, Victualler
Shaw Joseph, Victualler
Sheldon William, Blacksmith
Shore Thomas, Schoolmaster
Short Samuel, Maltster, &c.
Silvers Daniel, Glass-cutter
Simpson James, Hardware-man
Smith Benjamin, Glass-cutter
Smith John, Auger-maker
Southall Joseph, Baker and Maltster
Stevens James, Carpenter, &c.
Stokes Joseph, Baker
Sturmey Thomas, Weaver
Styles George, Innkeeper (Hotel)
Taylor Samuel, Maltster & Brewer
Taylor Thomas, Taylor
Thompson John, Cordwainer
Thompson Joseph, Glazier
Thornton Thomas, Blacksmith
Timmins A. Shovel & Tongs-maker
Timmins John, Locksmith & Huckster
Timmins Stephen, Victualler
Turner Edward, Vice-maker
Twanley John, Tea-dealer & Grocer
Underhill Joseph, Hinge-maker
Vanes Benjamin, Shovel & Tongs-maker
Vanes Joseph, Huckster and Dealer
Wakelam William, Carpenter, &c.
Walker Peter, Mercer, &c.
Wallace Robert, Dealer in Clothes
Walton Thomas, Carrier
Whitehouse Joseph, Carpenter, &c.
Whitehouse John, Victualler
Whyley William, Blacksmith
Wilding John, Cordwainer
Willcox Richard, Victualler
Willcox Sargeant, Victualler
Willcox Thomas, Cordwainer
Wilkes John, Shovel and Tongs-maker
Wilkes Selmon, Peruke-maker
Wilkinson Edward, sen. Vice-maker
Wilkinson Edw. Jun. Fender-maker
Wilkinson Joshua, Vice-maker
Willes Mary, Victualler
Williams Edward, Huckster
Williams John, Oat Miller
Williams Tho. Joiner & Cabinet-maker
Williams William, Corn-chandler, &c.
Wilson Thomas, Mercer
Witton Thomas, Victualler
Wood Thomas, Cordwainer
Woodall Mary, Victualler
Woolley Benj. Locksmith & Ironmonger
Woolley Joseph, Bagging-weaver
Woolley John, Vice-maker
Woolley Richard, Locksmith
Woolley Thomas, sen. Locksmith
Woolley Thomas, jun. Fender-maker
Wragg & Wilson, Mercers & Drapers
Wright John, Vice-maker
Wright Joseph, Vice-maker
Wright Moses, Carpenter and Joiner
Wright Peter, Vice-maker
Wright Thomas, Vice-maker
Wright Thomas, Victualler
Adjacent to Dudley are the following villages: Kingswinford, 3 miles. – Rowley-Regis, 2 miles. – Sedgley, 3 miles. – Tipton 1 mile.
Dudley-Castle, in Staffordshire, is just by Dudley, and 4 miles from Wolverhampton. Its old castle was demolished by Henry II. The new castle is a spacious good building, with great trenches about it, hewn out of the rock, and stands on a high hill, having an extensive prospect into five shires, and a great part of Wales. One part is in ruins; the other part was not long ago repaired.
Source: Universal British Directory 1791.

The Story of Dudley Paperback – 3 Feb 2014
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