Warwickshire Fairs 1820

The following has been extracted from “Topographical and Statistical Description of the County of Warwick,” by George Alexander Cooke. c.1820

A Correct List Of All The Fairs In Warwickshire.

Atherstone. — April 7, for horses, cows, and sheep; July 18, a holiday fair only; September 19, for horses, cows, and considerable for cheese; December 4, for horses and fat cattle.

Alcester. — Tuesday before March 25, May 13, October, 17, for cheese and horses, 2nd Tuesday in July.

Birmingham. — Thursday in Whitsun-week, September 29, for hardware, cattle, sheep, and horses.

Brailes. — Easter-Tuesday, for horses, cows, and , sheep.

Coleshill. — Shrove Monday, for horses; May 6, for horses and cattle; Wednesday after New Michaelmas, all sorts of cattle.

Coventry. — Second Friday after Ash Wednesday, for linen and woollen cloth; May 2, for horses, cows, and sheep; Friday in Trinity week, for flannels, linen, and woollen for eight days: first day representing I.ady Godiva on horseback; August 26, 27, and November 1, for linen, woollen, and horses.

Henley-in-Arden. — Lady Day, March 25, Tuesday in Whitsun-week, for a week, for cattle; October 29, horses, cattle, sheep, and hops.

Kenilworth. — April 30, September 30, cattle and pedlary.

Kineton. or Kington. — St. Paul, January 25, seed and corn; St. Luke, October 18, cattle and cheese.

Nuneaton. — February 18, May 14, October 31, for horses, cows, and sheep: if October 31 happens on a Sunday, then the day before.

Rugby— February 17, March 31, May 15, July 7, August 21, Nov. 22, Monday before St. Michael, September 29, horses, cows, sheep, and cheese; December 10, cattle, &c.

Solihull. — May 10, October 10, cattle, sheep, and horses; April 29, October 12, for cheese, hops, and cattle.

Southam. — Easter Monday, Monday after Holy Thursday, July 10, horses, cows, and sheep; First Monday in October, and first Monday in Lent, cattle and sheep.

Stratford-on-Avon. — Thursday after March 25, cattle, sheep, and pedlary; May 14, September 25, Thursday after September 25, for cloth, cheese, seed, wheat, hops, and all sorts of cattle. The day after the last is a statute for hiring servants.

Sutton. — Trinity Monday, November 8, for sheep and cattle.

Warwick. — Third Monday in January, second Monday in February, Monday before April 5; First Saturday in Lent, May 12, first Monday in June, July 5, for horses, cows, and sheep; Second Monday in August, September 4, horses, cows, sheep, and cheese; October 12, statute; November 8, horses, cows, and sheep; Monday before St. Thomas, December 21, cattle, sheep, &c.

Source: Topographical and Statistical Description of the County of Warwick,” by George Alexander Cooke. c.1820