Gun Makers Wrightsons Directory of Birmingham 1818

Allport William

Allport Thomas

Anderson David

Archer Thomas

Bingham John

Blair and Little

Brasher John

Buckley Thomas

Bunney and Son

Chaplain Jeremiah

Davidson David

Dunderdale, Mabson, and Labron

Dutton Daniel

Field John

Fluitt John

Foster Charles

Gill Elizabeth

Goodwin George and Co.

Hampton Thomas

Heathcote T.

Heeley John and Co.

Hickin William

Hollis R. and W.

Howell William

Jones John

Jones William

Ketland William and Co.

Moxham Thomas

New Henry

Osborn and Gunby

Redfern Bartholomew

Reynolds Thomas

Richards Joseph

Richards Theophilus

Richards William Wesley

Ryan and Watson

Sharp John and Co.

Spencer John

Sutherlands R. and R.

Southall R. and Son

Simmonds Joseph

Smith Michael

Smith John and Co.

Timmings Edward

Woolley, Sargeant, & Crane

Source: Wrightson’s New Triennial Directory of Birmingham 1818. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, At his Stamp office, 7, New-street, Birmingham; 1818.