Nuneaton Warwickshire Universal British Directory 1791

This is a market-town on the river Anker, distant from London, by way of Coventry, ninety-nine miles; eight from Coventry, eighteen from Warwick, twenty-nine from Derby, twenty-three from Birmingham, and eighteen from Leicester. Market-day on Saturday; fair, May 14. The church has a square tower with six bells; also a clock and chimes. The manufactures carried on here are ribbons. The town took its name from a nunnery, erected here in 1170, part of whose remains are now standing at the north-west end of the town. Here is a free-school founded by the inhabitants in the reign of Edward VI who gave to it three closes of ground, in the liberty of Coventry, to be held of the Crown, as belonging to the manor of East-Greenwich, in soccage.
Post Office. The post arrives from Hinckley every night at five o’clock’; dispatched for the same place every night at six. John Robinson, post-master.

Excise-office, Bull Inn. Joseph Fydoe, collector; Edward Hyington, supervisor; Mr. Appleby, officer; Mr. Templeman, out-rider.

Suffolk and Page’s carts to Coventry, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; return the same days.

Principal Inhabitants:


Burton Mrs.

Clark Mr. Jonathan

Cox Mr. William

Edwards Mrs.

Hambrig Mrs.

Nutt Mr. Joseph

Nutt Mrs. Ann

Wagstaff Mrs. Elizabeth

Wright Mrs.


Champney Rev. William

Fleming Rev. Mr. Dissenting Minister

Hughes Rev. H.


Barber John, Surgeon

Bindley William, Surgeon

Bond – , Surgeon


Greenway George, Attorney

Thornley Edward Attorney


Ackett John, Gardener

Ball Thomas, Baker

Barnikle Thomas, Grocer

Bawstock William, Butcher

Bawstock Samuel, Wheelwright

Beesley William, Draper

Bemish Job, Victualler

Best John, Farmer

Bollard William, Ribbon-manufacturer

Bollard John, Glazier

Bree Henry, Miller

Bissell John, Victualler

Capenhurst Joseph, Staymaker

Chaplain Jonathan, Carpenter

Chaplain Joseph, Carpenter

Chaplain Joseph, Cooper

Clee James, Currier

Cobhold John, Schoolmaster

Coleman -, Grocer

Cosgrove William, Victualler

Cook John, Gardener

Coomer Thomas, Collar-maker

Cooper Sarah, Draper

Cox Mrs., Victualler

Cox William, Victualler

Cox John, Ribbon-manufacturer

Craddock William, Cheese-factor

Craddock John, Grocer

Cronshaw Benjamin, Grocer

Cross Joseph, Taylor

Cross John, Victualler

Dash John, Gardener

Dipple William, New Inn

Downer William, Coachmaker

Drake John, Baker

Ellis John, Victualler

Evison – , Draper

Gowby William, Hair-dresser

Green Joseph, Breeches-maker

Green Daniel, Victualler

Green Henry, Taylor

Grimes Samuel, Baker

Grove John, Victualler

Haddon Joseph, Turner

Hernsby William, Baker

Hernsby Miss, Milliner

Heyton John, Shoemaker

Hickerbottom William, Sadler

Hinkes Thomas, Gardener

Hood John, Grocer

Hood William, Ribbon-manufacturer

Iliffe William, Draper

Jeffrey William, Baker

Kirby John, Grocer

Kirby William, Grocer

Large Mrs. Victualler

Lees Edward, Auctioneer

Marston Robert, Maltster

Marston Benj. Ribbon-manufacturer

Mitchell Wm. Vict. and Wheelwright

Mollowdy Edmund, Hatter

Monday John, Grocer

Munford H. Butcher

Oliver William, Victualler

Parnell Nathan, Bookseller, &c.

Perry John, Grocer

Powell John, Draper

Preston William, Shoemaker

Robinson John, Bull Inn

Sharp and Cox, Drapers

Sheers Clem. Ribbon-manufacturer

Smith Thomas, Shoemaker

Sprigg -, Brazier

Suffolk William, Hair-dresser

Suffolk Mrs. Victualler

Tausell Thomas, Schoolmaster

Tausell William, Tammy-weaver

Taylor William, Nailor

Taylor Henry, Nailor

Thompson William, Wheelwright

Thompson John, Liquor-merchant

Thurman Wm. Butcher and Victualler

Thurman Thomas, Maltster

Tingle William, Baker

Trickle J. Vict. (Marquis of Granby)

Vernon John, sen. Butcher

Vernon John, jun. Butcher

Wagstaff William, Victualler

Wagstaff John, Farmer

Wagstaff Daniel, Victualler

Watts Eliz. Victualler, (Queen’s Head)

Watts John, Smith

Wheeway James, Parish-clerk

Wheeway George, Shoemaker

Wheeway James, Shackle-maker

Wheeway John, Eating-house

Wilkinson John, Taylor

Woodcock John, Baker

Worthington William, Plumber

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Volume the Fifth.