Jewellers Wrightsons Directory of Birmingham 1818

Adcock Henry and Son

Allport Samuel

Anchor William

Barber Thomas

Beard William

Birch Joseph

Blood Richard

Boueher [sic] William

Bragg and Baldwin

Brown James

Buckley John

Coley John

Coley Benjamin

Cooke Benjamin

Cracknall Thomas

Crowder Thomas

Davis Joseph

Day Edward & Co.

Emes Josiah

Emuss Robert

Felton William

Garside Robert

Green John

Griffith Edward

Haines Samuel

Hancock Charles

Hawkes Samuel

Hidson Thomas

Horton Samuel

Jones William

Jones Joseph

Kirby Joseph

Lacey Thomas

Latham Thomas

Ledsam, Vale, & Wheeler

Lewis Jesson

Linwood Matthew

Luckcock James

Marshall Joseph

Marshall William

Mills William

Moore John

Nelson William

Orton James

Ottley John

Pemberton Samuel, Son, and Mitchell

Price Joseph

Richardson William

Richards Josiah & George

Richards Theophilus and Son

Rooker and Lawden

Rutherford James

Smith John

Scott John

Shore William

Smith W. and R.

Stokes James

Stringer G. C.

Styche William

Such William

Taylor Edward

Thomason Edward

Tildesday Samuel

Timpson Thomas

Torkingson Jesse

Udell Joseph

Walton and Mountford

Ward Michael

Ward William

Wareham Joseph

Wood John

Woodhill John

Woolley William

Whitehouse John

Source: Wrightson’s New Triennial Directory of Birmingham 1818. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, At his Stamp office, 7, New-street, Birmingham; 1818.