Brass – Birmingham Manufactures and Industries Foresters Guide Book 1883

The importance of this industry may be measured by the fact that in all its branches it affords employment to between 11,000 and 12,000 persons. It is one of our oldest trades, and is divided by Mr. Aitkin into nine branches: Brass casting; Cabinet, bell, and general brass founding; Stamped brass founding, finished and in the rough; Rolled brass, wire and sheathing; Tube making; Lamp making; Gas fittings; and Naval brass founding. The value of the metal used in this industry is estimated at £2,400,000 a year. The principal works are those of Winfield & Son, Cambridge Street; Peyton & Peyton, Bordesley; Hinks & Co., Great Hampton Street; Martineau & Smith, Holloway Head; and many others.

Source: The Foresters’ Guide to Birmingham and Its Neighbourhood. Presented by the Demonstration Committee to the Delegates In High Court Meeting, Assembled in Birmingham, August, 1883.Specially Prepared For the Occasion by John Alfred Langford, LL.D; F.R.H.S. Birmingham: James Upton, Baskerville Printing Works, Great Charles Street. 1883