Aberford Poll Book W.R. Yorkshire 1841

Poll Book of the West-Riding Election, July 1841 for Two Knights of the Shire for the West-Riding of Yorkshire.

Aberford Polling District

Aberford Township

N. В. The o after an Electors name, signifies that he is a yearly occupier at a rental of £50.

Name of Electors Residence
Barber Bentley James Aberford
Bloome Matthew Leeds
Brown John o Aberford
Collingworth Joseph Manchester
Dawson Richard o Aberford
Dixon Nathan Aberford
Fowler Richard Parliaments st. York
Groves Joseph o Aberford
Hewitt Thomas Aberford
King William o Windsor Lodge
Landon James Aberford
Landon J. T. B. Oxford
Markham William Becca
Morris Edward o Aberford
Moreland John Swales Aberford
Scriven Joseph Aberford
Ward Sykes William Hunslet
Wilks John o Aberford
Wood Sampson Aberford
Wood Richard Aberford
Waite Caleb Selby Aberford
Wood Christopher 13, Wood street, London
Walton John Barwick