Parishmouse is currently being moved from Wordpress to a new type of site that will load the pages a lot quicker and most importantly is cheaper to run. The advertising revenue no longer covers the cost of hosting a large databse driven site so to keep the site online some radical changes have had to be made. It will take a few weeks to sort everything out on the new site so you may come across links that don't work and page that are missing etc. The aim is to generally have all the information about a parish on one page so articles that were seperate, eg. directory transcriptions, will often be added to the main parish page unless very large.

Parishmouse provides a wealth of information about the history of parishes, towns and hamlets throughout the United Kingdom, transcribed from historical books and parish registers. The information will be of particular interest to those tracing their family histories or researching local history.

In addition to parish history there is also a growing collection of historical and modern day photos of the parishes.

The information is organised by country, then county and parish. Each county page has an index of articles for places within that county.




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This article was updated on February 10, 2020